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Boise St. to Join Big West

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Big%20West%20Conference Conference Realignment

Boise State University Conference RealignmentAfter months of negotiations, the Big West has accepted Boise a member, effective 8/1/13. The move has been expected, but took some time as Boise St. needed the Big East to cover their entrance fees. With Boise St. joining Hawaii and San Diego St., the Big West has now brought in 3 western FBS football schools seeking homes for their non-football sports.


Per Chadd Cripe and Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman from the Boise St. press conference notes:

* Boise State President Bob Kustra: “Our going to the Big East was contingent upon finding a safe, secure and competitive environment for the rest of our sports.”

*  The Big East will pay half of Boise State’s $770,000 travel subsidy in the first two years ($385,000 per year for Big East). That’s a bridge to the Big East’s new TV deal.

*  The Big East will pay $2 million of Boise State’s $2.5 million entry fee to the Big West. As a result, Boise State will pay a full $2.5 million entry fee to the Big East.

*  Boise State will make a one-time equity payment to the Big West of $176,000. The school will receive a full share of conference revenue from the start.

* Boise State would owe an exit fee to the Big West. It starts at $1.5 million in 2014, then drops by $250,000 each year until 2018, when it hits $250,000 and stays there. If San Diego State leaves the Big West, the Big West can terminate Boise State’s membership with 24 months notice.

* Hawaii won’t have to pay travel costs to Boise State when the Broncos go to the islands. Hawaii reportedly pays about $500,000 in subsidies.


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  • Schmolik

    How about the Big West trade Boise State to the Big Sky for Cal-State Sacramento. Both teams are huge geographical outliers in their conferences and it would be a lot better for everyone involved if they just switch. I’m sure CSUS would love to get out of the Big Sky.

  • Schmolik

    I pity all the rest of the Big West schools. Now they have to travel to Boise … in the middle of winter. If you are a Big West basketball player or coach, this sucks for you.

  • At this point, WAC needs to add Bakersfield, UTPA, and Utah Valley, as well as convince Idaho and NMSU to stay for Olympic sports, or else they are as good as dead.


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