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Ivy League Seeks National TV Deal

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Ivy League Executive Director Robin Harris said she wants to negotiate national television agreements to show football, basketball and possibly lacrosse and soccer games. Individual schools had been working out their own agreements. Now they are willing to give up the best games from their regional television packages if Harris can use them as leverage to get a multiyear agreement that showcases the league’s best teams as a season comes to a conclusion, athletic directors said.

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  • Good luck on that one.

  • Anonymous

    The Ivy League says that football teams shouldn't be allowed to participate in post season play to limit the role of athletics and keep the focus on academics. So it is quite funny to hear that the league is seeking a national TV deal that focuses on their athletic teams. Whoever does agree to this deal, I hope that they will make it mandatory that the Ivy League allows post season football play. It is only fair for the kids.

  • These people barely live in the 20th Century. It will be almost impossible to get them into the 21st Century.

  • bevo

    Good thing they keep football out of the playoffs. You know. To ensure sports do not get too much attention.

  • We'll see if those walking Neanderthal corpses will agree to this.


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