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Texas A&M to SEC in 2012, Florida St. to SEC in 2013?

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Well, it looks like that could be what we will see according to various reports, with August 22 being the announcement date.

Potential SEC Expansion to 13 or 14:

Thus far nothing is official, despite some internet rumors and radio reports. But all signs are pointing towards this being a done deal.

In a discussion on, one of our members laid out some straight-forward rationale:

When the LHN was announced, it was clear that Texas A&M would have to cede much to Texas. Texas had such a strong financial advantage that even with the blockade put up over a single Big 12 conference game on the LHN or high school games airing, that Texas A&M was clearly being left on a tier below Texas. And if you don’t have the ability to keep up or leapfrog a giant like Texas, while remaining tied to them as a conference member, it leaves only one other path: leave for a stronger and more profitable conference.

And that rationale does fall in line with how things have played out with Texas A&M.

So baring any last minute changes, or sweet offers from the Big 12, it appears that Texas A&M will be the next member of the SEC.

The conference will likely petition it’s TV partners, ESPN and CBS, to renegotiate the terms of the deal. The SEC would need roughly an extra 20 million per year to justify expanding with Texas A&M.

The rumored August 22 announcement date would fall in line with the time-frame that would enable the SEC to renegotiate as well as TAMU get everything officially passed through it’s Board of Regents.

But beyond the drama of this proposed drastic move by Texas A&M and it’s effect on the Big 12, there is also the issue of balance in the SEC: will the SEC remain at 13? It seems that balance to 14 could very well be a path they take.

While nothing has been confirmed, the latest rumor comes from ESPN Dallas, which is claiming that the SEC plans would be to add Texas A&M in 2012 and expanding in 2013 with an eastern school for #14…with the 14th school being Florida St. This, despite the fact that FSU president Eric Barron saying that there have been no talks.

All of a sudden this get’s a lot bigger.

Texas A&M leaving it’s Big 12 brethren for the SEC is impacting enough. But Florida St. leaving the ACC for the SEC too? This makes for a ripple of tsunami proportions.

That said, there has been no news out of Tallahassee to support the FSU to SEC claims. When the Texas A&M to the SEC almost happened last year, it appeared that schools like Clemson, GA Tech and even WVU might be higher targets assuming Oklahoma was not interested.

Up next: Potential Trickle-Down of SEC Expansion

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