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2009 College Basketball Coaching Changes (7/2/09)

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Who’s out? Who’s in? It’s that time of the year again when assistants get their big shot at a head coaching position while other schools begin the poaching process. We’ll have all the hirings and rumored candidates updated daily. Once the interview processes make some progress, we’ll add “longshot candidates” to the lists.

Coaches considered to be top candidates will appear at the beginning of the order in the “potential candidates” section.

UT-Martin: Coach resigns
Holy Cross: Coach Willard offered Louisville assistant role

FDU: Coach Green fired



New Coach: Anthony Grant (formerly the VCU Head Coach)

Former Coach: Mark Gottfried
Interim Coach: Philip Pearson

Confirmed Candidate: Anthony Grant (VCU coach)

Potential Candidates: Frank Haith (Miami coach), Tim Floyd (USC coach), Mike Anderson (Missouri coach), Oliver Purnell (Clemson coach), T.R. Dunn (NBA Assistant, Houston)

Other Potential Candidates:
Tubby Smith (Minnesota coach),  Mike Davis (UAB coach), Sean Miller (Xavier coach), Brad Stevens (Butler coach), Steve Alford (New Mexico coach), Cliff Warren (Jacksonville coach), Dana Altman (Creighton coach), Jeff Jones (American coach), Russ Pennell (Arizona coach)

Contract Coaches (coaches who have just renewed at their school or in the process): Brian Gregory (Dayton coach), Leonard Hamilton (Florida St coach)

Appalachian State:

New Coach: Buzz Peterson (former NBA Charlotte assistant)

Former coach: Houston Fancher.

Potential Candidates:  Melvin Watkins (Missouri assistant)

Rumored interest: Mike Muse (Wake Forest assistant), James Holland (Alabama assistant),Phil Hopkins (former Western Carolina coach), Gary Kloppenburg (former Bobcats assistant), Stacey Palmore (Virginia Tech assistant), Sean Sutton (former Oklahoma State coach), Monte Towe (N.C. State assistant), Jerry Green (former Tennessee coach)
Others: Murray Bartow (ETSU coach), Mike Leaf (Winona St. coach), Matt MacMahon (App St assistant), Dalonte Hill (Kansas St assistant), Darren Metress (Augusta St coach)

Longshots: Dennis Felton (former Georgia coach)

No Longer a Candidate: Pat Kelsey (Xavier assistant), Ed Conroy (Citadel coach)


New Coach: Sean Miller

Former interim coach: Russ Pennell

Potential Candidates: Jim Boylen (Utah coach), Seth Greenberg (Virginia Tech coach), Mike D’Antoni  (NBA coach), Scott Drew (Baylor coach), Lon Kruger (UNLV coach), Randy Bennett (St. Marys coach)

Not Longer Candidates: Sean Miller (Xavier coach), Jeff Capel (Oklahoma coach), Tim Floyd (USC coach), Mark Few (Gonzaga coach), Rick Pitino (Louisville coach), Jaime Dixon (Pitt coach), Tom Izzo (Michigan St coach), Bruce Pearl (Tennessee coach), Mark Fox (Nevada coach),Tubby Smith (Minnesota coach)

Best Quote:
From Arizona AD Jim Livengood about Reggie Theus: he has “no chance”

Boston University:

New Coach: Pat Chambers (Villanova assistant)
Former Coach: Dennis Wolff

Former Candidates: Robert Burke (Georgetown assistant), Pat Duquette (Boston College assistant), Jay Lawson (Bentley coach, Billy Lange (Navy coach)

No Longer a Candidate: Steve Donahue (Cornell coach)

Confirmed Contacted: Fran McCaffery (Siena coach)

Potential Candidates:  Tom Herrion (Pittsburgh associate head coach), Andre LaFluer (UConn assistant), Richard Pitino (Louisville assistant), Robert Burke (Georgetown assistant), Ed Pickney (NBA assistant), Pat Skerry (Providence assistant)
Steve Masiello (Louisville assistant), Walter McCarty (Louisville assistant), Tim Welsh (former Providence coach), Scott Spinelli (Texas A&M; assistant), Orlando Vandross (BU assistant), Frank Sullivan (former Harvard coach)

