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PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 11:52 am 

pounder and metropolitan,

i like your ideas, particularly the need for a 12 team conference to play an 11 game round robin.

here's one of the reasons for my original suggestion:

college football is about the regular season, more than any other sport. i wouldn't want to do anything to taint the regular season, and I'd like to see the regular season keep its richness and tradition in every way posible.

In other words: the post season must be subjegated to the regular season.

For that reason, I would hope the current conference system holds, with as many schools in the same grouping they are now in as possible. traditon is the key here.

at one time, the conference was the real world of a college football team; winning the conference meant the most. The conference is still a logical unit to focus upon: being the winner out of 12 teams is an HONOR, a big HONOR. So few teams will ever win a national championship, so that conference title should be HUGE.

My system keeps the confernces, keeps bowls (even traditional match ups as in B10-Pac10 in Rose Bowl, etc.). It even keeps the bowls on new years day. and hopefully it would not destroy the non-BCS bowls (and that should be its goal..keeping those). College football is about programs and giving the programs the holiday exposure is good, even if they are not conf champ.

But my system also honors the national championship as well. It says to teams: you must win your conference, come out on top of 12, to make it to the tournament. No wild card/at large. You compete within a conference with teams other conferences don't play; the conference is where you earn your stripes. and you make one helluva a interesting conference race in doing so.

If there is a tie on top of an 11 team round robin schedule, fine, play a conf championship game (if three of more teams tie, have a formula to pick the two to play). Dump the divisons. Personally I find a B10 or Pac Ten race far more interesting than the XII and SEC system of divisions and teams that often don't belong in a championship game (can anybody get excited about Colorado this year).

I really believe what I have suggested with create one hell of a regular season and one hell of a fair play off system.

Well at least we know all these old fart "lets keep the traditions alive at all costs" will die soon enough. Then all the common sense people will be left to implement a playoff.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2005 8:44 pm 
Here ya go. This is THE solution. There are now 117 teams. I would add 3 to get an even 120. Based upon population, some areas are underrepresented, such as the NE, California, and the ILL/MO/WI/MN area. Therefore, I would add UMass, Ill State (no diff than other MAC schools), and either UC-Davis or UC-Santa Barb. There would be 7 conferences of 10 each of the historically major colleges (national doctoral US News guide higher ranked schools or other schools with tradition), and the normal/commuter/smaller private schools would align into one big conference called the American Conference with 4 divisions of 12-13 each. That would yield 7 conference champs from the historically majors. Add two from the American conference and 3 at large. That would be a 12 team tournament. This would consume 11 bowls. The other 17 bowls could continue as exhibition games.

Historically Major Conferences, almost the same as the current BCS schools:
BE: UMass, UConn, Syr, Rut, MD, PSU, Pitt, WVU, ND, BC.
Big Ten: As is less PSU.
ACC: As will be next year less MD and BC.
SEC: As is less Ark, LSU.
Now is where it starts to get a little complicated.
Big 12: LSU, Tulane, MO, I St, KU, KSU, OK, Tx, TAM, Ark
Mtn W: TT, Baylor, Nw Mx, Col, OkSt, Col St, Utah, Wyom, Neb, BYU.
Pac 10: As is.

Non-BCS schools:

American Conference:
Pacific Div: (13) Hw, SDSU, Fres, San J, Santa Barb, Boise, Idaho, Nev, UNLV, Ut St, Air F, NM St., UTEP
South Div (12): TCU, SMU, Rice, Houston, Ark St, N. Tex, L Tech, L Monroe, L Laf, Tulsa, Troy, Mid Tn
Mid Div: (13) Kent, Miami, BG, Toledo, EMU, CMU, WMU, BSU, NIU, ISU, Akron, Ohio, Marshall
USA Div (12): Cin, Lou, Temple, Buff, USF, UCF, Army, Navy, UAB, Mem, ECU, USM

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