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Rumor: BYU Would Accept Big 12 Invite upon Oklahoma Loyalty Signature

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A quick rumor to share. A single source thus far, the Twitter account for a BYU blog,, is claiming that if Oklahoma does opt to remain in the Big 12, that BYU will join. They also claim such a move could happen as soon as this weekend.

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  • I don’t think that being a football independent will work for BYU in the long run. Only Notre Dame can get by with that and that may even have to change. If they did join, would ND be the 12th team or is there someone else in the wings waiting to jump?

  • This is over a year old.

  • pikachu

    I see this as just a rumor…the Big 12 would then need to find a #12 & there don’t really seem to be any signs of that happening.

  • Will BYU join the Big 12?

  • Now that Oklahoma is done posturing and the Pac 12 option won’t work for Texas and the LHN, it looks like BYU to the Big 12 will happen before this weekend.

  • The question is does Oklahoma really want to stay partnered with Texas? It seems as though the administration in Norman has emotionally detached themselves from the Big 12 over the last week or two. I don’t think the Pac-12 will take them without Texas and there appears to be growing resistance at Colorado and the Arizona schools to forming an “Eastern Division” of the league providing less access to California and the coast. Oklahoma does not want the SEC and feels as though that league is below their academic ambitions. As for BYU signing on to join the Big 12, I think more than likely Texas President Bill Powers at the very least will be talking at length to BYU President Cecil O. Samuelson and it is entirely possible an invitation in hand could be with Samuelson on his return to Provo late Saturday evening. If Oklahoma signs off on this, then I could see him along with BYU-AD Tom Holmoe taking such an invitation forward to the BYU Board of Trustees and senior LDS Church hierarchy early in the week.


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