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2014 College Basketball Coach Changes

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2014 college basketball coach1 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Updated on 9/02/14:

Who’s out? Who’s in? It’s that time of the year again when college basketball assistants get their big shot at a head coaching position while other schools begin the poaching process. As positions are made available, potential candidates will be included on the list.

“Hirings” will appear at the bottom of the page, followed by the coaching change “Timeline” at the bottom of the page. Have something to add that has been missed? Comment below.




9/02/14: HIRING: Charleston Hires Grant
8/04/14: College of Charleston Fires Wojcik
7/29/14: HIRING: Grambling Hires Shawn Walker
7/03/14: Price Fired at Grambling
6/17/14: HIRING: Mike Maker to Marist
6/11/14: HIRING: Samuels to Florida A&M
6/07/14: HIRING: Scott Padgett Promoted at Samford
6/06/14: Seltzer Out at Stamford
6/03/14: HIRING: Andre Payne to Mississippi Valley St.
6/01/14: Bower Leaves Marist for NBA


Appalachian State:

Appalachian State University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Jason Capel (fired)
New Coach: Jim Fox (Davidson assistant)

Potential Appalachian St. coach candidates:
 Jim Fox (Davidson assistant), Matt McMahon (Murray St. assistant), Ritchie McKay (UVA assistant), Duggar Baucom (VMI coach), Derrick Clark (Metro State coach), Lavelle Moton (NC Central coach)

No Longer a Candidate:  Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant)




Auburn University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Tony Barbee (fired)
New Coach: Bruce Pearl (former Tennessee coach)

Potential Auburn coach candidates:  
Donnie Tyndall (USM coach), Michael White (LA Tech coach), Bruce Pearl (former Tennessee coach), Rick Stansbury (former Mississippi St. coach)



Boston College:

Boston College 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Steve Donahue (fired)
New Coach: Jim Christian (Ohio coach)

Potential Boston College coach candidates:
 Jim Dooley (FGCU coach), Jim Christian (Ohio coach), Tommy Amaker (Harvard coach), Walter McCarty (Boston NBA assistant), Jim Calhoun (former UConn coach), Mike Lonergan (George Washington coach), Pat Skerry (Towson coach), Bill Coen (Northeastern coach), Mike Hopkins (Syracuse assistant), Mark Schmidt (St. Bonaventure coach), Tom Moore (Quinnipiac coach)



Bowling Green:

Bowling Green State University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Louis Orr (fired)
New Coach: Chris Jans (Wichita St. assistant)

Potential Bowling Green coach candidates:
  Chris Jans (Wichita St. assistant)




University of California Berkley 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Mike Montgomery (retired)
New Coach: Cuonzo Martin (Tennessee coach)

Potential Cal Basketball Coach Candidates: Cuonzo Martin (Tennessee coach), Chris Mooney (Richmond coach), Randy Bennett (St. Mary’s coach), Mike Brey (Notre Dame coach), Ben Howland (former UCLA coach), Travis DeCuire (Cal assistant), Russell Turner (UC Irvine coach), Joe Pasternack (Arizona assistant), Archie Miller (Dayton coach)



California – Riverside:

University of California Riverside 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Former Coach: Jim Woolridge (resigned)
Interim Coach: Dennis Cutts
New Coach: Dennis Cutts (Interim coach)

Potential UC Riverside Basketball Coach Candidates: Dennis Cutts (interim coach)



Central Arkansas:

Central Arkansas 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Corliss Williamson (resigned)
Interim Coach: Clarence Finley
New Coach: Russ Pennell (former Grand Canyon coach)




College of Charleston:

College of Charleston 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Doug Wojcik (fired)
New Coach: Earl Grant (Clemson assistant)

Potential Charleston Coach Candidates: Anthony Johnson (NBA New Orleans assistant), Earl Grant (Clemson assistant), Shammond Williams (Tulane assistant), Ritchie McKay (Virginia assistant), Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant), Rob Jeter (Milwaukee coach), Al Skinner (former Boston College coach)




Coppin State:

Coppin State University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Former Coach: Fang Mitchell (fired)
New Coach: Michael Grant (Stillman coach)

