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2010 College Basketball Coaching Changes & Potential Candidates

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Updated on 7/13/10:

Who’s out? Who’s in? It’s that time of the year again when assistants get their big shot at a head coaching position while other schools begin the poaching process. “New Hirings” will appear at the bottom of the page.

  • Current Coach Openings & Potential Candidates

2010 College Basketball Coach Hirings:

Jason Capel


New Coach:
Jason Capel – App St assistant

Former Coach: Buzz Peterson (left for UNCW)

Potential Appalachian St. coach candidates: Matt McMahon – App St assistant, Jason Capel – App St assistant, Bobby Lutz – former Charlotte coach, Rob Moxley – former Charlotte assistant, Mike Rhoades – VCU assistant, Earl Grant – Wichita St. assistant, Brad Soucie – Liberty assistant

Tony Barbee


Tony Barbee – UTEP coach

Former Coach: Jeff Lebo (fired)

Reported Auburn Candidates:
Bob Marlin – SHSU coach, Brad Brownell – Wright St. coach, Johnny Jones – UNT coach

Potential Auburn Coach Candidates: Tubby Smith – Minnesota coach, Mike Davis – UAB coach, Tony Barbee – UTEP coach, Mike Anderson – Missouri coach, Chuck Person – Lakers NBA assistant, Steve Alford – UNM coach, Frank Haith – Miami coach, John Brady – Arkansas St. coach, Gregg Marshall – Wichita St. coach, < span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-weight: normal;">Sam Mitchell – former Toronto NBA coach

Leon Rice


New Coach:
Leon Rice – Gonzaga assistant

Former Coach: Greg Graham (fired)
Potential Boise St. Coach Candidates:
Larry Krystkowiak – former Montana coach, Bryan Gates – Sacramento NBA assistant, Eric Reveno – Portland coach

Steve Donahue


New Coach:
Steve Donahue – Cornell coach

Former coach:
Al Skinner (fired/quit)

Potential Boston College coach candidates: Steve Donahue – Cornell coach, Ed Cooley – Fairfield coach, Bill Coen – Northeastern coach

Others: Tom Brennen – former UVM coach

Out: Chris Mooney – Richmond coach (staying at Richmond), Tommy Amaker – Harvard coach (staying at Harvard), Brian Gregory – Dayton coach (declined request by BC to interview)

Russel Turner


New coach:
Russel Turner – NBA Golden St. assistant

Former Coach: Pat Douglass (fired)
Potential UC-Irvine Coach Candidates:
Russel Turner – NBA Golden St. assistant, Ken Ammann – Corcordia coach, Doug Oliver – UCI assistant, Phil Johnson – former USC assistant, Eric Reveno – Portland coach, Donny Daniels – UCLA assistant, Mark Gottfried – former Alabama coach, Tim Floyd – former USC coach
Out: Gib Arnold – former USC assistant (hired by Hawaii)

Corliss Williamson

Central Arkansas:

Corlis Williamson (Arkansas Baptist coach)

Former Coach: Rand Chappell (fired)

No-longer Potential Central Arkansas Coach Candidates:
Russ Pennell – Grand Canyon coach & former Arizona interim coach (also former UCA player), Mark Downey – Arkansas Tech coach, James Dickey – former Texas Tech head coach/Oklahoma St assistant, Matt Zimmerman – Missouri assistant, Jeremy Cox – USF assistant, Steve Forbes – Tennessee assistant, Tony Madlock – UTEP assistant, Mark Gottfried – former Alabama coach, Joe Kleine – UALR assistant, Wes Flanigan – UAB assistant, Joe Pasternack – UNO coach, Rob Flaska – Texas St. assistant, Mike Newell – AR-Monticello coach

Donnie Jones


New Coach:

Donnie Jones – Marshall coach

Former Coach: Kirk Speraw (fired)

