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2015 College Basketball Coaching Changes

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2015-college-basketball-coachUpdated on 6/09/15:

Who’s out? Who’s in? It’s that time of the year again when college basketball assistants get their big shot at a head coaching position while other schools begin the poaching process. As positions are made available, potential candidates will be included on the list.

“Hirings” will appear at the bottom of the page, followed by the coaching change “Timeline” at the bottom of the page. Have something to add that has been missed? Comment below.



University of Alabama Tuscloosa Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Anthony Grant (fired)
New Coach: Avery Johnson (former NBA coach)

Potential Alabama coach candidates:
Avery Johnson (former NBA coach),  Gregg Marshall (Wichita St. coach), Richard Pitino (Minnesota coach), Jerod Haase (UAB coach), Michael While (LA Tech coach), Archie Miller (Dayton coach), Tom Crean (Indiana coach), Steve Prohm (Murray St. coach), Ben Howland (former UCLA coach)



Alcorn State:

Alcorn State University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Luther Riley (fired)
New Coach: Montez Robinson (Bethune-Cookman assistant)

Potential Alcorn State coach candidates:
 Montez Robinson (Bethune-Cookman assistant)



Arizona State:

Arizona State University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Herb Sendek (fired)
New Coach: Bobby Hurley (Buffalo coach)

Potential Arizona St. coach candidates:
 Marvin Menzies (NMSU coach), Scott Pera (Rice assistant), Jeff Capel (Duke assistant), Josh Pastner (Memphis coach), Trent Johnson (TCU coach), Bobby Hurley (Buffalo coach), Archie Miller (Dayton coach), Russel Turner (UC Irvine coach), Steve Lavin (former St. John’s coach), Michael White (LA Tech coach)





Arkansas – Little Rock:

University of Arkansas Little Rock Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Steve Shields (fired)
New Coach: Chris Beard (Angelo St. coach)

Potential Arkansas – Little Rock coach candidates:
 Philip Pearson (Georgia assistant), Joe Kleine (Arkansas – Little Rock assistant), Darrell Walker (NBA Knicks assistant),Mark Downey (Bowling Green assistant), Chris Beard (Angelo St. coach), Dennis Felton (Tulsa assistant), Matt Zimmerman (Arkansas assistant), Wes Flanigan (Mississippi State assistant)



Bowling Green:

Bowling Green State University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Chris Jans (fired)
New Coach: Michael Huger (Miami assistant)

Potential Bowling Green coach candidates:
 Jeff Boals (Ohio St. assistant), Dwayne Stephens (Michigan St. assistant), Mark Downey (Bowling Green assistant), Bacari Alexander (Michigan assistant), Dane Fife (Michigan St. assistant), Greg Gard (Wisconsin assistant), LaVall Jordon (Michigan assistant), Greg Paulus (Ohio St. assistant), Michael Huger (Miami assistant), Geno Ford (former Bradley coach)




Bradley University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Geno Ford (fired)
New Coach: Brian Wardle (Wisconsin – Green Bay coach)

Potential Bradley coach candidates:
 Scott Nagy (SDSU coach), Dana Fife (Michigan St. assistant), Brian Wardle (Wisconsin – Green Bay coach), Mike Davis (Texas Southern coach), Anthony Grant (former Alabama coach), Tavaras Hardy (Georgetown assistant)




Bucknell University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Dave Paulsen (resigned)
New Coach: Nathan Davis (Randolph-Macon coach)

Potential Bucknell coach candidates:
 Dane Fischer (Bucknell assistant), Nathan Davis (Randolph-Macon coach), Scott Pera (Rice assistant), Mark Prosser (Winthrop assistant), Jim Engles (NJIT coach), Martin Ingelsby (Notre Dame assistant), Carl Danzig (Scranton coach), Joe Lombardi (IUP coach), Don Friday (Penn State Harrisburg coach), Dave Duda (St. Joseph’s assistant), Jamion Christian (Mount St. Mary’s coach)




University of Buffalo Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Bobby Hurley (resigned)
New Coach: Nate Oats (Buffalo assistant)

Potential Buffalo coach candidates:  Will Brown (Albany coach), Nate Oats (Buffalo assistant), Bob Lanier (Tennessee assistant)





University of North Carolina Charlotte Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Alan Major (resigned)
New Coach: Mark Price (NBA Charlotte assistant)

Potential Citadel coach candidates:
 Mark Price (NBA Charlotte assistant), Jeff Capel (Duke assistant), Will Wade (Tennessee-Chattanooga coach), Mike Young (Wofford coach), Lavelle Moton (NC Central coach)





