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Big South Expansion Options: Kennesaw St. Adds Football, Longwood Knocking on the Door

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While Longwood University might be interested in joining the Big South, the Big South might set it’s eyes on another school.


Kennesaw St. has announced plans to add FCS football, starting in 2014. The addition of football will surely put the school on the Big South’s radar. The move to add football was in part made possible by the push of the exploratory committee, which was headed by Vince Dooley.

Kennesaw St. will likely try to parlay the addition of football into a conference affiliation with the Big South. Their long term goals might be to join the Southern Conference, but as a newcomer they will need a starting group.

The Big South is currently comprised of 10 schools with 6 football playing members. Stony Brook competes as the 7th football only member. Should the Big south look to expand, they might look at Kennesaw St. to join as the 12th member and 8th football member as Campbell will also be joining from the Atlantic Sun.

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  • looking forward for Kennesaw St. Football

  • where does that put Stony Brook and in the Pioneer how about San Diego U and Marist

  • I would love to see a new conference developed consisiting of the following schools. (FOOTBALL)Georgia St.,Georgia Southern,Kennesaw St., Coastal Carolina, Western Carolina, APP St., Chattanooga, Charlotte,Citadel,Liberty and the these schools for (BASKETBALL)N. Florida, College of Charleston, UNC-Wilmington, UNC-Greensboro, East Tenn & Radford.

  • I wonder if the Atlantic Sun will look into starting a football conference if they can get a couple more teams to play.

  • SPE

    "Should the Big south look to expand, they might look at Kennesaw St. to join as the 12th member and 8th football member as Campbell will also be joining from the Atlantic Sun."

    From what I was told by people at CU when they started football it was done with the intent of increasing male enrollment and generating additional tuition for the university. I'd be very surprised if Campbell switches from that model and starts spending money on football scholarships PLUS the additional money needed to be Title IX compliant by possibly adding the necessary women's sports.

  • Yes SPE. Which is why there is no mention in this article of Campbell joining as the 8th football member in the Big South.

    That said, there is an expectation that if Campbell is able to achieve success (fan support) with their football program, that they'd be slid into the Big South at some point. That however is a chicken/egg issue many programs face. By starting at the lowest level of FCS, the quality of the product is often lower, and less appealing to the fan base to draw the interest level to justify moving up.

  • SPE

    Campbell plays non-scholarship football in the Pioneer Football League. The Camels won't be sponsoring football in the Big South anytime soon, despite returning to their original conference home in Division I.


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