Potential Coppin State Basketball Coach Candidates: Orlando Ranson (Maryland assistant), Larry Stewart (Bowie St. assistant), Clifford Reed (Savannah St. assistant), Eric Skeeters (George Mason assistant), Michael Grant (Stillman College coach), Keith Johnson (Coppin St. assistant)



Delaware St.:

Delaware State University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Former Coach: 
Greg Jackson (fired)
Interim Coach: Keith Walker
New Coach: Keith Walker (Delaware St. interim coach)

Potential Delaware St. Basketball Coach Candidates: Derrick Clark (Metro St. coach), Keith Walker (Delaware St. interim coach), Chris Cheeks (Delaware assistant), Clifford Reed (Savannah St. assistant)



Florida Atlantic:

Florida Atlantic University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Mike Jarvis (resigned)
New Coach: Michael Curry (former NBA coach)

Potential Florida Atlantic Basketball Coach Candidates: Michael Curry (former NBA coach), LaVelle Moton (NC Central coach), Dave Dickerson (Ohio St. assistant), Matt McCall (Florida assistant), Mike Balado (Louisville assistant)



Florida A&M:

Florida A&M University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Clemon Johnson (fired)
New Coach: Byron Samuels (Georgia assistant)

Potential Florida A&M Basketball Coach Candidates: Byron Samuels (Georgia assistant), Aki Collins (Memphis assistant), Tim Fuller (Missouri interim coach)






Grambling State University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Joseph Price (fired)
New Coach: Shawn Walker (Elizabeth City St. coach)

Potential Grambling Basketball Coach Candidates: Shawn Walker (Elizabeth City St. coach)






University of Houston 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: James Dickey (resigned)
New Coach: Kelvin Sampson (Houston NBA assistant)

Potential Houston Basketball Coach Candidates: Kelvin Sampson (former Indiana coach), John Lucas (former Houston NBA coach), Mike Davis (Texas Southern)




Indiana University Purdue Fort%20Wayne 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes

 Former Coach: Tony Jasick (resigned)
New Coach: Jon Coffman (IPFW assistant)

Potential IPFW Basketball Coach Candidates: Jon Coffman (IPFW assistant), Jeff Rekeweg (Northwood coach), Michael Lewis (Butler assistant), Calbert Chaney (St. Louis assistant)




Indiana University Purdue Indianapolis 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Todd Howard (fired)
New Coach: Jason Gardner (Memphis assistant)

Potential IUPUI Basketball Coach Candidates: Michael Lewis (Butler assistant), Calbert Chaney (St. Louis assistant), Jason Gardner (Memphis assistant)




Jacksonville University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Cliff Warren (fired)
New Coach: Tony Jasik (IPFW coach)

Potential Jacksonville Basketball Coach Candidates: Tony Jasik (IPFW coach), Mike Davis (Texas Southern coach), Spencer Wright (Mercer assistant), Ryan Odom (Charlotte assistant), Darrin Horn (former South Caorlina coach), Greg Helar (Wichita St. assistant)



Kennesaw State:

Kennesaw State University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Former Coach: 
Lewis Preston (resigned)
New Coach: Jimmy Lallathin (Kennesaw St. interim coach) 





Loyola Marymount:

 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Max Good (fired)
New Coach: Mike Dunlap (former NBA Charlotte coach)






Lamar University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Former Coach: 
Pat Knight (fired)
Interim Coach: Tic Price
New Coach: Tic Price (Lamar interim coach)

Potential Lamar Basketball Coach Candidates: Tic Price (Lamar interim coach)





University of Maine 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes

Former Coach: 
Ted Woodward (fired)
New Coach: Bob Walsh (Rhode Island College coach)

Potential Maine Basketball Coach Candidates: Bob Walsh (Rhode Island College coach), Dave McLaughlin (Northeastern assistant), TJ Sorrentine (Brown assistant), Glen Miller (UConn assistant), Max Good (former LMU coach), Paul Weir (NMSU assistant)




Marist College 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes

Former Coach: Jeff Bower (resigned)
New Coach: Mike Maker (Williams coach)

