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2013 College Basketball Coach Changes

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Updated on 8/03/13:
Who’s out? Who’s in? It’s that time of the year again when assistants get their big shot at a head coaching position while other schools begin the poaching process. As positions are made available, potential candidates will be included on the list.

“Hirings” will appear at the bottom of the page, followed by the coaching change “Timeline”.
Have something to add that has been missed? Comment below.




 2012 College Basketball Coaching Changes
Former Coach:
Jeff Jones (resigned)
New Coach: Mike Brennan (Georgetown assistant)

Potential American Basketball Coach Candidates:

Mike Brennan (Georgetown assistant), Mike Rhodes (VCU assistant), Nathan Davis (Randolph-Macon coach), Seth Greenberg (former VA Tech coach), Jim Corrigan (ODU assistant), Kieran Donohue (American assistant)



Ball State:

 2012 College Basketball Coaching Changes
Former Coach:
Billy Taylor (fired)
New Coach: James Whitford (Arizona assistant)

Potential Ball State Basketball Coach Candidates:

Dana Fife (Michigan St. assistant), Ray McCallum (Detroit coach), Jeff Neubauer (Eastern Kentucky coach), Chris Holtmann (Garner Webb coach), David Hobbs (former Alabama coach), Rodney Watson (Southern Indiana coach), Linc Darner (Florida Southern coach), Stan Gouard (Indianapolis coach), Brad Brownell (Clemson coach), Jeff Rekeweg (Northwood coach)




Butler Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Brad Stevens (resigned)
New Coach: Brandon Miller (Butler assistant)

Potential Butler Basketball Coach Candidates:

Brandon Miller (Butler assistant), LaVall Jordan (Michigan assistant)





University of Buffalo Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Reggie Witherspoon (fired)
New Coach: Bobby Hurley (Rhode Island assistant)

Potential Buffalo Basketball Coach Candidates:

Rob Lanier (Texas assistant), Joe Mihalich (Niagara coach), Jimmy Patsos (Loyola coach), Seth Greenberg (former VA Tech coach), Jared Grasso (Iona assistant), Bobby Hurley (URI assistant), Kevin Kuwik (Dayton assistant)


Cal State – Fullerton:

California State University Fullerton Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Bob Burton (fired)
Former Interim Coach: Andy Newman
New Coach: Dedrique Taylor (Arizona St. assistant)

Potential Cal State Fullerton Basketball Coach Candidates:

Dedrique Taylor (Arizona St. assistant)



Cal State – Northridge:

California State University Northridge Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Bobby Braswell (fired)
New Coach: Reggie Theus (former NBA assistant)

Potential Cal State Northridge Basketball Coach Candidates:

Phil Matthews (UCLA assistant), Donny Daniels (Gonzaga assistant), Scott Garson (UCLA assistant), Damaine Powell (Cal State Dominguez Hills coach), Reggie Theus (former New Mexico St. coach)

Others: Greg Kamansky (Cal Poly Pomona coach), Bob Cantu (USC interim coach), Travis DeCuire (Cal assistant), Justin Hutson (UNLV assistant)


California – Riverside:

University of California Riverside Conference Realignment
Former Coach: Jim Wooldridge (resigned
Interim Coach: Dennis Cutts (CSU Riverside assistant)







 2012 College Basketball Coaching Changes
Former Coach:
Robbie Laing (fired)
New Coach: Kevin McGeehan (Richmond assistant)

Potential Campbell Basketball Coach Candidates:

Ryan Odom (Charlotte assistant), Mike Winiecki (Clemson assistant), Rob Moxley (NC State assistant), Jason Allison (VMI assistant), Kevin McGeehan (Richmond assistant)




Central Arkansas:

Central Arkansas Conference Realignment
Former Coach: 
Corliss Williamson (resigned)

Potential Central Arkansas Basketball Coach Candidates:
Clarence Finley (UCA assistant)





