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PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:07 pm 

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Agree: no OU or UT no P status
Should have expanded

PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:57 pm 

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I guess it comes down to what Texas and OU want to do. Do they want to stay in the Big 12 and remain the big dogs in their conference, or do they want to go somewhere else and make more money?
If they do decide to stay, what will their TV contract look like when this one expires? It can't be anywhere near what the Big 10 or SEC get. They just don't have the population of those conferences.

On another note, why doesn't NBC seem to be interested in college football? Do they not have the capital to invest in college football? What do they show during football season, golf, ice skating, rodeo? I would think NBC would get more viewers if they had college football. They could have the Notre Dame game at noon, followed by two Big 12 games, especially if the Big 12 were to expand.

I would have expanded with 4 teams and formed a ring around the SEC. I would have gotten Memphis, Cincy, UCF, and USF. I would have gone to a 10 game conference schedule with 2 permanent crossover games.
East- WVU, Cincy, Memphis, ISU, OU, UCF, and USF
West- UT, TTU, KSU, OSU, Baylor, KU, and TCU

Strength of schedule would be very strong and you would be playing a lot of games in the SEC's backyard which could potentially help close the talent gap between the two conferences. If the SEC is going to take some of the best players out of Texas (which is the major talent pool of the Big 12), then the Big 12 needs to start getting players out of the SEC footprint.

Somewhere down the road I would want to add BYU and Colorado State to the west and move either Baylor or TCU to east.

But that is what I would do if I ran the Big 12.

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