Potential Charlotte Coach Candidates: Billy Gillispie – former UK coach, Tim Floyd – former USC coach, Reggie Theus – former NMSU coach, Donnie Jones – Marshall coach, Billy Kennedy – Murray St. coach, Rodney Terry – Texas assistant, Cliff Warren – Jacksonville coach, Orlando Antigua – Kentucky assistant, Buzz Peterson – Appalachian St. coach, Mark Gottfried – former Alabama coach, Todd Bozeman – Morgan St. coach

Alan Major


New coach:
Alan Major – Ohio St. assistant

Former Coach: Bobby Lutz (fired)

Reported Charlotte coach candidate:
Pat Kelsey – Xavier assistant, Joe Dooley – Kansas assistant, Alan Major – Ohio St. assistant, Russell Springmann – Texas assistant

Others: Dave Odom – former Wake Forest coach, Larry Shyatt – Florida assistant, Mark Gottfried – formenr Alabama coach

Seemingly Not Candidates: Brad Brownell – Wright St. coach, Rob Moxley – Charlotte assistant from Lutz staff, Mike Young – Wofford coach, Buzz Peterson – Appalachian St. coach, Dalonte Hill – Kansas St. assistant, Al Skinner – former BC coach

Out: Mike Hopkins – Syracuse assistant (withdrew)


New Coach:
Tracy Didly – Illinois-Chicago assistant

Former Coach: Benji Taylor (fired)
Potential Chicago St. candidates :
Interim Coach – 
Matthew Muhammed – Chicago St. assistant

Chuck Driesell

New Coach:

Chuck Driesell – Maryland assistant

Former Coach: Ed Conroy (left for Tulane)

Reported Citadel Candidates: Chuck Driesell – Maryland assistant, Duggar Baucom – VMI coach, Rob Moxley – former Charlotte assistant

Potential Citadel candidates: Doug Novak – Citadel assistant, Scott Yarborough – SELU coach, Marty McGillan – Winthrop assistant, Ken Potosnak – former South Carolina assistant
Out: Earl Grant – Wichita St. assistant

Brad Brownell

New Coach:
Brad Brownell – Wright St. coach

Former coach: Oliver Purnell (left for DePaul)

Confirmed Clemson coach candidates: Al Skinner – former BC coach, Brad Brownell – Wright St. coach, Mike Young – Wofford coach, Cliff Warren – Jacksonville coach, Blaine Taylor – ODU coach

Out: Rick Stansbury – Mississippi St. coach (reportedly rejected offer)

Rumored Clemson Candidates:
Jeff Capel – Oklahoma coach, Scott Drew – Baylor coach

Potential Clemson coach candidates: Gregg Marshall – Wichita St. coach, Ron Bradley – Clemson assistant, Shaka Smart – VCU coach, Ken MacDonald – WKU coach, Joe Dooley – Kansas assistant, Todd Bozeman – Morgan St., Blaine Taylor – ODU coach, Mike Davis – UAB coach, Reggie Theus – NBA Minnesota Asst.

Tad Boyle

New Coach: Tad Boyle – Northern Colorado coach

Former coach: Jeff Bzdelik (left for Wake Forest)

Potential Colorado coach candidates: Tad Boyle – Northern Colorado coach, Steve McClain – Colorado assistant, Mike Dunlap – Oregon assistant

Kyle Smith

New coach: Kyle Smith – St. Mary’s assistant

Former coach: Joe Jones – resigned

Reported Columbia coach candidates: John O’Conner – GA Tech assistant, Tim O’Toole – former Fairfield coach, Kyle Smith – St. Mary’s assistant

Potential Columbia coach candidates: Damien Strahorn – Columbia assistant, Jim Engels – NJIT coach, Joe Pasternack – UNO coach

Bill Courtney

New coach: Bill Courtney – VA Tech assistant

Former coach: Steve Donahue (left for Boston College)
Potential Cornell coach candidates: Izzy Metz – Hobart coach, Paul Fortier – Washington assistant, Mike Maker – Williams coach
Out: Zach Spiker – Army coach (large buyout), Nat Graham – BC assistant