 2012 College Basketball Coaching Changes
Former Coach:
Mark Phelps (fired)
New Coach: Ray Giacoletti (Gonzaga assistant)

Potential Drake Basketball Coach Candidates:

Gary Close (Wisconsin assistant), Matthew Graves (Butler assistant), Greg Lansing (Indiana St. coach), Bill Carmody (former Northwestern coach), Kirk Speraw (Iowa assistant), T.J. Otzelberger (Iowa St. assistant), Darian DeVries (Creighton assistant), Ray Giacoletti (Gonzaga assistant)


Fairleigh Dickinson:

Farleigh Dickinson Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Greg Vetrone (fired)
New Coach: Greg Herenda (UMass Lowell coach)

Potential FDU Basketball Coach Candidates:

Greg Herenda (UMass Lowell coach), Jim Engles (NJIT coach), Happy Dobbs (Bryant assistant), Jeff Ruland (former District of Columbia coach), Walter McCarty (Louisville assistant), Fred Hill (Northwestern assistant), Darren Savino (Cincinnati assistant), Tony Chiles (St. John’s assistant), Jose Rebimbus (William Paterson coach)




Florida Gulf Coast:

FGCU Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Andy Enfield (resigned)
New Coach: Joe Dooley (Kansas assistant)

Potential FGCU Basketball Coach Candidates:

Marty Richter (FGCU interim coach), Tony Pujols (Alabama assistant), Tim Buckley (Indiana assistant), Jim Corrigan (Former Old Dominion assistant), Shawn Finney (Central Florida assistant), Bobby Gonzalez (Former Seton Hall coach), Andy Hipsher (South Florida assistant), Chris Jans (Wichita State assistant), Mike Jaskulsk (former Towson coach), Chris Jent (Ohio State assistant), Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant), Eric Musselman (Arizona State assistant), Anthony Peeler (Virginia Union assistant), Chris Pompey (Seton Hall assistant), Eric Snow (SMU assistant), Kevin Sutton (George Washington assistant), Vince Taylor (former Minnesota assistant)






Florida Internatonal:

Flordia International University Conference Realignment
Former Coach: Richard Pitino (resigned)
New Coach: Anthony Evans (Norfolk St. coach)

Potential FIU Basketball Coach Candidates:

Anthony Evans (Norfolk St. coach), Scott Spinelli (Maryland assistant), Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant), John Pelphrey (Florida assistant), Corey Williams (Florida St. assistant), Matt McCall (Florida assistant), Chris Caputo (Miami assistant)





Furman University Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Jeff Jackson (fired)
New Coach: Niko Medved (Colorado St. assistant)

Potential Furman Basketball Coach Candidates:

Duggar Baucam (VMI coach), Lennie Acuff (Alabama-Huntsvile coach), Barclay Radebaugh (Charleston Southern coach), Niko Medved (Colorado St. assistant)








Gardner Webb Conference Realignment
Former Coach: 
Chris Holtmann (resigned)
New Coach: Tim Craft (ECU Assistant)


Potential Gardner-Webb Basketball Coach Candidates:

Jay McAuley (GWU assistant), Tim Craft (ECU assistant)



Georgia Southern:

Georgia Southern Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Charlton Young (fired)
New Coach: Mark Byington (VA Tech assistant)

Potential Georgia Southern Basketball Coach Candidates:

Sergio Rouco (Mississippi assistant)




Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon University Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Russ Pennell (resigned)

New Coach: Dan Majerle (former Phoenix NBA assistant)




Hofstra University Conference Realignment
Former Coach: Mo Cassara (fired)
New Coach: Joe Mihalich (Niagara coach)

Potential Hofstra Basketball Coach Candidates:

Joe Dooley (Kansas assistant), Tim Cluess (Iona coach), Joe Mihalich (Niagara coach), Speedy Claxon (Golden St. NBA scout), Al Skinner (former Boston College coach)




