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Big East Adds Xavier, Butler & Creighton

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Big East Conference Conference RealignmentThe Big East, comprised of the (7) non-football members of the current Big East, have added Xavier, Butler and Creighton to form a 10 member base. The 3 schools will provide high powered programs to the conference, with an argument to be made that the 3 schools are better than more than half of the current 7 members.

Adding Xavier will will allow the conference to maintain a presence in Cincinnati while Butler will replace Notre Dame as the bridge to DePaul and Marquette. Creighton might seem like a geographic stretch right now, but with St. Louis expected to join next year with Dayton or Richmond, that will no longer be the case.


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  • GD

    St. Katherine’s(Calif.) to the WAC.

  • David Stroud

    The question also have to ask if and when the football schools leave? Northern Iowa and Missouri State shows signs of moving from the FCS level. The WAC could offer all three Dakota schools all sports membership. Wichita State could re-add football to join the FBS ranks. The answers could be with the Summit, West Texas A&M, Washburn and some D2 schools in the area. Denver could either go back to the WAC, and Oral Roberts could go to MVC. The two Indiana schools IUPUI and IUPUFW, and some others. If Wisconsin-Milwaukee adds football? They will get picked off by a better conference because of their tv market. Milwaukee to the MAC? There are new schools that just upgraded to D2 in the region that could be targets as well. Lets not forget some Arkansas schools.

  • Andy

    Creighton leaving does put the MVC in a bit of a bind. Pickings are a bit slim for them to fill Creighton’s slot (you’re not going to “replace” them). There are a couple of “OK” schools out there, but nothing that would knock your socks off. I’ve read about Denver, Detroit, Loyola, Belmont, Valpo and Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

    They all have positives to them whether it be media market such as Loyola and Detroit or a strong basketball program such as Belmont and Valpo. Each of them also have some negatives, such as lack of a fan following or not so strong b-ball.

    This could be a good opportunity for the MVC to expand with three schools for a 12-team conference with two six-team divisions. In any event, it’s seems like all eyes are on the Horizon League for the next MVC school(s).

    I agree that the A-10 is in a much better position to reload with several quality replacements out there.

  • mozilla

    That’s what I want to know! Wonder if Matt will inform us of who is on the most current list for each conference??? Much of the info on the main teams list…seems a bit out dated. I mean…there has got to be more than “little interest” in some of these teams, now. Some of the most recent team info is from 2004. So, it’s hard to get a good feeling of who is really next in line.

    I don’t feel that Denver is a good fit for the MVC. Loyola Chi. would be my first consideration for the Valley. MVC needs a hub…and Chicago wouldn’t be a bad fit for that position. Maybe, the MVC will add more than one team which would allow for Belmont and maybe one more public school(possibly in Missouri)?

    A-10…Hard to say for sure what they will do. There are so many options for a direction to take the league. They could replace far flung teams or concentrate on the east coast???

  • rockiesfan_303

    So who does the MVC replace Creighton with? What about the A-10, who do they add especially if SLU and Dayton end up leaving too?


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