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NJIT Adds Men’s Lacrosse

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new jersey tech Conference RealignmentNJIT has made some news of late as being the lone basketball program without a conference, participating this year as an independent. As a member of the Great West, the school suffered early after their transition from Division 2, setting the record for the longest losing streak at 52 losses. They then improved to 1-30. And then last year their basketball performance improved, with the school going 16-13 and winning the Great West.

But as the Great West started losing schools to other conferences (Utah Valley, Chicago St. and UTPA to the WAC with Houston Baptist to the Southland), NJIT was left be itself. With no other schools in the conference, the conference was no more…with a school just miles from the Atlantic Ocean the final member in the Great “West”.

But despite this handicap, the school is doing what it can to improve it’s chances of landing a conference home. For the 2015 season, NJIT will add men’s lacrosse. In doing so, the hope is that the school will help reinforce an image of stability and become a more attractive candidate for conferences like the NEC and America East. While I wouldn’t expect any of the college betting lines to be favorable for a quick NJIT to the NEC or America East move, the addition of lacrosse can only help improve the schools overall chances of finding a conference home.

Many schools have added lacrosse programs recently, as it’s one of the fastest growing sports. While the schools adding the sport tend to be smaller schools or those outside of FBS, some of these additions are bringing some stability to the existing lacrosse conferences. Now, a conference with 6 members for the sport (the minimum), might find itself with 7 members to offer some protection in the event of a future departure.

For NJIT, while gaining full-membership in the NEC or America East is the goal, affiliate membership in a conference for lacrosse might be a step in the right direction.

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  • Nathan Brice

    Adding NJIT will do very little for any conference other than ensure survival.


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