Jackson State:

Jackson State Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Tevester Anderson (retired)
New Coach: Wayne Brent (Callaway HS coach)

Potential Jackson St. Basketball Coach Candidates:

Eric Strothers (Jackson St. assistant), Wayne Brent (Callaway HS coach)



Lipscomb Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Scott Sanderson (resigned)
New Coach: Casey Alexander (Stetson coach)

Potential Lipscomb Basketball Coach Candidates:

Pete Froedden (Lipscomb assistant), Brian Ayers (Belmont assistant), Drew Maddux (Christ Presbyterian coach), Casey Alexander (Stetson coach)









Longwood Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Mike Gillian (resigned)
New Coach: Jayson Gee (Cleveland St. assistant)

Potential Longwood Basketball Coach Candidates:

Seth Greenberg (former VA Tech coach), Jayson Gee (Cleveland St. assistant), Jim Corrigan (ODU assistant), Nathan Davis (Randolph-Macon coach), Rusty LaRue (Wake Forest assistant)








Loyola (MD):

Loyola University Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Jimmy Patsos (resigned)
New Coach: G.G. Smith (Loyola assistant)

Potential Loyola – Maryland Basketball Coach Candidates:

G.G. Smith (Loyola assistant), Raphael Chillious (Villanova assistant), Scott Spinelli (Maryland assistant)





Marist Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Chuck Martin (fired)
New Coach: Jeff Bower (former NBA New Orleans coach)

Potential Marist Basketball Coach Candidates:

Jeff Bower (former NBA New Orleans coach), Jim Fox (Davidson assistant), Joe Jones (Boston University coach), Jay Young (Stony Brook assistant), Bob Walsh (Rhode Island College coach), Al Skinner (former Boston College coach), Bill Carmody (former Northwestern coach), Joe Espisito (Minnesota assistant), Anthony Evans (Norfolk St. coach)




UMass Lowell:

Umass Lowell Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Greg Herenda (resigned)
New Coach: Pat Duquette (Northeastern assistant)

Potential UMass Lowell Basketball Coach Candidates:

Mike Maker (Williams coach), Al Skinner (former Boston College coach), Walter McCarty (Louisville assistant), Pat Duquette (Northeastern assistant), Jim O’Brien (Emerson College coach), Jeff Rafferty (Delaware assistant), Jay Young (Stony Brook assistant), Sean Ryan (CCSU assistant)







University of Minnesota Twin Cities Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Tubby Smith (fired)
New Coach: Richard Pitino (FIU coach)

Potential Minnesota Basketball Coach Candidates:

Richard Pitino (FIU coach)



New Mexico:

University of New Mexico Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Steve Alford (resigned)
New Coach: Craig Neal (UNM assistant)

Potential New Mexico Basketball Coach Candidates:

Craig Neal (New Mexico assistant)






Former Coach: Joe Mihalic
New Coach: Chris Casey (LIU Post coach)

Potential Niagara Basketball Coach Candidates:

Adrian Autry (Syracuse assistant), Chris Casey (LIU Post coach)




Norfolk State:

Norfolk State University Conference Realignment
Former Coach: Anthony Evans

Interim Coach: Robert Jones (Norfolk St. assistant)

Potential Norfolk St. Basketball Coach Candidates:

Robert Jones (Norfolk St. assistant)





UNC Asheville:

University of North Carolina Asheville Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Eddie Biedenbach (resigned)
New Coach: Nick McDevitt (UNC Asheville assistant)

Potential UNC Asheville Basketball Coach Candidates:

Nicholas McDevitt (UNC Asheville assistant)




Northwestern Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Bill Carmody (fired)
New Coach: Chris Collins (Duke assistant)

Potential Northwestern Basketball Coach Candidates:

