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Source: Utah to Pac-10, Announcement Could Come Wednesday

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A few conflicting reports already exist on the topic, but I posted on Twitter a few hours ago that Utah would indeed be the next member of the Pac-10. Sources claim that the school has met with Pac-10 official in California, and could announce as soon as Wednesday that they will be joining the current eleven school conference.

More details are expected on Wednesday.

Sources say that in adding Utah, the plan for the Pac-10 will be to bring both Utah and Colorado for the 2011 football season. The conference would then be permitted to host a conference championship game, as the NCAA currently requires conferences to have twelve members to do so.

There have been two different divisional alignment scenarios discussed. One would create true North/South divisions comprised of (North) Washington, Washington St., Oregon, Oregon St., Utah and Colorado & (South) Arizona, Arizona St., UCLA, USC, Cal and Stanford. However, sources are now saying that the divisional alignment might be setup that would split the California schools into separate divisions. The rumored divisions would include: (North) Washington, Washington St., Oregon, Oregon St., Cal, Stanford & (South) USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona St., Utah and Colorado. You can bet the Cal & Stanford fans will be unhappy with that if it comes to be.

The loss of Utah from the Mountain West would be a big blow for the conference. Just a few days ago, it appeared as if in addition to adding Boise St., they’d potentially be in the position to add current BCS schools like Kansas, Kansas St., and Missouri. Boise St. will be a positive addition to the conference, but losing Utah might dampen the conferences hopes of gaining an automatic bid into the BCS, something that seemed like a lock with Utah and Boise St. in the conference together.

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  • Utah is going to what will be the Pac-10 and hopefully that will be all. The Mountain West will be left with 9 and the WAC will be left with 8. I am not sure if the WAC is better than the Sun Belt or not. They are very close. I would probably still give the edge to the WAC. The WAC is hoping that no one else leaves since they would be at seven and not have enough for a conference. The WAC then has to hope that some schools want to upgrade to AFKA 1-A, but there are very few options in that part of the country. The plan by Jerry Jones probably will not work because Notre Dame has never really been in the plans for what was the Big XII. They will stick with 10 and may stay that way for a while. There probably will be more conference moves made in the coming years, but this round looks to be done and the Cuban Missile Crisis of college football is averted.

  • It seems like nothing but this story out of Lubbock offers a glimmer of hope:

    Academically, Utah and Tech are fungible. Most of Tech's graduates now live in the DFW metro area and, not surprisingly, an increasing number of Tech students come from that area. Houston has been a good source of students too.

    However, Tech's Kent Hance and Guy Bailey are pushing Tech toward (1) 40,000 students and (2) as much of the research tax revenue as possible. Tech wants to be the state's next research university.

    A move to the Pac 10 does three things for Tech. One, it gives Tech access to the Arizona and California student markets. Two, Tech moves to a better academic neighborhood. Three, the school moves out from the long shadows cast by A&M; and Texas.

    Up until last week, I would have never believed any of this logic. Given the events of the last seven days, I know anything is possible.


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