The Citadel Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Chuck Driesell (fired)
New Coach: Duggar Baucom (VMI coach)

Potential Citadel coach candidates:  Pat Beilein (Utah Jazz assistant), Duggar Baucom (VMI coach), Dustin Kerns (Wofford assistant), Doug Novak (former Citadel assistant), Andy Fox (Tulana assistant), John Krikorian (Christopher Newport coach)





DePaul University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Oliver Purnell (resigned)
New Coach: Dave Leitao (Tulsa assistant)

Potential DePaul coach candidates: 
Bryce Drew (Valparsaiso coach), Steve Masiello (Manhattan coach), Tavaras Hardy (Georgetown assistant), Tyrone Corbin (former NBA Sacramento coach), Brian Wardle (Wisconsin – Green Bay coach), Dave Leitao (former DePaul coach), Rod Strickland (South Florida assistant), Mark Aguirre (former Depaul player), Lindsey Hunter (former NBA player), Ben Howland (former UCLA coach), Bobby Hurley (Buffalo coach)



East Tennessee State:

East Tennesee State University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Murray Bartow (fired)
New Coach: Steve Forbes (Wichita St. assistant)

Potential ETSU coach candidates:
 Steve Forbes (Wichita St. assistant), Bob Bolen (ETSU assistant), Dustin Kerns (Wofford assistant), John Brannen (Alabama assistant)




Eastern Kentucky:

Eastern Kentucky University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Jeff Neubaur (resigned)
New Coach: Dan McHale (Minnesota assistant)

Potential EKU coach candidates:
 Dan McHale (Minnesota assistant), Bobby Collins (Maryland – Eastern Shore coach), John Brannen (Alabama assistant)



University of Florida Conference Realignment

Former Coach:  Billy Donovan (resigned)
New Coach: Mike White (LA Tech coach)

Potential Florida coach candidates:
 Archie Miller (Dayton coach), Chris Mack (Xavier coach), Anthony Grant (Florida assistant), Michael White (LA Tech coach), John Pelphrey (Florida assistant), Richard Pitino (Minnesota coach)




Fordham University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Tom Pecora (fired)
New Coach: Jeff Neubauer (EKU coach)

Potential Fordham coach candidates:
 Jeff Neubauer (EKU coach), Will Brown (Albany coach), Steve Masiello (Manhattan coach), Jim Engles (NJIT coach), Bobby Hurley (Buffalo coach), Ron Naclerio (Cardozo HS coach), Robert Jones (Norfolk St. coach), Kevin Baggett (Rider coach), Andy Toole (Robert Morris)




George Mason:

George Mason University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Paul Hewitt (fired)
New Coach: Dave Paulsen (Bucknell coach)

Potential George Mason coach candidates:
  Dave Paulsen (Bucknell coach), LaVelle Moton (NCCU coach), Chris Caputo (Miami assistant), Anthony Grant (former Alabama coach), Steve Prohm (Murray St. coach), Kevin Baggett (Rider coach), Russell Turner (UC Irvine coach)Jay Larranaga (NBA Boston assistant)




University of Hawaii Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Gib Arnold (fired)
New Coach: Eran Ganot (St. Mary’s assistant)

Potential Hawaii coach candidates:
 Eran Ganot (St. Mary’s assistant), Benjy Taylor (Hawaii interim coach)




Holy Cross:

College of the Holy Cross Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Milan Brown (fired)
New Coach: Bill Carmody (former Northwestern coach)

Potential Holy Cross coach candidates:
 Bill Carmody (former Northwestern coach), Steve Curran (St. Bonaventure assistant), Steve Donahue (former Boston College coach)



Illinois – Chicago:

University of Illiniois Chicago Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Howard Moore (fired)
New Coach: Steve McClain (Indiana assistant)

Potential UIC coach candidates:
 Steve McClain (Indiana assistant), Craig Robinson (former Oregon St. coach), Deon Thomas (UIC assistant), Stew Robinson (UIC assistant)



Iowa State:

Iowa State University Conference Realignment

Former Coach: Fred Hoiberg (resigned)
New Coach: Steve Prohm (Murray St. coach)

Potential Iowa State coach candidates:
 T.J. Otzelberger (Iowa St. assistant), Tim Floyd (UTEP coach), Jeff Hornacek (NBA Phoenix coach), Steve Prohm (Murray State), Bryce Drew (Valparaiso coach),




Kennesaw State:

Kennesaw State University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Jimmy Lallathin (fired)
New Coach: Al Skinner (Bryant assistant)