Chris Collins (Duke assistant), Dave Paulsen (Bucknell coach), Brett Reed (Lehigh coach), Bryce Drew (Valparaiso coach), Tavaras Hardy (Northwestern assistant), Chris Mooney (Richmond coach), Craig Robinson (Oregon St. coach), Billy Donlon (Wright St. coach)




Old Dominion:

 2012 College Basketball Coaching Changes
Former Coach:
Blaine Taylor (fired)
New Coach: Jeff Jones (American coach)

Potential ODU Basketball Coach Candidates:

Jeff Jones (American coach), Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant), Jerry Wainwright (former Depaul coach), Dennis Felton (former Georgia coach), Jim Corrigan (ODU assistant), Seth Greenberg (former VA Tech coach)



Pacific University Conference Realignment


Former Coach: Bob Thomason (retired)
New Coach: Ron Verlin (Pacific assistant)

Potential Pacific Basketball Coach Candidates:

Ron Verlin (Pacific assistant)




Rutgers University Conference Realignment


Former Coach: Mike Rice (fired)
New Coach: Eddie Jordan (NBA Lakers Assistant)

Potential Rutgers Basketball Coach Candidates:

Eddie Jordan (NBA Lakers assistant), Danny Hurley (URI coach), Fran Dunphy (Temple coach), John Giannini (Lasalle coach), Mick Cronin (Cincinnati coach), Ben Howland (former UCLA coach), Lawrence Frank (NBA Detroit coach)


Sacred Heart:

Sacred Heart Conference Realignment
Former Coach: Dave Bike (retired)

New Coach: Anthony Latina (Sacred Heart assistant)




San Jose State:

San Jose St. College Conference Realignment
Former Coach: George Nessman (fired
New Coach: Dave Wojcik (Boise St. assistant)

Potential San Jose St. Basketball Coach Candidates:

Dave Wojcik (Boise St. assistant), Rick Croy (St. Mary’s assistant), Justin Hutson (UNLV assistant), Don Monson (LBSU coach), Randy Rahe (Weber St. coach), Joe Scott (Denver coach)



Siena College Conference Realignment
Former Coach: Mitch Buonaguro (fired
New Coach: Jimmy Patsos (Loyola-MD coach)

Potential Siena Basketball Coach Candidates:

Andrew Toole (Robert Morris coach), Jimmy Patsos (Loyola coach), Matt Brady (JMU coach), Mike Wells (GMU assistant)

Others: Cliff Warren (Jacksonville coach), John Becker (Vermont coach), Dave Paulsen (Bucknell coach), Bill Coen (Northeastern coach), Richard Pitino (FIU coach)



South Carolina St:

 2012 College Basketball Coaching Changes
Former Coach:
Tim Carter (resigned)
Interim Coach: Murray Garvin (South Carolina St. assistant)

Potential SC State Basketball Coach Candidates:



South Alabama:

 2012 College Basketball Coaching Changes
Former Coach:
Ronnie Arrow (retired)
New Coach: Matthew Graves (Butler assistant

Potential South Alabama Basketball Coach Candidates:

Jeff Price (South Alabama assistant), Scott Sanderson (Lipscomb coach), Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant), Philip Pearson (Alabama assistant), Matthew Graves (Butler assistant)


Stephen F. Austin:

Stephen F Austin University Conference Realignment
Former Coach: Danny Kaspar (resigned)
New Coach: Brad Underwood (South Carolina assistant)

Potential Stephen F. Austin Basketball Coach Candidates:

Brad Underwood (South Carolina assistant), Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant), Kellen Sampson (Appalachian St. assistant), Chris Jans (Wichita State assistant), Jean Prioleau (Colorado assistant), Steve Barnes (Colorado State assistant)



Stetson University Conference Realignment
Former Coach: Casey Alexander (resigned)
New Coach: Corey Williams (Florida St. assistant)

Potential Stetson Basketball Coach Candidates:

Rob Wilkes (former ODU assistant), Casey Alexander (FSU assistant)





Tennessee – Chattanooga:

