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WAC Considers Adding University of Denver

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Despite not having football, it looks like Denver has officially made it on the WAC radar.

With the departure of Boise St. to the Mountain West, the WAC finds itself in a position where it has only 8 schools. WAC commissioner Karl Benson did issue a statement that the league will remain at 8 members through the 2012 season. In adding Denver, it would give the conference 9 basketball members, and anther school in the WAC footprint. Nine schools might not seem ideal from a scheduling perspective, but it would give the conference some security in the future to retain their NCAA basketball automatic tournament bid if they were to lose more football schools over the next 7 years.

While instinct might make one think they need to expand with more football schools, that’s not the case. There is less of a chance now that the WAC will be losing any schools. The Pac-10 is less likely to expand with future MWC schools, so the WAC is less likely to be raided for replacements.

The one scenario that could play out could be regarding LA Tech. Should CUSA have a spot and extend an invitation, LA Tech would likely accept it. It’s also worth considering that LA Tech might one day join the Sunbelt if the quality of WAC football takes a step back with the departure of Boise St. Such a defection would leave the WAC at only 7 football/total members.

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  • If the WAC lost a member, then ANYTHING could happen. They would not be eligible for bowl games because of having only 7 football members. The football schools then might look to have their basketball teams play in the same conference. Denver is more likely to go to the Summit League than go to the WAC. They will leave the Sun Belt for almost anything.

  • Nathan, I don't think the WAC wants them to start-up football. Correction, I'm sure they would, but their interest in Denver is not football related.

    They are in the WAC footprint and near the league office.

    If they were a member and there for some time, then IF the WAC lost a football school to the MWC, then at least they'd be safe on the basketball side with 7 schools. Same if they lost 2 football schools and dropped to 6 basketball members.

  • I really don't see this happening. Denver is only a Division 1 threat in hockey. They don't have football, and they have never made the NCAA Tournament. They could not start playing football in the WAC. They would have to start playing AFKA 1-AA football. The WAC has to hope that Lousiana Tech does not jump ship because I don't think that the other schools are going to get a call from the new Pac-12 or the Mountain West any time soon. As long as Tech does not leave, they will be fine.


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