New Coach: Joe Callero (Seattle coach)
Former coach: Kevin Bromley

Confirmed Candidates: Bob Cantu (USC assistant), Scot Pera (Arizona St. assistant), Brad Holland (UCSB assistant)

Potential Candidates: Brad Soderberg (former SLU coach), Greg Gottlieb (Cal assistant), Scott Garson (UCLA assistant)

Other Potential Candidates: Philip Mathews (Nebraska assistant), Jeff Oliver (Cal St San Bernardino coach), Rusty Blair (Cuesta College coach)

Applied for Position: Jim Harrick (former UCLA coach)

Longshots: Bob Burton (Cal St Fullerton coach), Jim Saia (Fresno Pacific coach), Cameron Dollar (Washington assistant), Dedrique Taylor (Arizona State assistant), Steve Henson (UNLV assistant), Kyle Smith (St. Mary’s assistant), Dick Davey (Stanford assistant), Jay John (Cal Assistant Coach), Donny Daniels (UCLA assistant)


New coach: Mike Matheny (formerly a Davidson assistant)
Former Coach: Ernie Nestor

Former Candidates: Doug Novak (Citadel assistant), Vince Alexander (USC Aiken coach), Jeff Battle (Wake Forest assistant), Larry Harris (NCSU assistant), Matt Ridge (Davidson CC coach), Jim Corrigan (ODU assistant), Ryan Odom (VPI assistant), Lewis Preston (Penn St assistant),
No Longer Candidates: C.B. McGrath (UNC Assistant), Buzz Peterson (former Coastal Carolina coach)

Farleigh Dickinson:

Interim Coach: Greg Vetrone

Previous coach: Tom Green

Florida International:

New coach: Isiah Thomas

Former Coach: Sergio Rouco

Other candidates: Ed Pickney, Tim Hardaway


New coach: Mark Fox (formerly Nevada coach)
Former Coach: Dennis Felton
Interim Coach: Pete Hermann

Potential Candidates: Oliver Purnell (Clemson coach), Frank Haith (Miami coach)
Longshot: Jeff Capel (Oklahoma coach),

Others: Dino Gaudio (Wake Forest coach), Brad Stevens (Butler coach), Reggie Theus (former NMSU/Sacramento Kings coach), Mike Davis (UAB coach)

Contract Coaches (coaches who have just renewed at their school or in the process): Brian Gregory (Dayton coach), Leonard Hamilton (Florida St coach), Mike Anderson (Missouri coach)

Georgia Southern:

New Coach: Charlton Young (GA Tech assistant)
Former Coach: Jeff Price

Candidates: Dip Metress (Augusta St. coach)


Interim coach for 2009-2010 season: Edward Joyner Jr (Hampton assistant)
Former Coach: Kevin Nickelberry

High Point:

New Coach: Scott Cherry (formerly a South Carolina assistant)

Former Coach: Bart Lundy

Potential Candidates: Pat Kelsey (Wake Forest assistant), GG Smith (Loyola asst), Ryan Odom (Virginia Tech assistant), Scott Cherry (South Carolina assistant)

Others: Matt Ridge (Davidson County CC Coach), Russ Willemsen (Tenn Tech assistant),  Dave Odom (former Wake Forest/SC coach), Marlon Sears (High Point assistant)
Others Possibilities: Bob Staak, Paul Westhead, Rusty LaRue

Holy Cross:

New coach: Sean Kearney (Notre Dame assistant)

Former Coach: Ralph Williard

Potential Candidates: Tom Herrion (Pitt assistant), Pat Skerry (Providence assistant),  Mike Lonergan (Vermont coach)

New coach: John Calipari (formerly Memphis coach)
Former coach: Billy Gillespie

Others mentioned:
Tier 1: Tom Izzo (Michigan St. coach), John Calipari (Memphis coach)
Tier 2: Travis Ford (Oklahoma St. coach), Jay Wright (Villanova coach), Thad Matta (Ohio St. coach), Rick Barnes (Texas coach), Sean Miller (Xavier coach)