Potential Marist Basketball Coach Candidates: Steve Donahue (former Boston College coach), Bill Carmody (former Northwestern coach), Brett Reed (Lehigh coach), Mike Maker (Williams coach), Matt Langel (Colgate coach), John Dunne (St. Peter’s coach), Al Skinner (Sryant assistant), Dan McHale (Minnesota assistant), David Grace (UCLA assistant), Dan Eart (Navy assistant), Brian Adams (Marist assistant), Paul Lee (Marist assistant), Mark Prosser (Winthrop assistant), Jay Young (Stony Brook assistant), Jim Engles (NJIT coach), Darren Savino (Cincinnati assistant), Ulric Maligi (SMU assistant)






Marquette University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Buzz Williams (resigned)
New Coach: Steve Wojciechowski (Duke assistant)

Potential Marquette Basketball Coach Candidates: Cuonzo Martin (Tennessee coach), Ben Howland (former UCLA coach), Steve Wojciechowski (Duke assistant), Brian Wardle (Green Bay coach), Mike Hopkins (Syracuse assistant), Archie Miller (Dayton coach)

No Longer a Candidate: Cuonzo Martin (Tennessee coach), Shaka Smart (VCU coach)




Marshall University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Tom Herrion (fired)
New Coach: Dan D’Antoni (NBA Lakers assistant)

Potential Marshall Basketball Coach Candidates: Jeff Neubauer (EKU coach), Murray Bartow (ETSU coach), LaVelle Moton (NC Central coach), Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant), Jeff Capel (Duke assistant), John Pelphrey (Florida assistant), Jeff Boals (Ohio St. assistant), Steve Henson (Oklahoma assistant)

No Longer a Candidate: Brad Underwood (Stephen F. Austin coach), Mike D’Antoni (NBA Lakers coach)



Maryland – Eastern Shore:

University of Maryland Eastern Shore 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Frankie Allen (fired)
New Coach Bobby Collins (Winston-Salem St. coach)

Potential UMES Basketball Coach Candidates: Bobby Collins (WSSU coach), Cliff Warren (former Jacksonville coach), Robert Jones (Norfolk State), Bobby Collins (Winston Salem State), Greg Jackson (former Delaware State coach), Clifford Reed (Savannah State assistant)



Mississippi Valley St.:

Mississippi Valley State Un 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Chico Potts (fired)
New Coach: Andre Payne (Wiley College coach)

Potential Mississippi Valley State Basketball Coach Candidates: Marcus Thomas (MVSC interim coach), Andre Payne (Wiley College coach)





University of Missouri 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Frank Haith (resigned)
New Coach: Kim Anderson (Central Missouri coach)

Potential Missouri Basketball Coach Candidates: Tim Floyd (UTEP coach), Matt Painter (Purdue coach), Archie Miller (Dayton coach), Mike White (LA Tech coach), Craig Neal (New Mexico coach), Tim Miles (Nebraska coach), Kim Anderson (Central Missouri coach), Pat Kelsey (Winthrop coach)



Montana University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes


Former Coach: Wayne Tinkle  (resigned)
New Coach: Travis DeCuire (former Cal assistant)

Potential Montana Basketball Coach Candidates: Travis DeCuire (former Cal assistant), T .J. Otzelberger (Washington assistant), Steve McClain (Indiana assistant)




Montana State:

Montana State University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Brad Huse (resigned)
New Coach: Brian Fish (Oregon assistant)

Potential Montana State Basketball Coach Candidates: T .J. Otzelberger (Washington assistant), Steve McClain (Indiana assistant), Larry Davis (Cincinnati assistant), Louis Wilson (Adams St. coach), Brian Fish (Oregon assistant)




University of North Carolina Wilmington 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Buzz Peterson (fired)
New Coach: Kevin Keatts (Louisville assistant)

Potential UNCW Basketball Coach Candidates: Eddie Biedenbach (UNCW assistant), Mike Winiecki (Clemson assistant), Dino Gaudio (former Wake Forest coach), Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant)



North Dakota St.