 2012 College Basketball Coaching Changes
Former Coach:
John Shulman (fired)
New Coach: Will Wade (VCU assistant)

Potential UTC Basketball Coach Candidates:

John Brannen (Alabama assistant), Will Wade (VCU assistant), Dennis Felton (former Georgia coach)

Others: Dwayne Stephens (Michigan St. assistant), Eric Konkol (Miami assistant)


Texas – Pan American:

University of Texas Pan American Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Ryan Marks (fired)
New Coach: Dan Hipsher (Alabama assistant)

Potential Texas Pan American Basketball Coach Candidates:

Rob Moxley (NC State assistant), Dan Hipsher (Alabama assistant)




Texas State:

Texas State University San Marcos Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Doug Davalos (fired)
New Coach: Danny Kaspar (Stephen F. Austin coach)

Potential Texas State Basketball Coach Candidates:

Danny Kaspar (Stephen F. Austin coach), Terrence Rencher (Sam Houston St. assistant), Ronnie Arrow (former South Alabama coach)



Texas Tech:

Texas Tech University Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Billy Gillispie (fired)
New Coach: Tubby Smith (former Minnesota coach)

Potential Texas Tech Basketball Coach Candidates:

Tubby Smith (former Minnesota coach), Chris Walker (Texas Tech interim coach), Donnie Tyndall (Southern Miss coach), Doc Saddler (former Nebraska coach), Grant McCasland (Baylor assistant), Michael White (LA Tech coach), Scott Sutton (Oral Roberts coach), Steve McClain (Indiana assistant), Barry Hinson (Southern Illinois coach)




Troy University Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Don Maestri (retired)
New Coach: Phil Cunningham (WKU assistant)

Potential Troy Basketball Coach Candidates:

David Felix (Troy assistant), Phil Cunningham (WKU assistant)





University of Missouri Kansas City Conference Realignment
Former Coach:
Matt Brown (fired)
New Coach: Kareem Richardson (Louisville assistant)

Potential UMKC Basketball Coach Candidates:

Kareem Richardson (Louisville assistant), Brad Underwood (South Carolina assistant), Tom Hankins (Southern Illinois assistant)




University of California Los Angeles Conference Realignment
Former Coach: Ben Howland
New Coach: Steve Alford (New Mexico coach)

Potential UCLA Basketball Coach Candidates:

Steve Alford (New Mexico coach), Brad Stevens (Butler coach), Mark Few (Gonzaga coach)

Not a Candidate: Shaka Smart (VCU coach)



 2012 College Basketball Coaching Changes
Former Coach:
Kevin O’Neil (fired)
New Coach: Andy Enfield (FGCU coach)

Potential USC Basketball Coach Candidates:

Andy Enfield (FGCU coach), Tim Floyd (UTEP coach), Mike Hopkins (Syracuse assistant), Steve Alford (New Mexico coach), Tommy Amaker (Harvard coach), Jaime Dixon (Pitt coach)



8/3/13: Williamson Leaves Central Arkansas for NBA
7/21/13: HIRING: Gardner-Webb Hires ECU Assistant
7/15/13: Gardner-Webb Coach Accepts Assistant Position at Butler
7/13/13: CSU Riverside Coach Resigns to Become AD
7/12/13: Mississippi Valley St. coach suspended
7/6/13: HIRING: Miller Promoted at Butler
7/3/13: Butler Coach to NBA Boston Celtics
6/3/13: HIRING: Stetson Hires FSU Assistant Williams

