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Loyola to Join Patriot League

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Following the addition of Boston University, the Patriot League has added a 10th member, Loyola, which is currently in the MAAC. Set to join on July 1, 2013, Loyola will move all it’s sports to the Patriot, with the exception of rowing. The addition of Loyola gives the conference another addition in the Maryland area, along with Navy.

The loss of Loyola brings the MAAC to (9) members. Should the MAAC desire to expand back to (10), they will likely look for members from the NEC, which is predominantly comprised of private schools. Members like Robert Morris (Pittsburgh), Bryant (Providence),  Monmouth (Northern NJ), could be sought out to further increase the conferences media markets.


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  • N.J.I.T. will either go to the America East or the NEC. The MAAC probably wants schools that are more established in Division I.

  • Middle of the pack, I’d say. Not quite Bucknell or Lehigh, but probably around the same level as American. So we’re probably looking at 3rd-5th in the PL most years.

  • bball34

    what does this do for Loyola Basketball? Good, Bad, no big deal???

  • Schmolik

    You want better teams in your conference. Strength of schedule matters in college basketball. The better your conference, the higher your RPI’s are and the better chance you may have for MAAC teams to get at large bids (or higher seeds for the automatic bid). Chicago State? No way. Too far. Every team in the MAAC would have to fly there.

  • no Drexel is to strong your better off with NJIT or Chicago State.

  • i like that fit a lot

  • What about men’s lacrosse? Will they move to the Patriot League too, or stay in ECAC Lacrosse?

  • Schmolik

    I think the MAAC should invite Drexel. It will get the conference into the Philadelphia market. The CAA is losing VCU and ODU and they always favor the Virginia schools (the conference tournament is ALWAYS in Richmond and Drexel couldn’t win the CAA final since it was a virtual home game for VCU last year). The travel will be a lot better for Drexel with Rider fairly close and lots of opponents in the New York area (only the Buffalo area schools would probably require a plane trip).
    Even if they do invite Drexel, the MAAC will be entirely north of the Mason Dixon line after Loyola leaves.

  • Nathan Brice

    N.J.I.T. should be in some conference on July 1, 2013. We just don’t know which one yet.

  • Phil

    Guessing that if the MAAC took someone from the NEC to replace Loyola that the NEC would replace that school with N.J.I.T.?


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