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West Virginia Expected to Get Big 12 Invite

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Per reports, West Virginia is expected to replace Missouri in the Big 12 once they leave to join the SEC. WVU would join in 2014. and the conference would remain at 10 at that point. Missouri would likely be gone for the SEC earlier, so the Big 12 would be at 9 members until WVU joined.

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  • _sturt_

    Thinking they can work it out so that WVU joins in 2012. And contrary to Boston Globes info, this says theyre still contemplating getting to 12.

  • _sturt_

    Certainly leaves WVU out there on an island w/o Louisville. I’m thinking, “Aren’t they going to be toward the bottom of most recruits’ lists?”… In their traditional areas, they’re going to be less popular because they’re playing all those midwest and Texas away games… in the midwest and Texas, they’re going to be less popular because they’re not midwest- or Texas-based. Not that Louisville solves very much of that, but it’s at least a little better.

  • Thats precisely why it appears 10 is the number. After TCu and WVU, theres Louisville. But for 12, its a drastic drop. I dont see UCF and I dont even see Cincy as worthwhile additions. If BYU isnt 12, I dont see UL being added if indeed WVU is #10.

  • Michael in Indy

    Matt, if the Big 12 decides to get back to 12 instead of 10, and if BYU is unavailable, how do you think UCF or USF would compare as additions with Cincinnati?

  • _sturt_

    Wouldnt it turn some Big East schools admins heads if there were some kind of revenue division system instituted in the super-conference that more heavily distributed income (BCS and/or TV) to the *division* of the conference BCS representative(s)? And/or… Wouldnt it turn some Big East schools admins heads if there was a promotion/relegation system instituted that ensured that only a portion (half?) of the schools were eligible to play in the conference championship? (I obviously wouldnt ask if I didnt think so.)

  • I love the idea of WVU in B12. But hate it without UL. And thats the problem: When Missouri leaves, its back to 9. So WVU and UL would be 11. Problem is there are no homerun #12s. They got TCU. WVU would be next. But after UL, its less attractive. BYU has baggage and if quite a bit west if adding WVU. And Cincy is a step down from UL/WVU. Houston? Rutgers? Not ideal.

  • Andy

    West Virginia is a good pick for the Big 12, but its interesting why the conference wouldnt go ahead and add two more teams to get to 12. Cincinnati and Louisville would be good additions and offer a nice bridge/connection to West Virginia. BYU is still out there too. The Big 12 only adding West Virginia would be good and bad news for the Big East. Good because they would only lose one more team, but very bad because they are losing yet another team and one of their best programs. Does losing a program like West Virginia put another nail in the Big Easts AQ coffin? Also, does losing them speed up UConns interest in the ACC?

  • I bet there in before 2014


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