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Big 12 Considers Name Change

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The running joke…a much overused one…has been that the Big Ten has 12 teams and the Big 12 has 10, so why not swap names? (gimme those ribs!). And this past week, we saw the Big Ten announce their new divisions names, with much public disgust.

But for the Big 12, there has been much talk of will or won’t they expand. Fans and local media have suggested going after SEC schools such as Arkansas and LSU. In reality, the Big 12 is not entirely in the position to attract such programs. Those that they could get would be schools such as BYU, Louisville and TCU as the top schools that would consider the move. After that, it’s only schools from CUSA and the MWC. Even TCU is less desirable as they would bring a limited new revenue stream. Schools such as UNLV and New Mexico would open up new markets, but with no lock to provide the necessary revenue to justify expansion.

The Big 12 has come to similar conclusions if they are considering a name change. The move would likely be to remove the “12” in some form. The conference has hired GSD&M Idea City to consider new name ideas. It’s a safe assumption that if a move were made to remove the “12” that the conference would be less likely to expand in the near future as changing the brand would be a permanent change.

In other Big 12 news, Oklahoma is in discussions to launch it’s own TV network, similar to what Texas is currently negotiating.

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  • if your going to pick a name it has to make sense to the conference and something that will sell to the fanbase.Secondly you got to have teams close to home and close to travel range anywhere to far outside of travel range is pathedically stupid and idiotic and won’t last a very long time no matter if your a low major mid major or in a major conference.Timing and distance is everything conference wins and overall wins and tiebreakers too..If your going to sit there thinking it’s not such a big deal and they can go anywhere i damn please you are totally way off base it takes smart knowledge and brains to do the math if you don’t have that you shouldn’t be working for the industry.

  • How about the Great American Heartland Conference? That would mean that they would not have to change the name again when, not if, expansion happens.

  • Michael from Indy


    I like the new format for your website.

    Do you have any ideas as to what the Big 12 should rename itself? Most people get stuck on the “Big Texas” or something along those lines, but seriously, everyone knows that “Texas” isn’t going to be in the name. The name needs to reflect some kind of common thread for a group of schools, many of whom don’t have a whole lot in common, other than the mutual need for this shotgun marriage of a conference.

    Two words stand out to me: Heartland and Frontier. “Heartland” is both charming and conveniently ambiguous from a geographical standpoint. If the league expanded, one could make a decent argument that Provo, UT, Louisville, KY, or Memphis, TN is in the Heartland. “Frontier” works well because it brings to mind the Old West, territory which included the Big 12’s northern, rural states as well as the now-urbanized state of Texas. The word “frontier” gives a tip of the cap to the region’s history, but “frontier” also makes me think of a place that’s the “next big thing.”

    Unfortunately, there’s already a D-III Heartland Conference and an NAIA Frontier Conference. So maybe the Big 12 could go with Frontier (or Heartland) ATHLETIC Conference? After all, there is precedent: the old Southwest Conference co-existed with the 1-AA Southwest Athletic Conference (SWAC).


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