Rant of the Day: The System is Broke
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Author:  Quinn [ Fri May 20, 2005 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Rant of the Day: The System is Broke

Many have compaints about the current BCS syste, and how it is designed to keep the little guy down. This became very visable this past season thanks to one program: University of Utah football.

This past year we saw Utah finish the year undefeated and cracking the BCS, something many thought improbable. But it was upon the completion of the season that we really got to see just how successful Utah was.

They say that the greatest flatyery for a program is when your coaches are poached by other programs. What happened at Utah this past year might be unprecedented:

Head Coach - Urban Meyer: Offered and Accepted HC position at Florida

Offensive Coordinator - Mike Sanford: Offered and accepted HC position at UNLV

Defensive Coordinator - Kyle Whittingham: Offered HC position at BYU but declined and accepted HC position at Utah.

#1 Draft Pick in the NFL: Alex Smith, QB of Utah in 2004.

Let's recap:

* Utah had 2 assistants accept head coaching positions
* Their HC move on to one of the top programs in the country.
* Had their QB taken #1 in the NFL draft, finishing 4th in the Heismen voting, statistically rated #2 QB in 2004 season
* Utah did not lose a single game
* Utah had the #3 rated offense in 2004

The system kept Utah out of the national title picture, something they were deserving of. Let's hope enough people realize this and that it could happen to their school and change comes about sooner than later.

Author:  dave [ Sat May 21, 2005 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Rant of the Day: The System is Broke

Utah got hosed.

Boise State ran their table, all to no avail. They did not even crack the BCS.

Let's not forget Auburn. undefeated in the regular season, PLUS won the SEC Championship, PLUS won their bowl game convincingly. ENTIRE BACKFIELD snarfed up in the FIRST ROUND of the NFL draft. Wouldn't you think they would be deserving of a shot ?

Cal - a lesser claim, lost a close one to USC, out of the BCS. If you want to have Wild Cards (someone not undefeated, but about as close as you can get otherwise), Cal was it.

Scrap the BCS. the only way to accommodate more tha 2 undefeated teams is to have a playoff. 16 teams, because about every other year 8 will end up excluding somebody worthy. Incorporate ACC / SEC / Big XII Champ game in first round (6 teams). Others would be Pac10 champ, Big Eleven Champ, BE Champ, MWC Champ, and 6 others "at-large" (with preference given to any undefeated team from WAC, CUSA, MAC, SBC). Or something approximating this....

The current system really cheats the fans, and the only leverage fans have to change the system is to boycott the BCS bowls.

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