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2009 College Sports TV Revenue by Conference

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Per ESPN, by millions:

Big Ten: $242
SEC: $205
Big 12: $78
ACC: $67 (Update 2010: new deal worth $155 million per year, 12 years)
Pac 10: $58
Big East: $33

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  • They can't really do that because of the fact that the agreements would not match. All the Pac-10 agreements don't even match. A Pac-10/Big 12 channel could happen. The ACC is more likely to get its own channel which would have lots of basketball on it. Football would also be part of it because Raycom is about to go the way of the Yugo, I am afraid.

  • There was talk about a potential Pac-10/ACC joint network that was going to be in the works. Hell, they should get the Big 12 in the mix and they've got a coast-to-coast network for every market.

  • The ACC might look to create its own channel. There have been some rumors that they would go to FOX, but FOX probably does not have the room. The PAC-10 might also look at the same idea. The Big East is locked into its contracts until 2013. ESPN/ABC is set to take over college football even more than they already have. They will have 32 (at least) of the 36 potential bowl games next year. They might pass on Conference USA since they can't get much from them anymore. They have the WAC and the MAC until 2016. They have the Sun Belt until 2011. They might pass on that as well. They might get more Big XII during the next contract as well as more Pac-10. It will be fascinating to follow in the next few years what happens.


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