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Boise St. Passes on Big East, Will Remain in Mountain West

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With the Big East loss of members to the Big Ten and ACC, and with a television contract expected to generate much less revenue than previously expected, Boise St. has opted to remain in the Mountain West. While San Diego St. has not made the move back to the Mountain West yet, with the conference now at 11 members, it would seem likely they too will opt out.

The move back to the Mountain West for Boise St. has been aided by the recent conference television renegotiations due to the folding of the conferences own network.

The Mountain West is currently considering other expansion ideas, considering with San Diego St. and UTEP as well as SMU, Houston and BYU. With the Big East falling apart, Houston and SMU might find the Mountain West as a comfortable option.

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  • I disagree about those three you just listed. I would not say Albuqueree, Reno and Salt Lake City area as small markets. I live in a small town about 2500 people, and we call ourselves smalls. Those cities are large compare to us. Not mega cities like Las Angelas or New York City, but not small. Those three do have a pretty good size markets not to ignore.

  • Andy

    I agree about Wyoming, but the same could be said for several other Mountain West teams such as New Mexico, Nevada and Utah State. Wyoming is a founding member of the MWC and I seriously doubt they would be voted out.

  • A new MWC without Wyoming in the works? Wyoming brings nothing to the TV deal which is hurting MWC tv deal. I think Wyoming will wind up like Idaho that nobody wants them in an FBS conference.

  • MAC basketball is getting stronger, so why not go back to MAC for all basketball? Plus, A10 could get raided by the 7 Catholic schools to make them weaker. I could see Temple and UMAss all sports in the MAC with Delaware, James Madison, Liberty and stony Brook to the MAC as will. MAC could lose some schools if there is a new football conference. Tulane might be the odd man out of the Big East.

  • Andy

    Best decision Boise State could have made. They really wouldn’t have gained much of anything going to the Big Conference USA. I expect San Diego State to remain in the Mountain West as well.

    The Big Conference USA continues to implode as it has done nothing but replace teams lost with warm bodies from Conference USA. That conference isn’t a big TV earner and with all the defections by quality football and basketball programs (and possibly more with Cincinnati and UConn wanting out), the Big East will fall into the same boat.

  • Donna

    Hearing Temple could easily just go back to the new power MAC football and simple just stay put in the new power A-10 in basketball. Temple has buyers remorse. Temple has wet feet at the step of the crumbiling Big East by the hour. All over Phila. sports radio stations this AM. 1/1/13. Sounds smart.

  • Would Tulsa be on that list as will for consideration to with their tv market?


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