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Big Sky Cuts Costs

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Big Sky Conference basketball teams will play league games on Fridays and Saturdays next season as members try to trim costs for the 2009-10 school year. 
The conference will also not allow air travel for road trips of under 450 miles and is reducing the Big Sky volleyball and tennis tournaments to four teams instead of six. 

Big Sky officials hope the changes save about $415,000 — or $46,000 per school. 

The league announced last month that the volleyball schedule would go to Fridays and Saturdays and that additional changes were possible during the Big Sky’s spring meetings this week in Salt Lake City.

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  • The Big Sky has been getting an at-large into the 1-AA playoffs for as long as I can remember. They’re just at a disadvantage because of their physical location, which, because of bracketing principles, will almost always mean that two Big Sky teams will meet early in the tournament to eliminate long flights.

    But yeah, the idea that the Big Sky is non-competitive at the FCS football level is absurd.

  • TLHKnight

    I beg your pardon, Montana is never going to win at the 1-AA level? I’ll tell that to their national championship teams in 1995 and 2001; or 1984 Montana State or 1981 Idaho State. The Big Sky had two teams in the playoffs last year with Montana and Weber State. Weber won their first round game on the road against Cal Poly and were eliminated by Montana, while Montana went on to play for the national championship. The idea that the Big Sky isn’t competitive is just total nonsense.

  • A better move for the Big Sky schools would be to drop football because those schools will never win on a regular basis at the AFKA 1-AA level and they would be better served to spend the leftovers on basketball because they don’t sponsor baseball and only one team in the Big Sky actually plays baseball, Northern Colorado.


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