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Summit League Expansion: Tom Douple Radio on WDAY, UNO mention

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Per Jeff Kolpack, it appears that the idea of Nebraska-Omaha joining the Summit League could be closer to reality. On his site, he gives a recap of the interview Summit League commissioner Tom Douple had on his radio station, WDAY. Douple says he has indeed had discussions with UNO athletic director Trev Alberts about the school joining.

The trickle down of a UNO upgrade would be interesting to watch. The Summit would bring in another member in the region, something that will come in real handy should Oral Roberts ever get approached by the Southland. But it could create some buzz in the MVFC as well. The league passed on the 11 team model, which resulted in North Dakota leaving for the Big Sky. But if UNO is in the mix, North Dakota could move to the Summit League and with UNO, join the MVFC for football.

In such a case, a 12 school MVFC could split into two divisions with UND, NDSU, USD, SDSU, UNO and UNI forming the west division.

As for the Summit, if they can get UNO in the fold, it will further stabilize their conference in it’s newly focused footprint. An added bonus would be for North Dakota to join as well.

It should be noted that while not mentioned in the article, we can assume that UNO would not upgrade to Division 1 unless it had a football conference home already lined up.And the Summit/MVFC option seems the most likely. And that opens the door for North Dakota to join the MVFC as well. Of course the Big Sky could ruin things is they had their own discussions with UNO.

Kolpack as mentions that the Summit League has confirmed some level of discussions with Arkansas-Little Rock. Another school in the mix is St. Cloud State, which has reviewed dropping football not that long ago.

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  • There are any number of things that could happen in the next 15 years, and that is certainly one of them. Who knows how many teams the FCS will even have then.

  • I hear ya. It's easy to look at the Summit and the MVC and wonder what the future holds. Might the day come when it is an advantage for the current MVC schools with football to be with say, the 4 dakota schools and UNO? If the football-first trends continue, I wouldn't be surprised to see that 15 years from now with the MVC as a lower tier FBS conference? Who knows? They wouldn't be too different from the MAC.

  • Who knows where this is going. Conferences are learning that they need to have football in order to survive long-term. They will take almost any team that has football or is looking to start football because of that. ANYTHING is open for discussion.


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