Potential Kennesaw St. coach candidates:
  Al Skinner (Bryant assistant), David Rivers (Kennesaw St. interim coach), Murry Bartow (former ETSU coach), Jeremy Ballard (VCU assistant), Darryl LaBarrie (Georgia St. assistant)






Liberty University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Dale Layer (fired)
New Coach: Ritchie McKay (Virginia assistant)

Potential Liberty coach candidates:
 Ritchie McKay (Virginia assistant), Jeff Meyer (Michigan assistant), Bob Hoffman (Mercer coach), Chris Crutchfield (Oklahoma assistant), Brett Reed (Lehigh assistant), Bobby Lutz (NC State assistant), Jason Allison (Appalachian St. assistant), Dustin Kerns (Wofford assistant), Jason Williford (Virginia assistant), Ron Sanchez (Virginia assistant)



Louisiana Tech: 

Louisana Tech University Conference Realignment

Former Coach: Michael White (resigned)
New Coach: Eric Konkol (Miami assistant)

Potential LA Tech coach candidates:
 Dusty May (LA Tech assistant), Joe Pasternak (Arizona assistant), Grant McCasland (Baylor assistant), TJ Cleveland (Arkansas assistant), Brad Underwood (Stephen F. Austin coach), Rick Stansbury (Texas A&M assistant), Eric Konkol (Miami assistant)



Mississippi St.:

Mississippi State University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Rick Ray (fired)
New Coach: Ben Howland (former UCLA coach)

Potential Mississippi St. coach candidates:
 Ben Howland (former UCLA coach), Jerod Haase (UAB coach), Brad Underwood (Stephen F. Austin coach), Bryce Drew (Valparaiso coach), Kermit Davis (MTSU coach)



Murray State:

Murray State University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Steve Prohm (resigned)
New Coach: Matt McMahon (LA Tech assistant)

Potential Murray State coach candidates:
Philip Pearson (Georgia assistant), Matt McMahon (LA Tech assistant), Dusty May (Florida assistant)






University of Nevada Reno Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: David Carter (fired)
New Coach: Eric Musselman (LSU assistant)

Potential Nevada coach candidates:
  Tony Barbee (former Auburn coach), Justin Hutson (SDSU assistant), Eric Musselman (LSU assistant), Joe Pasternack (Arizona assistant), Gregg Gottlieb (Oregon St. assistant), Stan Johnson (Arizona St. assistant), Tommy Connor (Utah assistant), Raphael Chillious (Washington assistant), David Arsenault (Reno NBDL coach), Jerod Haase (UAB coach)



Northern Kentucky:

nku Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Dave Bezold (fired)
New Coach: John Brannen (Alabama interim coach)

Potential NKU coach candidates:
  John Brannen (Alabama interim coach), Larry Davis (Cincinnati interim coach), Travis Steele (Xavier assistant), Linc Darner (Florida Southern coach), Brian Wardle (Wisconsin – Green Bay coach), Allen Edwards (Wyoming assistant), Scott Ruthsatz (Covington Catholic HS coach)





Pennsylvania University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Jerome Allen (fired)
New Coach: Steve Donahue (former Boston College coach)

Potential Penn coach candidates:
  Steve Donahue (former Boston College coach), Andy Toole (Robert Morris coach), Yanni Hufnagel (Cal assistant), Matt Langel (Colgate coach), John Gallagher (Hartford coach)




St. John’s:

Saint Johns University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Steve Lavin (resigned)
New Coach: Chris Mullin (former St. John’s player)

Potential St. John’s coach candidates:
 Danny Hurley (Rhode Island coach), Steve Masiello (Manhattan coach), Chris Mullin (former St. John’s player), Bobby Hurley (Buffalo coach)



San Diego:

 Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Bill Grier (fired)
New Coach: Lamont Smith (New Mexico assistant)

Potential San Diego coach candidates:
 Justin Hutson (San Diego St. assistant), Lamont Smith (New Mexico assistant), Kyle Smith (Columbia coach), Jim Saia (Cal State San Marcos coach), Jim Les (UC Davis coach), Eric Musselman (LSU assistant)




SIU – Edwardsville:

siue Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Lennox Forrester (fired)
New Coach: Jon Harris (Cal assistant)

Potential SIUE coach candidates:
  Jon Harris (Cal assistant), John Brannen (Alabama assistant), Matt Laur (SIUE assistant), Kavon Lacey (Evansville assistant), Dustin Ford (Illinois assistant), Matt McMahon (Murray St. assistant), Chris Harriman (Nebraska assistant)




Southeast Missouri St.:

