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Pac-16 Not to Be?

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That seems to be the most recent update.

Jon Wilner, the guy with the pulse on Pac-12 expansion, is reporting that Texas is more likely to remain in the Big 12 and rebuild. This falls in line with much of the earlier ideas about the future of Texas. In the ideal world for Texas, they would be in a smaller conference, have more control, and be able to schedule more football games on it’s own LHN network.

This seems to be the mentality out of Austin, even if the Oklahoma schools leave for the Pac-12. Oklahoma and the Pac-12 have hoped that the threat of leaving by Oklahoma would be enough to get Texas on board without having to actively pursue Texas.

What is unknown at this time is how dedicated Texas would be if the Pac-12 instead opted for the Oklahoma schools but also 2 more Big 12 schools such as Kansas and Missouri. While a long shot, it would leave Texas with a group of Texas Tech, Kansas St., Baylor and Iowa St. to build around. Even a full 9 team absorption of the Big East football schools would not make this the most attractive option, nor a CUSA/MWC raid. Missouri is also a flight risk for the SEC or Big Ten.

The Texas/Big 12 news comes on the heals that Oklahoma too might be having second thoughts about fleeing the Big 12.

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  • I would think if Mizzou was sent an invite to the SEC they would not waste a milisecond. In their current situation of their conference barely floating above water they would be pretty dumb to wait for the AAU 12 to rescue them when there is a golden life preserver (SEC) in front of their face. If they waited for the Big Ten they would which will probably never invite them then they would must like drown and we would have another Utah State among us in the college football world.

  • Matt: I think the escalation of exit fees are designed to also prevent such movement. You’re correct about Missouri being a potential 4th AAU member of the SEC if they went (joining Vanderbilt, Florida and now Texas A&M). While I think you’re also right that changing political, academic and finacial fortunes have created an atmosphere of institutional free agency, I’m not certain that you’ll see a school commit to one top tier BCS league and dump it 5 years later for another…in this instance just for a more attractive form of cleavage. Missouri might talk to the SEC, but only to get the Big-Ten involved. At least thatw ould be my take on the matter. The Big East TV deal is up in 2013, 1st tier rights (ESPN/ABC) for the Big 12 in 2016 and that same year for the Big Ten the last I checked. After that this period of musical chairs and free agency will likely settle for a more extended period of time.

  • David, that rationale would only hold true if Missouri were already in a top academic conference. Big 12 would have 3: ISU, TX, Kansas. SEC would have 3: TAMU, Florida, MO. So why wouldn’t Missouri jump on all that cash, better national branding, in a conference with the same number if AAU schools…and THEN if invited to Big Ten at SOME POINT, join the B10? Joining a conference is not a permanent commitment. MO can leave for the Big Ten if the B10 wants them. What you’re saying is that since you want to go to the prom with the hot smart girl, but she’s not interested in you, you would pass on the hot cheerleader and stay home that night? Or would you go, enjoy the benefits, and if your top choice becomes available down the road, you go for it.

  • My rationale is the academics, Missouri being a longstanding AAU member (since 1908). While Texas A&M is an AAU member as well, they’ve only been since 2001, which is part of why they are now less beholden to Texas. My point is that Missouri is an old-guard Big 8 school with more academcially cultural similarities to the Big Ten, and will do what they can to keep the Big 12 together until such an accomodation can be had. It’s like the Pac 12 saying no to BYU since they don’t want an academic PhD producing light-weight religious school in their mix, even though BYU could make them a significant amount of $$$. There are times when academic culture will trump $$$.

  • The two aren’t exclusive. Why would Missouri sir and wait for a Big Ten invite that might never come when they can move to the other top conference (if invited hypothetically)? If the Big Ten comes calling down the road, you join. Your rationale is like saying that Memphis wouldn’t join the Big East because they really want to be in the Big 12. So what? Memphis would join the BE and then move to B12 if invited. Key is that SEC money is huge compared to Big 12…so Missouri would likely leave and hope the B10 is a future option.

  • I honestly don’t think Missouri will seriously consider the SEC, and would much prefer the Big Ten. If all 9 remaining Big 12 schools emerge still committed after this weekend, a full court press to invite BYU just might happen.


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