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PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:57 am 

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sec, I agree about SEC basketball. The teams that get in the tournament from the SEC usually do well.

Everybody keeps talking about how we are going to go to an era of 4 super conferences. Maybe, but I'm not sure I see that working out the way everybody else does. Just throwing this out there, but if OU and Texas were to join the SEC (their national brand might not be worth as much as new state inventories like UNC and Va Tech) but it would certainly keep the Pac 12 from realistically expanding and posing a threat to SEC football dominance. Take Texas and OU out of the equation, does the Pac 12 even expand? If so, with who? Who from the Big 12 is worth taking, not trying to offend any Big 12 fan bases, but other than maybe Jayhawk basketball, I don't see any other schools the Pac 12 is foaming at the mouth to get.

If the Big 10 were to hit what I believe is their dream scenario for 16, Virginia and UNC, then both the ACC and Big 12 have been raided, and yet still survive and we are nowhere near 4 super conferences. Really, it is just two super conferences and everybody else trying to hold on.

The idea of a merger between the two surviving conferences, the ACC and The Big 12 is not likely if you ask me. The ACC will already be at 12. The remaining 8 schools in the Big 12 will want to join with whoever, but will likely find no homes. But still, with an inventory of Baylor, TCU, KSU, WVU, TTU, OSU, that is pretty solid football. If the Big 12 were to expand and grab a Cincy and a UCF and give those schools the rest of the Big 12 GOR to get caught up to speed, those two programs are ready to be top 25 caliber programs.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:38 am 

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You made some additional good points.
Texas and Oklahoma in the SEC would be strategically powerful for the conference. Both may be experiencing a metamorphosis in attitude from separate angles, but admitting it would be difficult for them. If they moved together whenever the moment allows, that would provide added comfort and rationale without the face-saving baggage. Texas A&M, Mizzou, LSU, and Arkansas are in the SEC. They are strong and solid neighbors. It makes sense logistically, economically, and practically. And playing schools such as Alabama and Auburn regularly have high national meaning. All that would make the SEC more mighty and probably very good things for Oklahoma and Texas for the long-term, but the fallout for schools such as TTU, oSu, KSU, TCU, Baylor, etc., would generate some not so pleasant discourse.
While the B1G is a great conference, it is geographically awkward for schools in the southwest. The PAC12 could have had a TEX-Okie focused division several years back, and those talks failed. While the other four P5 conferences have bordering and moderate overlapping markets, the PAC12 may think they are immune to geographic hegemony by others onto their turf. Really, only the B12 could feasibly move westward, and they have written that off as an option.

I don't know if the SEC will find an avenue to penetrate the NC-VA domain with a current ACC school. Yes, Slive had that as a goal. I do believe the SEC may have a future shot at NCSU if a Texas A&M-style situation develops there. ND full-time in the ACC, drop one ACC school in NC, and add two such as WVU and UConn, or maybe even Cincy, could be a winner for the ACC if 16 all-sports is the goal.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:32 am 

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It may take a conference like the SEC to get the ball rolling on expansion to super leagues of 16 schools.

I do not buy into the argument the SEC will not take schools from current markets. It will be based on brand names as well. Would the Big Ten pass up on Notre Dame? Of course not because of the name brand.

The SEC could expand with the two most important football brands currently in its own markets (sorry Miami), and create four team pods.

Southwest: Texas A&M, Arkansas, Missouri, LSU

Deep South: Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss State

Southeast: Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

Northeast: Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Clemson

The pods play off on championship Saturday with both winners to via for the four team playoffs or the winners of the pods could play the second week after championship week to ensure an almost bet of making the four team playoff.

As for the SEC network, with non football season how may more fans would be more interested in baseball and other sport with Florida State and Clemson on TV compared to NC State or Va Tech?

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