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Lamar to FBS, WAC Rumors

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There’s been a lot of chatter of late about Lamar finally announcing their FBS upgrade intentions and joining the WAC. They’d come in as the 8th football member and third from Texas along with UTSA and Texas St.  The WAC seems safe from losing their NCAA autobid regardless of what happens with Lamar. But a move to the WAC would bring that conference to 8 football members and a 9th member, Denver, for non-football sports.

A departure by Lamar from the Southland would also be that conferences third lost school to the WAC.  As discussed on this site, the Southland might soon need to consider some expansion candidates to maintain their membership numbers. Should Lamar depart, the Southland would be down to 9 members.

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  • Michael in Indy

    I could see La. Tech staying. The Sun Belt might end up not wanting them, especially if adding them would only get them to 11. Plus, if C-USA needs to replace UCF, which itself is a big “if,” they might add Temple, App State, WKU, FAU, FIU, Troy, North Texas, etc.

  • Well, the WAC needs some members and they need them fast when LA Tech hits the ground running for a new home. I can’t see them staying.

  • @ Matt: I was just noticing that many of the teams in the WAC like San Jose St say that they are comfortable in the conference, which is a stretch to say the least. I think Idaho, San Jose St, New Mexico St, and Utah St especially should all say that they were/are seeking membership in the MWC (per many links/stories not just message board postings, and also update the Texas area WAC schools (including NM St/LA Tech) should be listed as possible Sun Belt expansion candidates per your story back in Dec.

  • Well, I am not surprise that the WAC is doing this. I think there are three more schools that the WAC could go for from the Southland. Sam Housto State, SFA and Central Arkansas. Sam Houston would go if there is enough schools in their footprint. But, the WAC from what I read from the Big Sky fan sites that several schools could be candidates.

    Weber State is one that could replace Utah State if they left for the MWC.
    Eastern Washington seems like a big one to even be prized to moved up. Red field, FCS champhions, better winning record than the big 2 Washington schools, big fan support, and a replacement for Boise State for the Spokene market.
    The WAC could offer both Montana schools to join them.
    Plus the three California schools.

    So, i do not think adding teams for the WAC is not over.

  • I hear ya on the Southland. I listed a number of expansion options for them in the linked article. Many might help improve the conference actually.

    As for the grid, the MWC and WAC are constantly updated. Schools that are on their radar currently in other conferences get updated as well.

  • This sucks, the Southland conference was one of the great D1-AA conferences but now its been crippled by the WAC. Who is the WAC going after next, SFA, McNeese St, Sam Houston St? All for the sake of keeping a conference with Idaho, San Jose St, and New Mexico St??? REALLY?!?! BTW when will the grid be updated with the possible MWC/WAC moves?

  • Texcane

    When Espn starts televising Nebraska vs Oklahoma in the Chemistry lab, and the Chemistry department can fund its self, the football will become less relevant.

  • States will not look at cutting these schools first. Schools will look to move up to FBS or drop football altogether because the lower end of FCS schools that give scholarships really would do better not playing it. Lamar has enough support to try FBS. It had really good attendance in its first football season since 1989.

  • Texcane

    Has 70,000 fans/donors/benefactors ever crammed unto a stadium to watch lab experiments? Football funds many academic programs at many schools.

  • As well as other sports.

  • Let’s just discuss football here, please.

  • I do not understand any of these three moves (UTSA, Lamar, Texas State). The state is facing a $25 billion deficit. The governor has stated that taxes will not increase. The Republicans, who control both legislative branches, blocked the governor’s attempt to close four community colleges.

    State law requires a balanced budget. Texas remains a low service state. To close the deficit, higher education budget will be cut deeply. These three schools cannot draw enough out of state students to off set the deficit reductions.

    There is new money for football but not for academics? Overflowing capacity at the football stadium is better than overflowing capacity in the classroom?

  • They would need an invite from the WAC to move to the FBS, if I understand it correctly. The Southland would look at schools like Texas-Pan American and some Summit schools, if they wanted to leave.


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