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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:17 am 

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louisvillecard01 wrote:
Wondered a few times, where did that SN come from? Sounded familiar but could not place it. Then heard it in an old movie, Blazing Saddles, recently that I watched a few times before years ago and look up the Gabby Johnson phrase: 'bushwakin', hornswagin, cracker croaker, gonna rouin me Bishen Cutter'. Hope I didn't spoil the intrigue, it is unique and was a puzzle.

Absolutely the B1G would not pass on Notre Dame if it was an unconditional offer. B1G representatives have said as much within the last three years and before. BTN (a fraction of TV programming) is all over much of the country and that is not limited to states of school placements. ND, like them or not, are watched and followed beyond near all others, even during less than stellar years. Bowls will compromise for them. Schools will go to great lengths to try to get them scheduled.

Yeah, totally got it! I never wanted to be taken too seriously on any board about realignment because so much of it runs on speculation and little press, but I find it so interesting that I could discuss it endlessly, coming off like Gabby while doing so.

ND was said to have approached the Big Ten about joining its ice hockey conference. Whether ND wanted to be in it more than Hockey East, or they were just covering their bases, I don't know. I don't disagree with Dennis about what makes discussions substantive, though. I just don't even know what that is these days. Presidential chatter? Posing hypotheticals? Actually asking? It's hard to read. It's especially harder when you have folks say "we're not talking about this," and then a few moments later, prove they were/are.

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