North Dakota State University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Saul Phillips (resigned)
New Coach: Dave Richman (NDSU assistant)

Potential NDSU Basketball Coach Candidates:
Dave Richman (NDSU assistant)




Ohio University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Former Coach: 
Jim Christian (resigned)
New Coach: Saul Phillips (NDSU coach)

Potential Ohio Basketball Coach Candidates: Saul Phillips (NDSU coach), Jeff Boals (Ohio St. assistant), Greg Gard (Wisconsin assistant), Dustin Ford (Ohio assistant), Bill Wuczynski (Ohio assistant), John Rhodes (Duquesne assistant), Darren Savino (Cincinnati assistant), Andrew Toole (RMU coach)


Oregon St.:

Oregon State University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Former Coach: Craig Robinson (fired)
New Coach: Wayne Tinkle (Montana coach)

Potential Oregon State Basketball Coach Candidates: Wayne Tinkle (Montana coach), Travis DeCuire (former Cal assistant), Mike Hopkins (Syracuse coach), Damon Stoudamire (Arizona assistant), Steve McClain (Indiana assistant), Leon Rice (Boise St. coach), Gary Close (Wisconsin assistant), David Grace (UCLA assistant), Ryan Looney (Seattle Pacific coach), Ben Howland (former UCLA coach)



Rice University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Ben Braun (resigned)
New Coach: Mike Rhodes (VCU assistant)

Potential Rice Basketball Coach Candidates: Mike Rhodes (VCU assistant)





Samford University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Former Coach: Bennie Seltzer (fired)
New Coach: Scott Padgett (Samford assistant)

Potential Samford Basketball Coach Candidates: Scott Padgett (Samford assistant), Murray Bartow (ETSU coach), Rob Eshan (UAB assistant)




South Florida:

University of South Florida 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesUniversity of South Florida 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes Former Coach: Stan Heath (fired)
New Coach: Orlando Antigua (Kentucky assistant)

Potential USF Basketball Coach Candidates: Orlando Antigua (Kentucky assistant), Eric Musselman (Arizona St. assistant), Bob Hoffman (Mercer coach), John Pelphrey (Florida assistant), Derek Kellogg (UMass coach), Mike White (LA Tech coach), Stan Jones (FSU assistant)

No Longer a Candidate: Steve Masiello (Manhattan coach), Dave Rice (UNLV coach)



South Carolina State:

South Carolina State University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes

Interim Coach: Murray Garvin

Potential South Carolina St. Basketball Coach Candidates: Murray Garvin (SC State interim coach)





South Dakota:

university of south dakota2 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes


Former Coach/Interim Coach: Joey James (fired)
New Coach: Craig Smith (Nebraska assistant)

Potential South Dakota Basketball Coach Candidates: Craig Smith (Nebraska assistant)




Southeast Louisiana:

University of South Florida 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesSoutheasten Louisana University 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes Former Coach: Jim Yarbrough (fired)
New Coach: Jay Ladner (Jones County JC coach)

Potential SE Louisiana Basketball Coach Candidates: Jay Ladner (Jones County JC coach), Jeff Moore (Northwestern St. assistant)



Southeast Mississippi:

University of South Florida 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesUniversity of Southern Mississippi 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes Former Coach: Donnie Tyndall (resigned)
New Coach: Doc Sadler (Iowa St. assistant)

Potential USM Basketball Coach Candidates: Doc Sadler (Iowa St. assistant), Brad Underwood (Stephen F. Austin head coach), Steve Prohm (Murray St. coach), Stan Heath (former South Florida coach), Jareem Dowling (USM coach), Jay Ladner (SE Louisiana coach), Steve Barnes (Colorado St. assistant), Chris Shumate (USM assistant), Greg Heiar (Wichita St. assistant), Rob Senderoff (Kent St. assistant).




University of Tennessee Knoxville 2014 College Basketball Coach Changes
Former Coach: 
Cuonzo Martin (resigned)
New Coach: Donnie Tyndall (USM coach)

Potential Tennessee Basketball Coach Candidates: Donnie Tyndall (USM coach), Shaka Smart (VCU coach), Gregg Marshall (Wichita St. coach), Ben Howland (former UCLA coach)



Tennessee – Martin:

University of Tennessee Mar 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Jason James (fired)
New Coach: Heath Schroyer (UNLV assistant)

Potential UT-Martin Basketball Coach Candidates: Heath Schroyer (UNLV assistant)



Tennessee State:

Tennessee State University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Travis Williams (fired)
New Coach: Dana Ford (Illinois St. assistant)

