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Maryland and Rutgers to Big Ten

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University of Maryland Conference RealignmentThe rumors started a couple days ago, that Maryland and Rutgers were being targeted by the Big Ten…with both schools expected to accept if invited. Rutgers leaving the Big East would be a given. But with an expected $50 million exit fee from the ACC and 60 years membership history, Maryland would have more to think about. Well, the Maryland BOR are expected to meet 9am on Monday to discuss joining the Big Ten. The move would bring the Big Ten to 14 members, adding the top programs in New Jersey and Maryland, joining Penn St. as the conferences’ eastern presence. Rutgers University Conference Realignment

Louisville is rumored to be the top replacement option in the ACC should Maryland leave, but many would look at Uconn as a better option. In Uconn, the ACC would match the Big Ten additions of Rutgers in the northeast by locking up Boston College, UConn, Syracuse and Pittsburgh for the ACC television contract. Louisville is still appealing, but would have less market penetration into the New York City DMA than UConn would. For the Big East, a departure by Maryland would certainly mean a loss for the Big East. With a Rutgers departure along with Uconn or Louisville, the Big East would be in serious trouble with their new television contract. Potential candidates would likely come from the Mountain West, with the Big East trying to create a western division with Boise St., San Diego St., SMU and Houston. Targets such as Fresno St., UNLV, and New Mexico (Army, Air Force and BYU have rejected previous Big East overtures) would need to find non-football conference homes from a smaller pool of options such as the Big West. But with Boise St., Hawaii and San Diego St. in the Big West, the conference would likely show flexibility in adding 2 of those schools if need be. For the ACC, a loss of Maryland might make Florida St. to reconsider any interest from the Big 12. Whether they joined with Louisville, Georgia Tech, Clemson or another school, the Big 12 would need to show they could generate an increased television contract to pay off the $50 million exit fee. Such a situation, where the Big Ten expanded to 14 and if the Big 12 expanded to 12 with 1-2 ACC schools, still means the ACC would be in a comfortable spot as the #5 overall conference. But the loss of 3 members, only to be replaced by 3 Big East schools, would be a blow to the ACC. If Maryland were to leave for the Big Ten, the ACC just hopes that the bleeding stops there.      

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  • Nathan Brice

    The ACC and Big 12 will have to get out of their “grant of rights” agreements first. If that happens, Virginia and Kansas would be the top targets because of the fact that they will be in adjacent states to current Big 10 members.

  • David Stroud

    I was looking up the AAU schools that the big 10 could target. Syracuse is gone from the map since they are not an AAU anymore. Here are some targets as I see the list. I removed most non-football schools, IVY and some lower level schools.

    Georgia Tech
    North Carolina


    Big 12
    Iowa State

    Big Sky

    Stony Brook



    PAC 12

    Texas A&M

    Now, if these schools either upgrade or add football could be possible.
    Boston U.
    Cal.-Santa Barbara
    Cal.-San Diego
    Cal. Tech
    Johns Hopkins
    Carnegie Mellon
    Case Western Reserves
    Washington, MO.

    I could cross off the west coast schools.
    If they need moe western schools?

    Iowa State
    Texas A&M
    Washington, MO.

    Only 5 seems big markets.

    East side schools
    Buffalo large market
    Stony Brook NYC market, people in NYC do not care about New Jersey or any colleges in that state.
    Georgia Tech- Atlanta
    Florida- No chance to get them.
    North Carolina- Has to have Duke along for the ride.
    Carnegie Mellon
    Johns Hopkins
    Boston U.

    Case Western Reserves

  • Boise State, UCF, Houston and TCU were big pickups. Temple was picked because they were able to start play in the Big East right away. I would not discount NAVY and San Diego State as chumps either.

    Memphis got in because of basketball.

  • Rutgers is also in as number 14.

    There seems to be rumors and reports that both Virginia and Georgia Tech also applied to the Big 10.They could be number 15 and 16 to the Big 10.

    Also rumors that Virginia Tech, North Carolina, NC State, Clemson and Florida State have applied to the SEC. Louisville, U. Conn. Georgetown, St. John’s, Villanova and Cincinnatti wants into the ACC. I think it is for all sports. If that is the case, Georgetown and Villanova could upgrade and play in the pro stadiums for a while for football. Now, is St. John’s readding football as well? They could play in one of the pro stadiums as well.

    Also talks about the Big East football schools will merge with ACC if the basketball schools desolves the conference. That will be another FBS conference gone.

    Now, Big 12 needs to start proactive before anymore schools get picked off. PAC 12 needs to take four of the best western schools that can draw eyeballs on TV. I saw that the tv ratings for the bowl game between Utah and Boise State were higher than some of the aq schools at the time. Boise State can draw eyeballs on tv than some others.

    The ACC would still be relevant, but there are some teams not in the aq spots that could draw tv viewership from the MAC, WAC, MWC, Sun Belt, C-USA and some FCS schools who are winners could be looked at.

    Watch and see that the Big 10 go to 16 soon.

  • Andy

    This is of course all about the cash. Adding Maryland and Rutgers does little athletically for the Big Ten, but it does A LOT for money. The conference gets a shot at three major media markets in New York, Washington and Baltimore and will now be 12 of the top 35 media markets in the nation.

    Maryland and Rutgers get much better conference payouts and a stronger financial future in the Big Ten, even though they may be middle of the pack programs and have a few added travel costs for their non-revenue sports.

    The ACC will quickly snatch up UConn to get back to 14. But what about the continuing mess that is the Big East? It’s losing three programs (Notre Dame, Rutgers and UConn). The conference was already forced to spread out over the entire nation with mostly sub par programs. Now what? They could still lose more if the Big 12 expands again. The Big East just keeps getting worse and worse for football.

  • wiscowilz

    Not rumors anymore Maryland is official…let the dominoes fall


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