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Seattle Expected to Join WAC

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As has been expected over the past few months, the WAC has offered Seattle membership in it’s conference. The WAC has been hoping to add move football members to replace it’s departing schools, but has only been able to get UTSA and Texas St. thus far. While the WAC waits and hopes that FCS football schools like Montana, Sacramento St., Portland St. and others consider upgrades, the WAC has been looking at adding Seattle to ensure security for it’s basketball product and NCAA tournament bid.

Seattle is expected to accept the invitation today, giving the WAC 9 members with Seattle and Denver the lone non-football schools.

Seattle has hoped for an invitation to re-join the WCC, but has thus far been passed over with BYU the only school recently added.

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  • Andy

    Depending on what happens with Central Florida (or possibly Houston) and the Big East, there could be an opening for Louisiana Tech in Conference USA or even in the Sun Belt if someone from there were to replace UCF in C-USA. Obviously that is a lot of “ifs,” mostly with the Big East. Regardless, I think Louisiana Tech would jump at either the Sun Belt or C-USA, especially after recent developments in the WAC.

  • Why should Utah St. be in the Big Sky? Lousiana Tech can’t go to c-usa, already 12 teams. Sunbelt doesn’t want nor need Texas St. or UTSA, there not desprate as the WAC. I don’t see what Montana benefits from waiting for Montana State. I also don’t think their MWC quality quite yet. MWC wants a BCS bid (which isn’t happening, Utah, TCU, BYU out the door.) so there not going to add a FCS school.

  • That’s what I’ve been saying for years is that Utah State in partoicular belongs in the Big Sky. If the Montana schools ever upgraded, I bet the MWC would be a better fit for them, but given how hard it’s been for Idaho, rumor has it the Big Sky has been holding a spot for them, and the Montana schools aren’t going to budge.

  • The WAC is a joke. The conference looks like a bunch of misfits. Denver & Seattle should be in WCC. Texas-San Antonio & Texas State should be in the Sun Belt. Louisiana Tech should be in Conference USA. Idaho, New Mexico State, and Utah State should be in Big Sky.

  • Only way Montana upgrades is if/when Montana State is ready to upgrade and then I bet other schools follow.

  • What are they doing? They need to add some football schools

  • Andy

    The WAC really seems to be hanging on by a thread as far as football is concerned. They seem to be banking everything on a IAA team such as Montana, Sacramento State or Portland State etc. moving up to IA and that is a very costly move for any of those schools. The other trouble they could be facing is if Louisiana Tech leaving if a slot would open in Conference USA (say Central Florida goes to the Big East) or even the Sun Belt. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  • I wonder if the WAC might add more football members next year. They might be taking a wait and see approach.


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