Greg McDermott

New Coach:
Greg McDermott – Iowa St. coach

Former coach: Dana Altman (left for Oregon)

Potential Creighton coach candidates: Scott Sutton – Oral Roberts coach, Kevin McKenna – Indiana St. coach
Longshot: Greg McDermott – Iowa St. coach

Paul Cormier

New Coach: Paul Cormier -former Dartmouth coach/current NBA scout

Former Coach: Terry Dunn (fired/resigned)
Interim Coach: Mark Gaupe
Reported Dartmouth Coach Candidates:
Will Brown – Albany coach, Bob Walsh – Rhode Island College coach

Potential Dartmouth Coach Candidates: Keith Dickson – St. Anselm’s coach, Paul Cormier – former Dartmouth coach, Jeff Brown – Middlebury coach
Others: Jay Lawson – Bentley coach, David McLaughlin – Stonehill coach, Larry Anderson – MIT coach

Oliver Purnell


New Coach:
Oliver Purnell – Clemson coach

Former Coach: Jerry Wainwright (fired)
Interim Coach: Tracy Webster

Reported & Confirmed Candidate: Oliver Purnell – Clemson coach, Reggie Theus – former NMSU coach, Isiah Thomas – FIU coach (interested in job)

Potential DePaul Coach Candidates:
Billy Gillispie
– former Kentucky coach, Tyrone Corbin – Utah Jazz assistant, Brad Brownell – Wright St., Gregg Marshall – Wichita St. coach.
Others could include Doug Wojcik – Tulsa coach, Ken McDonald – WKU coach, John Groce – Ohio coach, Tracy Webster – interim coach, Dennis Gates – Nevada assistant, Paris Parham – Illinois St. assistant. Note that the new coach will need to retain the bulk of the current assistants…which will turn many candidates away. Jeff Goodman is suggesting SIU’s Chris Lowery, Dayton’s Brian Gregory and Butler’s Brad Stevens as potential options

Jeff Lebo


New Coach:
Jeff Lebo (former Auburn coach)

Former Coach: Mark McCarthy (demoted)

Confirmed ECU coach candidates:
Joe Dooley (expected to reject ECU offer) – Kansas assistant, Bobby Lutz – former Charlotte coach, Michael Perry – ECU assistant, Jeff Lebo – former Auburn coach

Potential ECU Coach Candidates:
Cliff Ellis – Coastal Carolina coach, Chuck Driesell – Maryland assistant, Brad Brownell – Wright St. coach

Greg Vetrone


New coach:
Greg Vetrone – former Interim coach

Potential FDU Coach Candidates:
Greg Vetrone – interim coach, Tom Barrise – former NJ Nets interim coach, Patrick Sellers – UConn assistant, Greg Herenda– UMass-Lowell coach, Chuck McBreen – Ramapo coach

Tom Pecora


Tom Pecora – Hofstra coach
Former Coach: Dereck Whittenburg (fired)
Interim Coach: Jared Grasso
Potential Fordham Coach Candidates: Jared Grasso – interim coach, Mike Rice – Robert Morris coach, Tom Pecora – Hofstra coach
Others: Steve Masiello – Louisville assistant, Steve Pikiell – Stony Brook coach,Pat Kelsey – Xavier assistant, Dan Liebovitz – Hartford coach, Gary DeCesare– former Richmond, DePaul assistant, Steve Donahue – Cornell coach, Ed Cooley – Fairfield coach, Danny Hurley – St. Benedicts HS coach. Expect various assistants at larger programs to express interest now that Fordham has increased their basketball budget for next year.

