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VA Tech to the SEC? “Total Poppycock”

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One has to feel for Virginia Tech presidential spokesman Larry Hincker. the school was initially mentioned as a potential candidate for the 14th SEC position almost a month ago. The schools response: No…No…did we mention No. In fact, unlike other schools who use the common “we’re happy in the XYZ Conference and plan to be here for years to come”, Hincker and VA Tech went even further by saying that they would “politely decline an SEC invitation”. That alone is going above and beyond many other schools potentially putting VA Tech in a hole. I mean really, how could  a school accept an invitation after such a strong stance.

The result, over the past few days there have been multiple articles stating that Virginia Tech is indeed a candidate for the SEC.

So what’s a fella to do?

Well, Larry Hincker decided it was time to drop the bomb, the “P” bomb.

His response to the recent articles:

“Total poppycock. How many times do we have to say it? If one of these rumor mongers, would be willing to cite their ‘multiple sources,’ it might lend some credence. Frankly, we’re tired of other people telling us what our future is.

“We are not interested. Nothing has changed. My president will not dignify wild speculation. Our last statement [from Aug. 12] still stands. Bottom line: this is not on our radar screen.”

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  • yeah that would make more sense.

  • Actually, Oklahoma is pushing for the PAC-12, hoping that pressure would force Texas’ hand as Pac12 would likely only invite OU with Texas (and OSU and OU are tied).

  • Looks like Oklahoma might possibly be the 14th team. I hope that doesn’t happen because the SEC is already to brutal. And that means someone has to move from the west division to the east (Alabama’ or Auburn). Hopefully they will get 2 descent but not overbearing teams for the east like GT or UNC to make it 16. But I guess it will be alright if Auburn moves to the east division. We play them every year anyways. Anyways, who saw the game between TCU and the Baylor Suprsing Bears?

  • Why is everyone overlooking Mizzou. Out of all the potential candidates for the 14th team, Mizzou is the only one that would willingly leave their conference without hesitation. They have a decent football team, a big stadium, and would give the SEC an important foothold in the Midwest.

  • It will be total poppycock right up to the point where Va. Tech signs the divorce papers with the ACC to get married to that sexy woman, SEC.


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