Southeast Missouri State University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Dickey Nutt (fired)
New Coach: Rick Ray (former Mississippi St. coach)

Potential SEMO coach candidates:
 Rick Ray (former Mississippi St. coach), Isaac Chew (VA Tech assistant), Jamie Rosser (SEMO interim coach), Dwayne Stephens (Michigan St. assistant)






University of Tennessee Knoxville Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Donnie Tyndall (fired)
New Coach: Rick Barnes (former Texas coach)

Potential Tennessee coach candidates:
 Rick Barnes (former Texas coach), Gregg Marshall (Wichita St. coach), Chris Holtmann (Butler coach), Will Wade (UT-Chattanooga coach), Steve Prohm (Murray St. coach), Michael White (LA Tech coach), Brad Underwood (Stephen F. Austin coach), Ron Hunter (Georgia St. coach), Bryce Drew (Valparaiso coach), Rick Byrd (Belmont coach), Tad Boyle (Colorado coach), Richard Pitino (Minnesota coach)



UT – Chattanooga:

University of Tennessee Chattanooga Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Will Wade (resigned)
New Coach: Matt McCall (Florida assistant)

Potential Chattanooga coach candidates:
 Wes Long (UT Chattanooga assistant), Matt McCall (Florida assistant), Linc Darner (Florida Southern coach), Robert Ehsan (UAB “Eric Konkol (Miami assistant),





University of Texas Austin Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Rick Barnes (fired)
New Coach: Shaka Smart (VCU coach)

Potential Texas coach candidates:
 Shaka Smart (VCU coach), Larry Krystkowiak (Utah coach), Gregg Marshall (Wichita St. coach), Chris Mack (Xavier coach), Jay Wright (Villanova coach), Josh Pastner (Memphis coach), Tony Bennet (Virginia coach), Archie Miller (Dayton coach), Brad Underwood (Stephen F. Austin coach), Steve Prohm (Murray St. coach)





Utah State:

Utah State University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Stew Morrill (retired)
New Coach: Tim Duryea (Utah St. assistant)

Potential Utah State Coach Candidates: Randy Rahe (Weber State coach),  Tim Duryea (Utah St. assistant), Tommy Connor (Utah assistant), Blaine Taylor (former ODU coach), Don Verlin (Idaho coach), Jon Judkins (Dixie St. coach)



Utah Valley:

Utah Valley University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Dick Hunsaker (resigned)
New Coach: Mark Pope (BYU assistant)

Potential Utah Valley Coach Candidates: Mark Pope (BYU assistant), Mark Madsen (NBA Lakers assistant), Tommy Connor (Utah assistant), Quincy Lewis (Lone Peak HS coach), Jon Judkins (Dixie St. coach), Tim Duryea (Utah St. assistant), Barret Peery (Arizona State assistant), Greg Kamansky (Cal Poly Pomona coach), Tony Ingle (Dalton St. coach), John Wardenburg (Indian Hills CC coach), Chris Jones (Utah St. assistant)




Virginia Commonwealth University Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Shaka Smart (resigned)
New Coach: Will Wade (UT – Chattanooga coach)

Potential VCU Coach Candidates: Mike Rhodes (Rice coach), Will Wade (UT-Chattanooga coach), Anthony Smart (former VCU coach), Jamion Christian (Mt. St. Mary’s coach), Mike Jones (Radford coach), Jeremy Ballard (VCU assistant), Bobby Hurley (Buffalo coach)




Virginia Millitary Institute Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Duggar Baucom (resigned)
New Coach: Dan Earl (Navy assistant)

Potential VMI Coach Candidates: Robert Ehsan (UAB assistant), Dan Earl (Navy assistant),  Brian Destefano (Harvard assistant), Dustin Kerns (Wofford assistant), Jason Williford (Virginia assistant), Ron Sanchez (Virginia assistant)


Wisconsin – Green Bay:

University of Wisconsin Green Bay Conference RealignmentFormer Coach: Brian Wardle (resigned)
New Coach: Linc Darner (Florida Southern coach)

Potential Green Bay Coach Candidates: Linc Darner (Florida Southern coach), Brian Barone (UWGB assistant), Greg Gard (Wisconsin assistant), T.J. Otzleberger (Washington assistant), Gary Grzesk (St. Norbert coach), Bob Semling (Stevens Point coach), Drew Diener (Cardinal Stritch coach), Tim Buckley (Indiana assistant), Ron Sanchez (Virginia assistant), Chris Harriman (Nebraska assistant)







