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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:50 am 

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Article out of Omaha(previously posted in another thread)explaining why Nebraska would "likely" stay in the Big Ten rather than go back to the Big 12 at ... 22871.html

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:42 pm 

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Why not offer: Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas right now?

Relax. I know all about GOR's. And quite obviously neither school could join until 2026. However, with this public "offer" that just floats in the air for the next 10 years, you will devalue the Big XII for each and every one of those years. Their fans will know (based on the offer itself) that they are watching a conference officially on the brink. Its three strongest schools will have a standing offer from a more lucrative conference. The emboldened SEC will be forced to respond in kind. They will probably take it a step further and make open (yes, unanswerable) offers to the Big XII and ACC.

The only reason I can come up with has to do with Fox not wanting the Big Ten to devalue other Fox properties. Think about this scenario.

As you are watching Utah-Michigan on opening day, the ESPN scroll has this...

URGENT: Big Ten invites Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas!!!!

Twitter loses its mind! Well, for maybe a week. Then those three schools all pledge allegiance to the Big XII (i.e. the Big XII's GOR) and things go back to normal. Heck, maybe TCU beats OSU in the Championship and Big XII fans all have a laugh about it....

but the lingering effects will always be there. The sheer audacity to "invite" a school under a GOR. It's like bullying. It's like making fun of someone's house. The person who lives in that house probably does wish they didn't, but for ten years, they must.

Anyway, I think it would be just as effective to wait and see how the Big Ten does in Bowl Games. Last year was a smashing success defeating Auburn, Alabama, Baylor and Oregon (none of these games were played in NFL weather... I'd love to see LSU-Wisconsin played in Chicago in January.... the Bears/Steelers/Pats/Jets/Giants/ect. sellout every game so spare me the 'weather concerns'). If this year is half that for major Big Ten bowl wins, equal to or better, then pull the Big XII's pants down in front of the whole world right before the Super Bowl kicks off. They will obviously pick them up and go about their day, but people won't forget. And then in 2026...

Ha! Lester, old boy. Sorry about that pantsing. Just club ritual. Here, have a mountain of cash. You live with us now. You can pick our next acquisition.

Why not get cutthroat about this stuff? The South used to own slaves, but their Athletic Directors worry about "raiding other athletic conferences". I don't buy for one minute that they actually do, but that PR is pure comedy when you consider the fact that there are newly-established SEC Headquarters in Charlotte. The Big Ten pretty much told ACC charter member Maryland, "Take off those rags and live with a real family." I'm well aware Notre Dame has done the reverse. Although, they've lost so much money doing so, that it isn't quite the same. That is more like the Big Ten bullied them, and then they got buff, so the bully wants them in their club, but Notre Dame would rather play teams like Seton Hall than Indiana. That tango will someday end. Maybe Notre Dame never comes to the realization that they are the Northern Indiana Fighting Irish, but at some point their choice will be the smoldering crater of an ACC anchored in the South by Central Florida or the most/second-most prestigious athletic conference in however the Big Ten looks at present time.

Moral of the story? Even shiny Notre Dame won't be enough to overcome a fully-realized Southern Death Star. If you actually believe that the SEC is in any way, shape or form going to live up to their stated desire "not to raid other conferences" then I have 40 acres and a mule waiting for you. All you have to do for it is work one day on my farm. Oh, and I went ahead and built a castle (SEC HQ) in your state's biggest city. Oh, I'm not trying to raid you. I'm just trying to get my shadow to block out your sun so that your yields are smaller. How dare you accuse the conference known for over-signing and Cam Newton's father of "raiding"? Why, I am shocked I tell you! Do we purposely look the other way on the clear cut paying of student athletes going on at Kentucky and their ever so greasy Coach Cal? Why, I am insulted at the very nature of the question. The mansion those 17-year old Kentucky/McD's All Americans live in with personal chefs also has 3 regular students living in it. So you see? There's nothing at all wrong with every Kentucky basketball player of the Coach Cal era living in a bigger home than Reggie Bush's mom. This conference is built on the solid foundation of true student athletics. Well, we did pay our players in the Southern Conference Era, but the SEC has rid its self of that. No more so than booting Georgia Tech and Tulane and taking on Texas A&M and Arkansas who are in no way shape or form corrupt after both playing in the epitome of fair play that was the Southwest Conference.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 4:06 pm 
CollegeSportsInfo Admin
CollegeSportsInfo Admin
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TKthunder wrote:
lash wrote:
It is absolutely amazing that you guys turn every conversation and debate on this board into something about the Big 12.

We were having a discussion on the decisions the Big Ten has taken on the playoff situation over years and the Rose Bowl and both yourself and Bashin want to turn this into a Big 12 discussion.

You do realize there are more pressing issue with college sports. The Big 12 and ACC may or may not survive once GOR are up in the next decade.

Let me repeat the next decade. You both do realize that is 10 years before anything can take place. Both of you need to stop worrying about the health of the ACC and Big Ten and hoping the Big 12 collapse and have more current subject matter that may have an interest to others on this aboard.

I just do not get you both obsession with the Big 12 when neither of you are fans of that league.

Can we make a pact to discuss Big 12 issues on the Big 12 thread. Thanks!

I do not care one way or the other if any of the five power leagues survive in the future because everyone of those leagues are greedy and do not care what fans action want or care about.

clap : clap : clap

To everyone that sent me a PM asking why I don't post much anymore, please see the above from lash and compare that to the below from Mesa Lejos. The content and tone of the board has grown stale, and while I am able to quickly scan these threads for comments on a semi-weekly basis, there are only a handful of posters worth readings (like lash). Thank you lash for your contributions, and I hope the posters on here listen to your advice.

Mesa Lejos wrote:
The Pac 12 needs to do a workshop for big 12 commissioner staff, presidents and athletic directors.
Pac 12 could do something special for Texas in sensitivity training and coop decision-making.
All big 12 leaders could use Gestalt group therapy and share feelings.
Arizona business school could work with big 12 on planning, organizing, leading, and contolling including self evaluating.
Get Colorado to do a presentation on the differences between good working reationships and when they left prior bad.

Here, here. Bravo!

We should all take a lesson from TK. I try not to butt in and let the flow of the site go on it's own as long as the tone is civil.

All we ask is this:

1) Be respectful, keep it civil
2) Stay on topic: there are threads for whatever conference you wish to discuss
3) Don't troll
4) This is the most difficult: Don't be stupid. Think before you post. Read for months if need be before posting if it means saving you from saying something pointless. Don't take that as lacking of's just stressing points 1 and 2.


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