State College What Ifs: Ohio
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Author:  Ben Breeck [ Mon Nov 07, 2005 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  State College What Ifs: Ohio

Speculation is invited from all.

1. What if in 1865, the Ohio State Legislature had taken the model of Missou, U. Wisconsin, or Minnesota-Twin Cities and designated Ohio University the state's Morril Act Land Grant School? Does the School join the Western Association and eventually the Big Ten in place of Ohio State? Or, because of the location of Athens, does it look south and east toward Pittsburgh, Morgantown, and State College, Perhaps joining the Big East with Penn State and providing a conference anchor? How does this change affect Ohio U.'s Relationship with Miami University and Cincinatti? Another thing to think about is that Columbus will probably still get a state college of it's own. Does "Ohio State" (Or "Columbus State" or "Central State," take your pick) become another Arizona State and grow to it's real life size, or is it more a Wayne State, Georgia State, IUPUI, or worse, a Lincoln U.(Harrisburg or Jefferson City) Illinois-Springfield, or Metro State (Twin Cities or Denver)?

2: Ohio State University in Columbus is still founded, But Ohio U. Still gets the law school (or A law school when one is founded in Columbus) and the College of Osteopathic Medicine is given more specialties that Ohio State doesn't offer. Does Ohio U. Join the Big Ten about the same time Michigan State does?

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