6/09/15: HIRING: Matt McMahon to Murray State
6/08/15: HIRING: Prohm to Iowa State
6/01/15: Hoiberg Leaves Iowa St. for Chicago Bulls
5/16/15: HIRING: LA Tech hires Miami assistant
5/08/15: Florida Hires LA Tech Coach Michael White
4/30/15: Donovan Leaves Florida for NBA
4/26/15: HIRING: Bethune-Cookman Assistant to Alcorn St.
4/26/15: HIRING: Al Skinner to Kennesaw State
4/19/15: HIRING: Bucknell Hires Nathan Davis
4/15/15: HIRING: Bowling Green Hires Miami Assistant
4/14/15: HIRING: Green Bay Hires Linc Darner
4/13/15: HIRING: Rick Ray to Coach SEMO
4/12/15: HIRING: UT Chattanooga Hires Florida Assistant McCall
4/12/15: HIRING: Navy Assistant Earl to VMI
4/12/15: HIRING: Oats Promoted at Buffalo
4/09/15: HIRING: Bobby Hurley to Arizona St.
4/08/15: HIRING: St. Mary’s Assistant Ganot to Hawaii
4/07/15: HIRING: Minnesota Assistant McHale to EKU
4/07/15: HIRING: UALR Hires Chris Beard
4/07/15: HIRING: Will Wade to VCU
4/07/15: HIRING: NKU Tabs Brannen as Coach
4/03/15: HIRING: Cal Assistant Harris to SIUE
4/02/15: HIRING: Texas Hires Shaka Smart
4/02/15: Bowling Green Fires Jans
4/01/15: HIRING: Liberty Rehires McKay
3/31/15: HIRING: Lamont Smith Returns to San Diego
3/31/15: HIRING: Rick Barnes Named Tennessee Coach
3/30/15: HIRING: St. John’s Hires Chris Mullin
3/30/15: HIRING: Utah Valley Tabs BYU Assistant Mark Pope
3/30/15: HIRING: George Mason Hires Dave Paulsen
3/30/15: HIRING: Fordham Hires EKU Coach Jeff Neubauer
3/29/15: HIRING: Duryea Promoted at Utah State
3/29/15: HIRING: Dave Leitao Rehired at DePaul
3/28/15: Barnes Out at Texas
3/28/15: HIRING: Citadel Selects VMI Coach Baucom As Next Coach

3/27/15: HIRING: Bradley Hires Green Bay Coach Wardle
3/27/15: HIRING: ETSU Hires Wichita St. Assistant Forbes
3/27/15: St. John’s and Lavin Agree to Part Ways
3/27/15: Tennessee Fires Donnie Tyndall
3/25/15: HIRING: Nevada Hires Eric Musselman
3/25/15: HIRING: Charlotte Hires Mark Price
3/24/15: HIRING: Mississippi St. Hires Ben Howland
3/24/15: Riley Out at Alcorn State
3/23/15: Kennesaw St. Fires Lallathin
3/23/15: Dickey Nutt out at Southeastern Missouri St.
3/22/15: Geno Ford Fired at Bradley
3/22/15: HIRING: UIC Hires Indiana Assistant McClain
3/21/15: Ray Out at Mississippi St.
3/18/15: HIRING: Holy Cross Hires Bill Carmody
3/18/15: Pecora Fired at Fordham
3/18/15: Arkansas – Little Rock Fires Shields
3/16/15: Northern Kentucky Fires Dave Bezold
3/16/15: Bill Grier Out at San Diego
3/16/15: HIRING: Penn Hires Donahue
3/16/15: Hewitt Fired at George Mason
3/15/15: Charlotte and Major Part Ways
3/15/15: Anthony Grant Out at Alabama

3/14/15: Purnell Resigns at DePaul
3/16/15: Northern Kentucky Fires Dave Bezold
3/16/15: Bill Grier Out at San Diego
3/16/15: HIRING: Penn Hires Donahue
3/16/15: Hewitt Fired at George Mason
3/15/15: Charlotte and Major Part Ways
3/15/15: Anthony Grant Out at Alabama
3/14/15: Purnell Resigns at DePaul
3/12/15: Bartow Fired at ETSU
3/11/15: Carter Out as Nevada Coach
3/10/15: UIC Fires Moore
3/10/15: Forrester Out at SIU-Edwardsville
3/09/15: Driesell Not Renewed at Citadel
3/08/15: Hunsaker Resigns at Utah Valley
3/08/15: Jerome Allen Out at Penn
3/07/15: Brown Fired at Holy Cross
3/04/15: Dale Layer Fired at Liberty
1/10/15: Utah State Coach Morrill to Retire
10/19/14: Arnold Out at Hawaii



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