Conference USA General Realignment Thread
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Author:  mozilla [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Conference USA General Realignment Thread

tute79 wrote:
C-USA's TV money REALLY dried up in this most recent contract.

So with all these schools' Athletics Departments having to do some significant belt-tightening,
the college administrations may be forced into serious considerations some major adjustments.

If they were to realign into East and West, you could see NMSU, JMU and Liberty try to jump into the mix.
UALR is "studying" the addition of football. I think there is an existing stadium in Little Rock. Not sure who maintains it....

Memorial Stadium in Little Rock is in a city park...I believe it is on the same property as the city zoo and hospital.

I agree with the budget concerns. It's better to play in a situation where you have a chance to make money than it is to continue with a model that forces a school to increase its student fees or state funding to support athletics.

There are about 30 schools between Indy's, SBC and CUSA. That could easily make up three regional conferences. These 3 conferences could have smaller footprints, increased attendance(which also translates to concessions, team store sales and local business opportunities) and better/more local sponsors.

Author:  TKthunder [ Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Conference USA General Realignment Thread

mozilla wrote:
That may be part of the equation....but, running your finances dry just because you feel you are better than another school is suicide. Are you saying that these schools would rather commit financial suicide than associate themselves with schools from the SBC? That makes little sense.

I feel that, at least, the Texas schools would be alright with shrinking their conference footprint and playing schools much closer in proximity. That is because...they already play each other all the time.

Most of these schools are state schools with finances and budgets to worry about. They can't get too high on their horse....because they will be fired for lack of fiscal responsibility. Why volunteer to run your athletic program into the ground when there are better solutions available?

Yep, with the exception of Rice (who is better) no one else in Texas/Louisiana thinks of themselves all that much above schools like NMSU, Ark St, Tx St, or ULL (the exception to this is ULM which is why you wisely excluded them from your list).

NMSU, UTEP, UTSA, TX ST, Rice, UNT, ARK ST, LA TECH, ULL, and SoMiss would be a great conference for travel and they could probably make more money in a Texas centric conference would be more like the MAC (though it’ll never be able to catch the MWC or AAC) and could still gather more interest nationally, in my opinion, than games in the odd amalgamation that is CUSA/SBC.

Author:  tute79 [ Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Conference USA General Realignment Thread

Yeah, I really like that. Surprising there have not been some behind-the-scenes discussions.

Someone on this board wrote (correctly or incorrectly) that Rice retains the rights to the name "Southwest Conference".

For this CUSA / SBC realignment to occur, mechanically one group of teams will likely secede to form a conference, and the left-overs will congeal.
For conference continuity (so important for retaining the NCAA D-1 basketball auto-bid), there is some criteria that requires the realignment to have 5 schools that have been together for X years (not sure the exact numbers). But they can seek (and would likely get) a waiver if that's an issue...

Author:  freaked4collegefb [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Conference USA General Realignment Thread

Article out of Biloxi(previously posted in another thread)with comments from SBC Commish comparing C-USA with the SBC at ... 87824.html

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