John Gallagher
New Coach: John Gallagher – BC assistant
Former coach: Dan Leibovitz (resigned for Penn assistant job)
Potential Hartford coach candidates: John Gallagher – BC assistant

Gib Arnold


New Coach:
Gib Arnold – former USC assistant
Former Coach: Bob Nash (fired)
Confirmed Hawaii coach candidates:
Kyle Smith – St. Mary’s assistant, Matt Mahar – Chaminade coach, Gib Arnold– former USC assistant,Lew Hill – UNLV assistant, Steve Barnes – USM assistant, Ray Giacoletti – Gonzaga assistant, Steve McClain – Colorado assistant
Potential Hawaii Coach Candidates:
Reggie Theus – former NMSU coach, Ernie Kent – Oregon coach, Jarrin Akana – Milwaukee NBA assistant, Tad Boyle – Northern Colorado coach, Jeff Law – UH-Hilo coach, Scott Rigot – former Kentucky assistant, Artie Wilson – former UH player, Mark Campbell – St. Mary’s assistant, Ken Wagner – BYU-Hawaii coach, Joe Bryant – WNBA coach, Michael Ray Richardson – PBL coach, Greg Graham – former Boise St. coach

Mo Cassara

New coach:
Mo Cassara – Hofstra assistant (assistant hired by Welsh)
Former Coach: Tim Welsh (fired/resigned after 1 month)

Former Coach: Tom Pecora (resigned)
Potential Hofstra Coach Candidates: Al Skinner – former BC coach, Van Macon – former Hofstra associate head coach, John Dunne – St. Peter’s coach, Steve Masiello – Louisville assistant, Steve DeMeo – Newberry college coach

Others: Ed Cooley – Fairfield coach, Jared Grasso – Fordham interim coach, Patrick Sellers – UConn assistant, Ed Pickney – former Villanova assistant.

Milan Brown
New Coach: Milan Brown – Mt. Saint Mary’s coach
Former coach: Sean Kearney (fired)
Rumored Holy Cross coach candidates:
Joe Mihalich – Niagara coach, Mike Lonergan – Vermont coach
Potential Holy Cross candidates: Ralph Willard – Louisville assistant, Pat Duquette – BC interim coach, Tom Herrion – Pitt assistant, Rod Baker – PBL coach, Dennis Wolf – former BU coach, Richard Pitino – Florida assistant, Greg Herenda – UMass Lowell coach, Tom Brennen – UVM coach
Out: Steve Pikiell – Stonybrook coach (staying)
Longshots: Tom Moore – Fairfield coach (former Worcester St. coach), Mike Rice – Robert Morris coach, Al Skinner – former BC coach, Norm Roberts – former St. Johns coach, Tim O’Shea – Bryant coach, Dave Leitao – former UVA coach, Mike Lonergan – UVM coach

James Dickey


New coach:
James Dickey – former Texas Tech coach
Former Coach: Tom Penders (option to resign/fired)
Leading Houston Coach Candidate:
James Dickey – former Texas Tech coach, Billy Gillispie – former Kentucky/Texas A&M;/UTEP coach
Other Potential Houston Coach Candidates: Rodney Terry – Texas assistant, Chris Walker – Villanova assistant
Others: Craig Neal – UNM assistant, John Lucas – NBA assistant
Out: Bob Marlin – SHSU coach (hired at ULL), Tim Floyd – former USC coach (hired at UTEP)

Kevin Nickelberry

New Coach: Kevin Nickelberry – former Hampton University head coach
Former Coach: Gil Jackson (fired)
Potential Howard Coach Candidates: Mike Jones – VCU assistant, LaMonta Stone – BGSU coach, Cy Alexander – Tennessee assistant, Aki Collins – Marquette assistant, Aki Thomas – UMBC assistant, Jake Morton – Miami assistant

Chris Holtmann

New Coach: Chris Holtmann – Ohio assistant
Former Coach: Ricky Scruggs (fired)
Potential Gardner-Webb Coach Candidates:
Rob Moxley
– former Charlotte assistant, Brad Soucie – Liberty assistant, Chris Holtmann – Ohio assistant, Casey Alexander – Belmont assistant
Out: Phil Cunningham – Miss St. assistant

