Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great West All-Sports Conference Official

Joining the Great West today is a sextet of universities — Utah Valley, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas Pan American, Houston Baptist and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Chicago State and Seattle are expected to follow soon into the Great West Conference; Cal State Bakersfield, Longhurst and Savannah State are said to have declined their invitations in hopes of aligning themselves in other conferences.

Officially announced Feb. 25, 2004, the GWFC's six charter-members universities were Southern Utah, Cal Poly, UC Davis, Northern Colorado, North Dakota State and South Dakota State. The latter three have since moved or announced intentions to move to other conferences.

Doesn't the NCAA as an organization have a duty to tell these schools and others that your school lacks the leadership and the money to make a go of it in Division I?

Folks, gasoline is headed toward $5 a gallon. Five years ago, the same gasoline costs $1.35. Today, the same gasoline costs $3.99. The era of cheap fuel is over.

Yet, these schools think travel money grows on trees.

The presidents and the boards in control should be uniformly sacked for wasting societal resources on something as trivial as a one-and-done bid in the men's basketball tournament.
Not much followup here regarding some of the other candidates. But it's a safe bet that if Seattle completes it's upgrade in the coming years and does not get a WCC invite, the Great West would be their starting ground.

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