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Missouri to SEC Official

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The longest public secret  courtship came to a completion yesterday as Missouri and the SEC finally pulled the public trigger, with Missouri joining the SEC.

The move gives the SEC exactly what it needs: a new region with new markets to help improve it’s already massive television package. With Texas A&M joining and the SEC already a dominant force in it’s current footprint, there were few schools that could give the SEC some of the financial benefits they wanted…despite Missouri being just a so-so sports product compared to some more powerful programs like say, Florida St. In adding Missouri, the SEC now has a strong toehold in Big 12 country to go with Texas A&M with the SEC now expanding as far west as the market of Kansas City.

But the real benefit might be in regards to the creeping up on the Big Ten.

In adding Missouri, the SEC now has a school right in the Big Ten backyard…and sharing what had been very much a Big Ten city in St. Louis, thanks to all the nearby Illinois graduates as well as all the Big Ten alumni living in St. Louis.

The SEC can now go forward with an SEC Network, knowing that they will have instant success in new markets like Houston, Kansas City and St. Louis.

Missouri is expected to join the SEC next season.

But that might be a problem for the Big 12.

The Big 12 added West Virginia to replace Missouri. But due to a 27 month waiting period by the Big East, WVU will not be expected to join the Big 12 next season. A lawsuit by WVU vs. the Big East was greeted with a loawsuit by the Big East vs. WVU. So the Big 12 will likely be forced to participate at 9 members next season.



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