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WVU Expected to Join Big 12

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Piggy-backing last weeks report from the Boston Globe, the New York Post is reporting that indeed, WVU is headed to the Big 12.

WVU will replace Missouri who is expected to leave for the SEC. WVU will pay a $5 exit fee since the $10 fee hike only kicks in once Air Force or Navy join the Big East…and neither has done so.

The plan is for WVU to join next year, the same time Missouri is expected to leave. If somehow Missouri opted to remain (which is not going to happen), the Big 12 would likely bring in Louisville to expand to 12. The Big 12 is still however, uncertain if they plan to remain at 10 with WVU or expand to 12 and qualify for a championship game.

If the Big 12 lost Missouri and expanded to 12, Louisville would be the #11 school added after WVU. The issue at hand is finding a #12 option. BYU remains a candidate, however there have been some issues with their inclusion. There is also the chance that if the Big East continues to lose members, that Notre Dame might flee for the Big 12 as well, since the conference has shown some willingness to invite Notre Dame as a non-football member. Such a move would also permit BYU to remain in the WCC for non-football sports and join as a football only member.

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  • No deadline. All depends on the arrangements made between conferences.

  • I’m a bit curious, because I keep hearing different things, but what is the deadline (generally speaking) for a team bolting to another conference to be eligible for 2012? In other words, at what point will all the conferences have their membership locked in for 2012?


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