Bobby Washington
New coach: Bobby Washington
Interim coach: Bobby Washington
Potential Grambling coach candidates: Benji Taylor – Chicago st. coach, Nick Van Excel – Texas Southern assistant, Roman Banks – SELU assistant, Tic Price – Lamar assistant

Greg Lansing


New coach: Greg Lansing

Tim Cluess


New Coach:
Tim Cluess – C.W. Post coach
Former Coach: Kevin Willard (left for Seton Hall)
Confirmed Iona Candidates: Norm Roberts – former St. Johns coach, Richard Pitino – Florida assistant, Steve Masiello – Louisville assistant
Out: Tim Welsh – former Providence coach (accepted at Hofstra), Fran Fraschilla – former St. Johns coach (withdrew)

Fran McCaffery


New Coach:
Fran McCaffery – Siena coach
Former Coach: Todd Lickliter (fired)
Reported Iowa Coach Candidates: Fran McCaffery – Siena coach, Brian Gregory – Dayton coach, Doug Wojcik – Tulsa coach, Brad Brownell – Wright St. coach, Billy Kennedy – Murray St. coach

Potential Iowa Coach Candidates: Kevin Stallings – Vanderbilt coach, Stew Morrill – Utah St. coach, Steve Donahue – Cornell coach, Steve Forbes – Tennessee assistant. Other potential names
Out: Gregg Marshall – Wichita St. coach (rejected interview), Keno Davis – Providence coach (told recruit he’s staying at PC), Jim Boylen – Utah coach

Fred Hoiberg


New Coach:
Fred Hoiberg – former Minnesota NBA VP

Former Coach: Greg McDermott (left for Creighton)

Potential Iowa St. coach candidates: Greg Marshall – Wichita St. coach, Chris Lowery – SIU coach, Mark Montgomery – Michigan St. assistant, Billy Gillespie – former Kentucky coach, Greg Gard – Wisconsin coach, Stew Morrill – Utah St. coach, Brian Gregory – Dayton coach

Bob Marlin


New coach:
Bob Marlin – SHSU coach
Former Coach: Robert Lee (fired)
Confirmed ULL coach candidates:
Bob Marlin – SHSU coach, Butch Pierre – Oklahoma St. assistant, Tim Floyd – former USC coach (turned job down), Billy Kennedy – Murray St. coach (turned job down)
Other Potential ULL Coach Candidates:
Danny Kaspar – Stephen F. Austin coach

Keith Richard
New coach: Keith Richard – LSU assistant
Former Coach: Orlando Early (resigned)
Reported ULM coach candidates: Keith Richard – LSU assistant, Kenny Natt – NBA assistant, Terry Waldrop – Texas Wesleyan coach
Potential ULM coach candidates: Jimmy Voight – interim coach, Casey Jones – former ULM player/HS coach
Longshot: Calvin Natt – former ULM player

Tom Herrion


New coach:
Tom Herrion – Pitt assistant

Former Coach: Donnie Jones (left for UCF)

Confirmed Marshall Coach Candidates: Tom Herrion – Pitt assistant, Buzz Peterson – App St. coach, Dino Gaudio – former Wake Forest coach

Others: Bobby Lutz – former Charlotte coach, Jayson Gee – Cleveland St. assistant

Potential Marshall Coach Candidates: Brad Greenberg – Radford coach, Larry Hunter– WCU coach, Brian Poore – WV State coach, Jeff Bohls – Ohio St. assistant, John Brannen – Alabama assistant, Larry Harrison – WVU assistant
Out: Billy Kennedy – Murry St. coach (new contract at Murry St)