Potential Tennessee State Basketball Coach Candidates: Dana Ford (Illinois St. assistant), Ricardo Patton (former Colorado coach), Dana Ford (Illinois St. coach), James Strong (Belmont assistant), Brian Collins (Columbia St. CC coach), Horace Broadnax (Savannah St. coach)




Tulsa University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Danny Manning (resigned)
New Coach: Frank Haith (Missouri coach)

Potential Tulsa Basketball Coach Candidates: Frank Haith (Missouri coach), Marvin Menzies (New Mexico St. coach), Bryce Drew (Valparaiso coach), Donnie Tyndall (USM coach), Brad Underwood (Stephen F. Austin coach), Bob Hoffman (Mercer coach), Barry Hinson (SIU coach), Norm Roberts (Kansas assistant), Joe Dooley (FGCU coach), Mike White (LA Tech), Brett Ballard (Tulsa assistant), Pooh Williamson (Texas Tech assistant) 



Virginia Tech:

Virginia Polytechnic Instit 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: James Johnson (fired)
New Coach: Buzz Williams (Marquette coach)

Potential Virginia Tech Basketball Coach Candidates: Buzz Williams (Marquette coach)



Wake Forest:

Wake Forest University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Jeff Bzdelik (resigned)
New Coach: Dany Manning (Tulsa coach)

Potential Wake Forest Basketball Coach Candidates:  Danny Manning (Tulsa coach), Ben Howland (former UCLA coach), Gregg Marshall (Wichita State coach), Shaka Smart (VCU coach), Pat Kelsey (Winthrop coach), Kelvin Sampson (former Oklahoma coach), Chris Mack (Xavier coach), Archie Miller (Dayton coach), Tommy Amaker (Harvard coach)



Washington State:

Washington State University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer Coach: Ken Bone (fired)
New Coach: Ernie Kent (former Oregon coach)

Potential WSU Basketball Coach Candidates: Ernie Kent (former Oregon coach), Wayne Tinkle (Montana coach), Kelvin Sampson (former WSU coach), Marvin Menzies (NMSU coach)

No Longer a Candidate: Leon Rice (Boise St. coach)



Western Illinois:

Western Illinois University 2014 College Basketball Coach ChangesFormer coach: Jim Molinari (resigned)
New Coach: Billy Wright (Ball St. assistant)

Potential WIU Basketball Coach Candidates: Matt Margenthaler (Minnesota St. coach), Billy Wright (Ball St. assistant), Wade Hokenson (WIU assistant)






