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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 5:50 pm 

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I didn't write this article bout I found it to be pretty well written though I thought I'd share it. ... eams-move/

"November 24, 2007 ---First of all, I am quite disappointed that my Lions had lost to the Packers. L They’ve did well in the first few games, then I suppose they’ve lost their steam… But anyway, I feel that Lions had a better season than the last, which is in a way, already a marked improvementJ. I identified a few teams at risk of having their cities/metropolitan areas moved in USA. Hey, I’m talking about the world’s most attended sports attendance (1st and 3rd respectively for topping the attendance of domestic professional sports leagues), so they’re important in the world of sports…

From MLB1) Florida Marlins (NL)2) Tampa Bay Rays (AL)3) Toronto Blue Jays (AL)4) Oakland Athletics (AL) MLB teams may move to Portland (NL), San Antonio (NL), Sacramento (AL) or even Las Vegas (AL). So in the end… It depends on the ownership group of the Marlins… they’re the only NL team without a proper stadium for long-term (beyond 2010!) use, making them vulnerable to a franchise move. It depends on the management focus of the Rays and Jays, who serve new opportunities for new baseball markets. They are engaged in a war of new challenges (foreigners/retirees rooting for Yankees or other Midwest teams VS new breeds potential baseball fans that love their teams) It also depends on the A’s willingness to pursue a new ballpark on the boundaries of San Jose… if so, A’s will stay in the Bay Area, keeping the balance for being the 4th largest TV market (read: potential audience).

From NFL1) Oakland Raiders (AFC)2) San Francisco 49ers (NFC)3) San Diego Chargers (AFC)4) Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC)5) Minnesota Vikings (NFC)6) Kansas City Chiefs (AFC)7) New Orleans Saints (NFC) Any NFL team can just move to Los Angeles, San Antonio or Portland, OR. All 3 cities can hold AFC teams. Los Angeles may also host a NFC team… but it shouldn’t be 49ers (since the Niners are long-time rivals of the ol’ Rams and Raiders). The success of new stadium renovations proposals by Chiefs, Vikings and Saints’ municipal governments will determine whether or not the teams will move elsewhere. But since renovations are planned and committed, their chances of moving is, at most, 25% (they may only move under extreme bad luck of failed stadium plans). Then there is the Jaguars, who have a good stadium but an unsupportive audience. They may move only if the other cities’ stadiums and audience are better. California may be its destination — if it decides to build 4 new stadiums. It’s the biggest state in the Union, it can hold 5 successful Major League Baseball teams, so why not? The problem is, California had built its last NFL stadium in the mid-1960’s. Now the stadiums’ problems is causing California of losing all professional football teams. It is not unlike the similar challenges in Florida baseball. Hey, the bastions of pro football and baseball — are going to have no teams representing their legacies. What an irony…

From NBA1) Seattle Supersonics (Clay B****)2) Los Angeles Clippers3) Orlando Magic4) New York Knicks New Jersey Nets are definitely moving to Brooklyn as their arena is under way. But the Nets are leaving New Jersey (a wonderful state, I thought) for Brooklyn. What a nice way to treat the scar of its favourite team moving to (damn) Los Angeles. But the Knicks need to act fast on its new replacement arena plan to stay in the most powerful city in the World. If the Magic don’t replace their arena soon (which they’ve been trying to do) their team will move to Oklahoma City (saving Seattle’s NBA team) or Tampa (okay enough, being in central Florida as well, combined to form the 11th largest TV market in US). What I’m worried about is that Clippers and Sonics will move out to Oklahoma City (too small to support an NBA team but still ferocious), Kansas City, St Louis, Tampa, Las Vegas, San Diego or even New Jersey (like Devils?). “The threat is real”. The L.A. sports market is already disintegrating after the move of the two NFL teams. Now there’d been no interest to build any sports grounds after the Lakers’ arena. Then no one wants to buy Seattle Sonics and build a new arena (completely new I mean) to replace its current arena. So the two West Coast teams may move elsewhere…

My predictions (ceterus paribus)

Marlins may move to San Antonio (I think talks will fail in South Florida)
Rays may become, ha, Florida Rays, still in Tampa (central, not northern or southern Florida), prepresenting the whole of Florida… only because MLB pushes hard to keep a team in Florida to “save face” or save itself from embarrasment of the baseball history books. The traditional baseball state having no major league baseball team? What a joke…
Jays stay put as it successfully gain new Canadian audience beyond winning (2 World Series is enough perhaps)
A’s win a new World Series ring with a new ballpark north of San Jose (California/San Jose Athletics at Fremont, anyone?)
Saints and Chiefs have their football-only stadiums renovated for even better football.
Vikings get a new retractable-roof stadium in downtown
Jaguars move to San Antonio to keep its place in AFC South (where else?)
Niners and Chargers stay put with new stadiums. It’s too embarassing for the sole California NFC team with the current AFC powerhouse Chargers to move elsewhere other than their trademark cities. Anyway, Oakland people had embraced the Niners (from various records) so this should help to keep at least a team in Northern and Southern California respectively.
Ah, Raiders can move to Los Angeles but it should sign an agreement to have a new stadium, a new name (California Raiders?) and what’s more — a new agreement guaranteeing sole presence in the Los Angeles market. I bet that Raiders have more L.A. fans than its Oakland home fans…
Knicks and Magic will get a new arena, giving them new starts to new titles…
Clippers will move to Kansas City’s Sprint Center (where else?) as Kansas City Clippers…
Ford Center in Oklahoma City will host the Oklahoma Supersonics (or Okies?) "

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