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Not anything concrete, but Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post Dispatch wrote an article lobbying St. Louis to leave the Atlantic 10 and join the Missouri Valley Conference…the league St. Louis passed over just a few years ago.

Some things do seem like a genuinely good idea at the time. Things like that second trip to the all-you-can-eat Mexican sushi place; the hazy circumstance that caused you to purchase that purple velvet pinstriped blazer (with gold buttons, of course); or perhaps it was that lost weekend with a bottle of tequila and a cheap date. Ultimately we all come to our senses, shudder just a bit, then experience that gut-gurgling sensation known affectionately as buyer’s remorse.

But unlike an ugly jacket that can be shoved to the back of a very large closet, some acts can’t be hidden easily.

The St. Louis U. Billikens surely understand this queasy sensation. The Billikens are in Atlantic City this evening for an opening-round contest in the Atlantic 10 men’s basketball tournament. While this is not exactly like that lost weekend with the bottle of tequila, it certainly has those possibilities.

The A-10 is SLU’s buyer’s remorse. This is the Billikens’ second year in the A-10, and SLU has traveled about 1,000 miles across six states to play a tournament game in a half-empty arena with only a handful of SLU fans in attendance. There will be no local television to speak of, and no local or national buzz surrounding the tourney.

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  • With C-USA’s shift toward an all-sports conference (football, et al), it was unfortunate that St. Louis and Charlotte had to find a new conference affliation. Unfortunately, the A-10 is not a good fit for either school. Fan support has suffered a serious decline in the past few years for both programs. They made the decision and now they have to live with it.

  • The MVC should tell St. Louis NO! I know the MVC would love to have the St. Louis media market to add to the Omaha, Wichita, Peoria line up, but St. Louis is an average team in the best years. A trip to the NIT is a success for SLU. For the teams in the Valley, that is a disappointment. Let St. Louis languish in the 1 bid A-10. They had their chance to join the Valley and they were too good for them at the time. Now, it seems, the tables have turned.


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