Robert Burke
New coach: 
Robert Burke – American University assistant
Former coach: Milan Brown (left for Holy Cross)
Confirmed Mt. St.
Mary’s coach candidates: Brion Dunlap – Mount St. Mary’s assistant, Marty Ingelsby – Notre Dame assistant, Pete Strickland – NC State assistant, Robert Burke – American University assistant, Jamion Christian – W&M; assistant
Potential Mt. Saint Mary’s coach candidates: Rob Moxley – former Charlotte assistant, Chris Harney – St. Mary’s College of Maryland coach, Mike Rhoades – VCU assistant, Chris Caputo -George Mason assistant
Out: Chuck Driesell – Maryland assistant, Kevin Nickelberry – former Hampton University head coach, Bill Courtney – Virginia Tech assistant

B.J. Hill
New Coach:
B.J. Hill – UNCo assistant
Former coach: Tad Boyle – left for Colorado
Potential Northern Colorado coach candidates: B.J. Hill – UNCo assistant coach, Scott Spinelli – Texas A&M; assistant

Dana Altman
New Coach:
Dana Altman – Creighton coach
Former coach: Ernie Kent (fired)
Potential Oregon Coach Candidates:
P.J. Carlesimo – former NBA coach, Mike Dunlap – Oregon assistant, Lon Kruger – UNLV coach, Scott Drew – Baylor coach, Randy Bennett – St. Mary’s coach, Rick Adelman – Houston NBA coach
Out: Jaime Dixon – Pitt coach, Jay Wright – Villanova coach, Mark Few – Gonzaga coach, Mark Turgeon – Texas A&M; coach (former Oregon asst.), Mike Anderson – Missouri coach , Steve Alford – New Mexico coach (10 year UNM extension), Tubby Smith – Minnesota coach

Jerome Allen


New Coach:
Jerome Allen – former interim coach
Former coach: Glen Miller (fired)
Interim coach: Jerome Allen
Potential Penn Coach Candidates:
Jerome Allen
– Interim coach, Andy Toole (Robert Morris assistant), Fran O’Hanlon (Lafayette head coach), Steve Donahue (Cornell head coach, former Penn assistant)

Andrew Toole

New coach: Andrew Toole – RMU assistant

Former coach: Mike Rice (left for Rutgers)

Potential Robert Morris coach candidates: Andrew Toole – RMU assistant, Joe Lombardi – Indiana (PA) coach, Kurt Kanaskie – Penn St. assistant, Scott Rigot – Duquesne assistant

Mike Rice
New Coach:
Mike Rice – Robert Morris coach
Former Coach: Fred Hill Jr (fired/resigned)
Reported Rutgers front-runners: Mike Rice – RMU coach, Fran Fraschilla – former St. Johns coach
Reported Rutgers Coach Candidates: Fran Fraschilla – former StJ/NMU coach, Fran Dunphy – Temple coach, Al Skinner – former BC coach, Mike Rice – RMU coach
Previously reported Rutgers coach candidates: Jim Baron – URI coach, Dino Gaudio – former Wake Forest coach, Jim O’Brien – former BC/OSU coach
Potential Rutgers coach candidates: Chris Mooney – Richmond coach (recently extended Richmond contract), Bob Hurley Sr. – St. Anthony’s coach, Brad Greenberg – Radford coach, Eddie Jordan – former NBA 76ers coach

James Hooten


New Coach:
James Hooten – SHSU assistant
Former coach: Bob Marlin (left for ULL)
Potential SHSU Coach Candidates:
Neil Hardin
– SHSU assistant, Jason Hooten – Sam Houston State assistant, Russell Springmann – Texas assistant, Scott Spinelli – Texas A&M; assistant, Mark Downey – Arkansas Tech head coach, Chris Walker– Villanova assistant

