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PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2008 7:10 pm 

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Assuming that the NFL doesn't expand to 40 by plunking a ream in all of the 8 CFL markets --- hugely unlikely as the NFL capacity stadia are not there --- and that the NFL does not try cherry picking Canada and putting team in the 3 big markets (Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver) which would destroy the CFL's TV deals, what do you anticipate the CFL of 2025 to look like?

PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2008 7:19 pm 

Joined: Thu Oct 17, 2002 8:05 am
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Probably the best case scenario by 2025...

1) Portland
2) Victoria
3) BC Lions
4) Kelowna/Kamloops
5) Spokane
6) Calgary Stampeders
7) Edminton Eskimos
8) Saskatoon
9) Regina Roughriders
10) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
11) Chicago

12) Windsor/Detroit
13) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
14) Toronto Argonaughts
15) Rochester
16) Ottawa Renegades
17) New York City
18) Montreal Alouettes
19) Quebec City
20) Massachusetts
21) Moncton
22) Halifax

Best case scenario for 30 years from now....IMO...

(I have taken liberties and stolen many of the team names and format from a post by a guy named TexanGambler from another site...Almost every one of these cities has a reasonable argument for inclusion in the CFL, although I will admit many lack the requisite stadiums today and the CFL would need to get their financial model and cap rules a little tigher. IMO, the stadium issue will change once the CFL does actually expand to 10 Canadian teams.

The American teams were chosen for specific reasons. Overall, they add market share. Chicago and NY alone add 29M people to the CFL pool. Expanding there could at best almost double the CFL TV revenue. Anyway all but Bellingham and Anchorage are great CFL candidates IMO. Bellingham was my last addition (a despirate one) as I tried to keep all of the Alberta teams together. Bellingham could work 30 years from now though as could anchorage.

I know many will question why I would push for a 32 team conference when the Canadian TV market is only 33M people --- the NFL's is 303M for their 32 teams. I does seem very contrarian to push expansion when that minimizes TV shares when the TV pie is so small, but there is logic to it. I am working on a thread about the conceptual problems with the CFL business model that hopefully will come together in the next few weeks.)


Pacific Division
1) Alaska Miners - Anchorage, Alaska
2) Portland Plowed Botanists - Portland, Oregon
3) Victoria Monarchs - Victoria, British Columbia
4) Vancouver Lions - Vancouver, British Columbia
5) Surrey Silverbacks - Surrey, British Columbia
6) Washington Peacenicks - Bellingham, Washington
7) British Columbia Grizzlies- Kelowna, British Columbia
8) Spokane Sun - Spokane, Washington

Mountain Division
9) Calgary Stampeders - Calgary, Alberta
10) Red Deer Express - Red Deer, Alberta
11) Edmonton Eskimos - Edmonton, Alberta
12) Regina Roughriders - Regina, Saskatchewan
13) Saskatoon Chiefs - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
14) Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Winnipeg, Manitoba
15) Wisconsin Brewers - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
16) Chicago Blitz - Chicago, Illinois

Lake Division
17) Ontario Warriors - Winsdor, Ontario
18) London Beefeaters - London, Ontario
19) Kitchner Blue Boxers - Kitchner, Ontario
20) Hamilton Tiger-Cats - Hamilton, Ontario
21) Mississauga Fightin' Suits - Mississauga, Ontario
22) Barrie Rastas - Barrie, Ontario
23) Toronto Argonauts - Toronto, Ontario
24) Niagra Falls Champions - St. Catherines, Ontario

Atlantic Division
25) Rochester North Stars - Rochester, New York
26) Ottawa Riders - Ottawa, Ontario
27) New York Yanks - New York, NY
28) Montreal Alouettes - Montreal, Quebec
29) Massachusetts Spys - Worcester, Massachusetts
30) Quebec Nordiques - Quebec City, Quebec
31) New Brunswick Buccaneers - Moncton, New Brunswick
32) Atlantic Schooners - Halifax, Nova Scotia

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