Others: Herb Sendek (Arizona St. coach), John Pelphrey (Arkansas coach), Darrin Horn (South Carolina coach)
Not a Candidate: Billy Donovan (Florida coach)


New Coach: Dale Layer (formerly a Marquette assistant)

Former Coach: Ritchie McKay
Potential Candidates: Brad Soucie (Liberty assistant)


New Coach: Josh Pastner

Former Coach: John Calipari

Potential Candidates: Leonard Hamilton (FSU coach), Reggie Theus (form
er NMSU coach), Avery Johnson (former NBA coach), Tony Barbee (UTEP coach), Andy Kennedy (Ole Miss coach), Nolan Richardson (former Arkansas coach), Ken McDonald (WKU coach)

Not Candidates: Jim Boylen (Utah coach), Scott Drew (Baylor coach), Tim Floyd (USC coach), Bruce Pearl (Tennessee coach), Sean Miller (Xavier coach)


New Coach: David Carter (Nevada assistant)

Former Coach: Mark Fox
Potential Candidates: David Carter (Nevada assistant)
Longshots: Russ Pennell (former Arizona coach), Mike Dunlap (Oregon assistant)
Guy who seems untouchable now but I’d love to see in the WAC: Billy Gillespie

North Carolina Central:

New Coach: LeVelle Morton (NCCU assistant)
Former coach: Henry Dickerson

Former Candidates: Richard Morgan (Appalachian St assistant)

North Florida:

New coach: Matthew Driscoll (Baylor assistant)

Former Coach: Matt Kilcullen
Potential Candidates: Brian Fish (Creighton assistant)
No Longer a Candidate: Larry Shyatt (Florida assistant)

Portland St:

New Coach: Tyler Geving (PSU assistant)

Former Coach: Ken Bone

Candidates: Cameron Dollar (Washington assistant)

Potential Candidates:  Jim Shaw (Washington assistant), Ray Giacoletti (Gonzaga assistant), Brad Holland (UCSB assistant), Leon Rice (Gonzaga assistant)


New Coach: Cameron Dollar (Washington assistant)

Former Coach: Joe Callero

Candidates: Phil Matthews (Nebraska assistant),  Che Dawson (Highline CC coach)

Southeast Missouri St.

Former Coach: Scott Edgar (Zac Roman as Interim coach)
New Coach: Dickey Nutt (former Arkansas St. coach)

Tennessee – Martin:

Interim coach: Jason James (UTM assistant)

Previous coach: Bret Campbell

Tennessee State:

New Coach: John Cooper (formerly an assistant at Auburn)
Former Coach: Cy Alexander
Former Interim Coach: Mark Pittman

Former Potential Candidates: Tony Jones (Tennessee assistant), Jerry Dunn (former Penn State coach), Robert McCallum (former USF coach)

Texas – Pan American:

New Coach: Ryan Marks (former St. Edwards coach)
Former Coach: Tom Schuberth

Former Candidates: Kevin Johnson (former Centenary coach), Bill Foy (North Texas assistant), Bobby Kummer (Charlotte assistant)

All Applicants:
Ryan H. Marks, Peter Schwethelm, Mark L. Vann, Mark R. Dannhoff, Dylan Howard, Michael Beitzel, Johnny Brown, Gregory Arthur Berry, Ricardo Ross, Paul Ray Johnson, Thurman Derrell Tucker, William, Bryan Foy, Zacharias Parimeros, Steve L. Payne, Ronald L. Abernathy, John James Papasideris, Mark J. Pittman, Jean-Paul Simon Afif, Rolando G. Lopez, George L. Walker, Kevin P. Johnson, Dominique O. Taylor, Ralph Edwin Vaughn, Jason Keith Steadman, Robert Francis Kummer, Mark Ryan Morefield


New Coach: Tony Bennett (formerly of Washington St.)
Former Coach: Dave Leitao

Former Potential Candidates: Tubby Smith (Minnesota coach), Jeff Capel (Virginia coach), Sean Miller (Xavier coach), Craig Robinson (Oregon State coach)
Others: Jay Wright (Villanova coach), John Beilein (Michigan coach), Mike Brey (Notre Dame coach)


New Coach: Shaka Smart (formerly a Florida assistant)
Former Coach: Anthony Grant

Confirmed Candidates: Russell Springmann (Texas assistant)
Potential Candidates: Tony Pujol (VCU assistant), , Jeff Battle (Wake Forest assistant), Joe Dooley (Kansas assistant), Archie Miller (Ohio St assistant), Billy Lange (Navy coach)
Jump Ship Before a Firing Next Year Candidate: Jeff Lebo (Auburn coach)

Washington St.