5/20/13: HIRING: Sacred Heart to Promote Assistant to Replace Retiring Coach Bike
5/17/13: HIRING: Stetson Coach to Lipscomb
5/16/13: HIRING: UMass Lowell Hires Northeastern Assistant
5/13/13: HIRING: VCU Assistant to Chattanooga
5/01/13: HIRING: American Hires Georgetown Assistant
4/26/13: HIRING: UNC Asheville Promotes McDevitt
4/24/13: HIRING: Herenda to FDU
4/22/13: HIRING: Underwood to Stephen F. Austin
4/22/13: HIRING: LIU Post Coach to Niagara
4/18/13: HIRING: Rutgers to Name Eddie Jordan Coach
4/17/13: HIRING: FGCU Hires Joe Dooley
4/16/13: HIRING: Norfolk St. Coach to FIU
4/12/13: HIRING: Loyola Promotes Smith
4/10/13: HIRING: Furman Hires Medved
4/10/13: HIRING: Richmond Assistant McGeehan to Campbell
4/10/13: HIRING: Bower to Marist
4/09/13: Sanderson Resigns at Lipscomb
4/09/13: HIRING: Niagara Coach Mihalich to Hofstra
4/08/13: HIRING: Arizona Assistant to Ball State
4/04/13: HIRING: Gee To Coach Longwood
4/03/13: HIRING: UTPA Hires Alabama Assistant
4/03/13: HIRING: Kaspar Takes Over at Texas State
4/02/13: HIRING: Richard Pitino to Minnesota
4/02/13: HIRING: Jeff Jones to ODU
4/02/13: Rice Out at Rutgers
4/02/13: Biedenbach Resigns at UNC Asheville
4/02/13: HIRING: Neal Promoted at New Mexico
4/02/13: HIRING: Patsos Takes Siena Job
4/02/13: HIRING: Theus to Cal State Northridge
4/01/13: HIRING: USC Names FGCU’s Enfield as Coach
4/01/13: HIRING: Tubby Smith to Texas Tech
3/30/13: HIRING: Arizona St. Assistant to CSU-Fullerton
3/30/13: HIRING: UCLA Hires New Mexico’s Alford
3/29/13: HIRING: San Jose St. Hires Boise St. assistant
3/29/13: HIRING: VA Tech Assistant to Georgia Southern
3/28/13: HIRING: Giacoletti the New Coach at Drake
3/27/13: HIRING: Chris Collins to Northwestern
3/26/13: HIRING: Bobby Hurley to Coach Buffalo
3/26/13: HIRING: Pacific Promotes Verlin
3/26/13: HIRING: WKU Assistant to Troy
3/25/13: HIRING: Brent Hired at Jackson St.
3/25/13: Tubby Smith Fired at Minnesota
3/25/13: HIRING: Butler Assistant Graves to South Alabama
3/23/13: Howland Fired at UCLA
3/22/13: Cassara Fired at Hofstra
3/22/13: Furman Forces Jackson to Resign
3/20/13: Shulman Out at Tennessee – Chattanooga
3/19/13: Braswell Out at Cal State Northridge
3/19/13: HIRING: Louisville Assistant to UMKC
3/18/13: Anderson Retires From Jackson State
3/18/13: Davalos Out at Texas St.
3/18/13: Marks Out at UTPA
3/16/13: Carmody Out at Northwestern
3/15/13: HIRING: Majerle To Take Over at Grand Canyon
3/15/13: Pennell Resigns at GCU
3/15/13: Buffalo Fires Witherspoon
3/14/13: Taylor Fired at Ball State
3/14/13: Drake Fires Phelps
3/14/13: Marist Fires Martin
3/14/13: Gillian Resigns at Longwood
3/13/13: San Jose St. Fires Nessman
3/12/13: Young Out at Georgia Southern
3/12/13: UMKC Fires Brown
3/12/13: Siena Fires Buonaguro
3/11/13: Laing Out at Campbell
3/10/13: Maestri Retiring at Troy
3/07/13: Bob Thomason Retiring at Pacific
2/25/13: FDU Fires Vetrone
2/6/13: Carter Out at SC State
2/5/13: Taylor Fired at ODU
12/19/12: Arrow Retiring at South Alabama
12/14/12: O’neil Out at USC





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