Kevin Willard


New Coach:
Kevin Willard – Iona coach
Former Coach: Bobby Gonzalez (fired)
Reported Seton Hall coach candidates:
Fran McCaffery – Siena coach, Mike Rice – Robert Morris coach, Kevin Willard – Iona coach, Steve Donahue – Cornell coach, Mike Lonergan – Vermont coach, Adrian Griffin – Milwaukee NBA assistant, Chris Mooney – Richmond coach
Potential Seton Hall coach candidates: Joe Dooley – Kansas assistant, Tom Pecora – Hofstra coach, Tim Welsh – former Providence coach, Chris Collins – Duke assistant, Joe Dooley – Kansas assistant, Chris Mooney – Richmond coach, Dan Hurley – St. Benedict’s HS coach, Bob Hurley – St. Anthony’s HS coach
Longshot: P.J. Carlesimo

Steve Lavin


New Coach:
Steve Lavin – former UCLA coach

Former coach:
Norm Roberts (fired)

Confirmed St. Johns Coach Candidates: Steve Lavin – former UCLA coach, Al Skinner – Boston College coach

Other Potential Candidates: Fran Dunphy – Temple coach, Jim Baron – URI coach, Kevin Willard – Iona coach

Others: Tommy Amaker – Harvard coach, Mike Rice – Robert Morris coach, Bob McKillop – Davidson coach, Jim Baron – URI coach, Mark Jackson – former St. Johns player

Out: Paul Hewitt – Georgia Tech coach (rejected), Seth Greenberg – VA Tech coach (staying at VPI), Fran McCaffery – Siena coach (hired at Iowa)

Glenn Braica


New Coach:
Glenn Braica – former St. Johns assistant
Former Coach: Brian Nash (resigned)

Mich Bounaguro


New Coach :
Mitch Bounaguro
– Siena assistant
Former Coach: Fran McCaffery (left for Iowa)
Potential Siena coach candidates: Mitch Bounaguro – Siena assistant, Bill Coen – Northeastern coach, Cliff Warren – Jacksonville coach

Tod Kowalcyzk


New Coach:
Tod Kowalczyk – UWGB coach

Former coach:
Gene Cross (resigned)

Confirmed Candidate:
Williis Wilson – Memphis assistant, Tod Kowalczyk – UW-Green Bay coach, Larry Hunter – WCU coach
Reported Top 3 Desired Candidates of school:
Gary Waters – Cleveland St. coach, Keith Dambrot – Akron coach, Steve Hawkins – WMU coach

Potential Toledo Coach Candidates:
Todd Lickliter – former Iowa coach, Dan Hipsher – Alabama assistant, Dana Fife – IPFW coach, Tom Herrion – Pitt assistant, Jeff Bohls – Ohio St. coach

Greg Campe – Oakland coach, Billy Kennedy – Murry St. coach, Ron Hunter – IUPUI coach, Mark Montgomery – Michigan St. assistant, Pat Kelsey – Xavier assistant, Bob Sunvold – interim coach

Ed Conroy


New Coach:
Ed Conroy – Citadel coach

Former coach: Dave Dickerson (resigned)
Confirmed Tulane coach candidates: Ed Conroy – Citadel coach, Mike Rice (rejected offer), Ernie Kent

Some early names you might here: Billy Kennedy – Murry St (just got extension), Perry Clark – TAMCC coach, Chris Cameron – Albany St. coach, Ron Everhart – Duquesne coach, Mark Gottfried – former Alabama coach, Rodney Terry – Texas assistant, Chris Walker – Villanova assistant, Joe Pasternack – UNO coach, Todd Bozeman – Morgan St. coach, Dennis Felton – former WKU/UGA coach, Paul Pressey – New Orleans NBA assistant