New Coach: Ken Bone (Portland St. coach)

Former coach: Tony Bennett

Potential Candidates: Billy Gillespie (former UK coach), Mark Gottfried (former Alabama coach), Dave Rose (BYU coach), Billy Grier (San Diego coach), Randy Bennett (St. Mary’s coach), Leon Rice (Gonzaga assistant)

Longshots: Terry Porter (former NBA coach), Mike Dunlap (Arizona assistant), Lon Kruger (UNLV coach), Steve Lavin (former UCLA coach), Ray Giacoletti (Gonzaga assistant)

No Longer Candidates: Stew Morrill (Utah State coach), Mike Davis (UAB coach)


New Coach: Chris Mack (Xavier assistant)

Former coach: Sean Miller

Potential Candidates: Gary Waters (Cleveland St. coach), Darrin Horn (South Carolina coach)

Others: Fran McCaffery (Siena coach), Brad Brownell (Wright st. coach), Brad Stevens (Butler coach), Archie Miller (Ohio St. assistant), John Groce (Ohio coach), Jeff Battle (Wake forest assistant)

Others: Ken McDonald (WKU coach), Louis Orr (Bowling Green coach), Jim Christian (TCU coach)

Longshots: Mike Rice (Robert Morris coach)


4/9/09: Buzz Turns down App St.

4/8/09: Georgia Southern Goes Young: Liberty Hires Coach
4/7/09: Xaiver Rumored interest in Darrin Horn; App & Buzz Getting Close

4/6/09: Memphis Promotes Pastner; Bone Head Coach Move to WSU; Boylen Rejects Memphis Feelers; Miller Accepts Arizona Job

4/5/09: BU Hires Chambers; WSU Interviews Mike Davis; Miller Expected to Stay at Xavier…Boylen Up Next
4/4/09: UNF Hires Baylor Assistant; Drew Rejects Memphis Feelers…Leonard Hamilton Next on the List; Arizona AD says Theus “no chance”
4/03/09: Arizona Targets Sean Miller; Jones Withdraws from BU search; Carter Promoted in Nevada
4/02/09: Fox to GeorgiaPearl to Stay at TennesseeCal Poly to Hire Seattle coachFloyd Stays at USC…ESPN dropped the ball AGAINBU Coach Expected to be Jones
4/01/09:  Liberty Coach Out; Oregon To Retain Kent; App St offers Buzz; Few Rejects Oregon and Arizona
3/31/09: VCU Hires Smart; Calipari Picks UK; Anderson Stays at Mizzou
3/30/09: Cal to UK Updates ; Bennett to UVA; Memphis To Talk to Mizzou Coach; Georgia Southern Coach Out
3/28/09: Elon Hires Matheny
3/27/09: Grant Hired at Alabama Gillespie Officially Out at Kentucky
3/26/09: Tennessee St. Hired Auburn Assistant ; Gillespie Out Soon @ Kentucky ; NCCU Hiring
3/25/09: High Point Rumored to Have Hired Cherry
3/22/09-3/24/09: Candidate Watch
3/21/09: No News on Kentucky; Candidate Updates (Alabama, Appalachian St, High Point, Tennessee St)
3/20/09: Candidate Updates (BU)
3/17/09-3/19/09: New Candidates Added
3/16/09: Virigina’s Leitao Out , Cal-Poly Fires Coach, Appalachian St. Coach Out
3/15/09: North Florida Fires Coach

3/13/09: Arizona and BU updates
3/12/09: Texas-Pan American fires coach; SEMO Hires Nutt
3/11/09: BU Fires Wolff After 15 Years

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