5/31/14: HIRING: Montana Hires Travis DeCuire
5/17/14: HIRING: Oregon St. to Hire Montana Coach Tinkle
5/07/14: HIRING: Coppin State Hires Stillman Coach
5/05/5/14: Robinson Let Go at Oregon State
5/03/14: HIRING: Maine Hires Bob Walsh
4/30/14: HIRING: Southern Miss Hires Doc Sadler
4/27/14: HIRING: Kim Anderson Hired at Missouri
4/24/14: HIRING: Marshall Hires Dan D’Antoni
4/21/14: HIRING: Tennessee Hires USM Coach Tyndall
4/21/14: HIRING: Dana Ford to Tennessee State
4/18/14: Johnson Out at Florida A&M
4/17/14: HIRING: Missouri Coach Haith to Tulsa
4/15-14: HIRING: Delaware St. Promotes Interim Coach Walker
4/15/14: HIRING: Cal Hires Cuonzo Martin
4/14/14: HIRING: WIU Hires Ball St. assistant Wright
4/14/14: Maine Fires Coach Woodward
4/09/14: HIRING: Jay Ladner Named SE Louisiana Coach
4/09/14: Molinari Resigns at WIU
4/08/14: HIRING: IPFW Promotes Coffman
4/08/14: HIRING: Maryland – Eastern Shore Tabs WSSU Coach Bobby Collins
4/08/14: HIRING: NDSU Promotes Richman
4/07/14: HIRING: Appalachian St. Selects Davidson Assistant Fox
4/07/14: HIRING: IPFW Coach Jasick to Jacksonville
4/07/14: HIRING: FAU Hires Michael Curry
4/05/14: HIRING: Ohio Hires Saul Phillips from NDSU
4/04/14: HIRING: Danny Manning to Take Over Wake Forest
4/03/14: HIRING: Jim Christian to Boston College
4/02/14: HIRING: Houston Hires Kelvin Sampson
4/02/14: HIRING: UC Riverside Promoted from Interim Coach
4/01/14: HIRING: Steve Wojciechowski to Marquette
3/31/13: HIRING: Brian Fish to Montana State
3/31/14: HIRING: Ernie Kent to Washington State
3/31/14: Mike Montgomery Retires at Cal
3/31/14: HIRING: USF Hires Orlando Antigua
3/29/13: HIRING: Memphis Assistant Gardner to IUPUI
3/28/14: Fang Mitchell Out at Coppin St. After 28 Years
3/27/14: HIRING: Kevin Keatts to UNCW
3/26/14: USF Rescinds Offer to Masiello
3/25/14: HIRING: USF Hires Manhattan Coach Masiello
3/25/14: HIRING: Rice Hires VCU Assistant Rhodes
3/24/14: Dickey Resigns at Houston
3/24/14: HIRING: Nebraska Assistant to South Dakota
3/24/14: HIRING: Bowling Green Hires Wichita St. assistant
3/21/14: HIRING: Buzz Williams to VA Tech
3/20/14: HIRING: Lallathin Promoted at Kennessaw State
3/20/14: Bzdelik Resigns at Wake Forest
3/20/14: Preston Resigns at Kennesaw State
3/18/14: HIRING:  Tennessee-Martin Hires Schroyer
3/18/14: Bone Fired at Washington State
3/18/14: Donahue Fired at Boston College
3/18/14: Huse Resigns at Montana State
3/18/13: HIRING: Auburn Hires Bruce Pearl
3/18/14: HIRING: Lamar Removes Interim Tab from Price
3/17/14: Jim Yarbrough out at Southeastern Louisiana
3/17/14: Virginia Tech Fires Johnson After 2 Seasons
3/16/14: Tennessee St. to Replace Martin
3/14/14: Cliff Warren Fired at Jacksonville
3/14/14: USF Fires Stan Heath
3/14/14: Herrion Out at Marshall
3/13/14: Braun Out at Rice
3/13/14: Auburn Fires Tony Barbee
3/12/14: UMES Opts Not To Retain Coach Allen
3/12/13: HIRING: Loyola Marymount Hires Mike Dunlap
3/11/14: Loyola Marymount Fires Max Good
3/11/14: Peterson Out at UNCW
3/11/14: South Dakota Lets James Go
3/11/14: Orr Fired at Bowling Green
3/10/14: Capel Out at Appalachian St.
3/09/14: Howard Fired at IUPUI
3/05/14: HIRING: Russ Pennell to Central Arkansas
3/02/14: UT-Martin Fires Jason James
2/28/14: Jarvis Out at FAU at the End of the Season
2/16/14: Pat Knight Fired at Lamar
1/30/14: Jackson Out at Delaware St. 





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  • MidMajorGenius

    Tyndall would also be best candidate by far for Tennessee job for same reasons. Smart’s not leaving VCU and Marshall’s not leaving Wichita State.

  • CollegeBasketballNut

    Heard that Ben Howland, Leon Rice, Donnie Tyndall, and Steve Prohm are being considered already. Tyndall would be the best of that bunch by far. Experienced winner yet young enough to relate to today’s’ athletes. Howland’s washed up, Leon Rice is at Boise State, and Prohm is way too inexperienced.

  • rhino5

    your list of candidates for each school is lacking this year. other years several potential candidates were listed for each school. this year, several are still listed as TBD. very disappointed.

  • Sanchize

    TSU, SE Louisiana, FAU or IUPUI should hire former LA Lafayette and San Francisco head coach Jessie Evans as their next head coach. Evans was also Lute Olson’s right hand man for much of his run at Arizona, including in 1997 when they won the national title. He has recruited over 25 NBA players in his career.

  • BJ

    Bzdelic steps aside at Wake.

  • Allen

    Max Good is out at Loyola Marymount

  • Allen

    Bowling Green has fired Louis Orr

  • Me

    Ken Bone will be fired by Washington State after their Pac-12 tournament game(s). Moos likes to make splash hires, but funding may be limited…..


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