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University of Missouri Kansas City Conference Realignment

UMKC will join the WAC for the 2013 season. They will leave the Summit, a conference that had it’s most recent addition come from the same WAC conference via Denver.

The move comes as a bit of a surprise on the surface as Denver just left the WAC for the Summit. But with multiple Summit schools as potential candidates for the Horizon or even Missouri Valley Conference, and with few available candidates, UMKC looks to be making a proactive move to ensure they aren’t left behind.

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  • dagnabbit

    I was shocked when this news came out. Why? The WAC is essentially the Great West now. Chicago State and UTPA in particular are awful programs. NMSU will find a way out as soon as it can. You can bet Seattle and UVU, two of the better remaining programs, are already looking for better options. I think the AD of UMKC had stars in his eyes over the legacy of the WAC brand, because overall the Summit has better programs and a better regional footprint for Kansas City. Perhaps someone at UMKC knows something about the Summit the rest of us don’t (a sudden, full-on Dakota migration could bury the league, for instance), or perhaps it just comes down to UMKC thinking they’ll look better next to a dumpier set of programs (they will, but they still aren’t fooling anyone).

  • What makes the move strange is by where they are going. They are joining the WAC, a conference that just lost Denver to the Summit, the same conference that UMKC is leaving. The WAC also had to add all the Great West schools and a school that couldn’t get a non-Great West invite in Cal St Bakersfield.

    So the Summit could lose schools, so what? It would seem that despite the geography, the Summit could have just poached WAC schools if needed. Now, who knows.

  • I think Summit will become The Great West. Extinct. UNO and the Dakota schools could wind up in MVC, while some of the Summit goes to others. Whatever left including Denver will be in the WAC.

  • Nathan Brice

    I don’t believe that the WAC will have to apply for a waiver since they will have eight active Division I members for the 2013-2014 and seven the year after that if Idaho does indeed leave for the Big Sky. They may be trying to keep Denver from going to the Summit League. There will unofficially be 36 conference changes in college basketball including the teams that are starting the transition from Division II to Division I. There is still time for more chaos to happen before July 1. NJIT still needs to find a home and other conferences may be looking to add teams as well. We’ll all find out together what will happen.

  • Kro

    That doesn’t make any sense. UMKC is far more likely to be left behind in the WAC than in the Summit.


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