Buzz Peterson
New Coach: Buzz Peterson – Appalachian St. coach
Former coach: Benny Moss (fired)
Interim coach: Brooks Lee
Reported UNCW Coach Candidates: Mark Byington – Charleston assistant, Mike Young – Wofford coach, Vince Taylor – Minnesota assistant, Jerry Dunn – former Penn St. coach, Dave Odom – former Wake Forest coach
Out: Ed Conroy – Citadel coach (rejected offer), Joe Dooley – Kansas assistant (rejected offer), John Shulman – UTC coach (reportedly rejected offer/might not have been offered)
Potential UNCW coach candidates: Billy Lange – Navy coach, Eddie Biedenbach – UNCA coach, Tom Green – former FDU coach, Norm Roberts – former St. Johns coach, Pat Kelsey – Xavier assistant, Mike Lonergan – Vermont coach
Billy Donlon
– Wright State associate head coach , Tom Herrion – Pittsburgh associate head coach, Barry Hinson – former Missouri State coach, Russell Springmann – Texas assistant, Rodney Terry – Texas assistant, Steve Forbes – Tennessee assistant, Ryan Odom – VA Tech assistant
Longshots the UNCW fans would want: former Depaul coach Jerry Wainwright, Brad Brownell – Wright St. coach

Tim Floyd


New Coach:
Tim Floyd – former USC coach
Former coach: Tony Barbee (left for Auburn)
Potential UTEP Coach Candidates: Tim Floyd – former USC coach, Billy Gillispie – former UTEP coach, Bob Marlin – SHSU coach, Rob Evans – Arkansas assistant, Tony Benford – Marquette assistant

Danny Hurley


New Coach:
Danny Hurley – St. Benedict’s coach
Former coach: Mike Deane (fired)
Reported Wagner Coach Candidates: King Rice – Vanderbilt assistant, Danny Hurley – St. Benedict’s HS coach, Scott Spinelli – Texas A&M; assistant
Others: Darren Savino – Rutgers assistant, Steve Masiello – Louisville assistant,Martin Inglesby – Notre Dame assistant, Fred Quartlebaum – St. John’s assistant, Patrick Sellers – UConn assistant, Ed Pickney – former Villanova assistant, Derrek Whittenburg – former Fordham/Wagner coach (might listen but hasn’t submitted application) , Richard Pitino – Florida assistant, Jim Engles – NJIT coach, Jared Grasso – Fordham interim coach, Dennis Wolff – former Boston University coach, Glen Braica – St. Johns assistant
Others: like most schools at the level of Wagner, expect to see an assistant from a mid-major level school that has had moderate to good success. You might also see a 2nd or 3rd assistant at a higher level conference make the move to get some head coaching experience.

Jeff Bzdelik
New Coach: Jeff Bzdelik – Colorado coach
Former Coach: Dino Gaudio (fired)
Rumored Wake Forest Coach Candidates:
Jeff Bzdelik – Colorado coach, Travis Ford – Oklahoma St. coach, Dana Altman – Creighton coach
Potential Wake Forest coach candidates:
Gregg Marshall – Wichita St. coach, Chris Mooney – Richmond coach, Brad Stevens – Butler coach, Brian Gregory – Dayton coach, Tubby Smith – Minnesota coach, Scott Drew – Baylor coach, Jeff Battle – Wake associate head coach, Chris Mack – Xavier coach, Pat Kelsey – Xavier assistant, Brad Brownell – Wright St. coach

Brian Wadle
New coach: Brian Wadle – UWGB assistant
Former Coach: Tod Kowalczyk (left for Toledo)
Potential candidates: Bob Semling – UWSP coach, Greg Gard– Wisconsin coach/ former UWP coach, Gary Close – Wisconsin assistant, Kyle Green – UNI assistant/fomer Lewis University coach, Gary Grzesk – St. Norbert coach, T.J. Otzelberger – Iowa St. assistant

Billy Donlon
New Coach: Billy Donlon – Wright St. assistant
Former Coach: Brad Brownell (left for Clemson)

2010 Coaching Change Timeline:

5/01/10: HIRING: Columbia Hires St. Marys Assistant

    • Original Article Post Date: 12/3/09

You can also check out the 2010 College Basketball Coaching Hotseat , posted on 1/27, to see who might be making changes

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