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PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:04 pm 

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The only way this is ever going to happen is the NCAA has to impliment it which means the college president's have to impliment it. They come to the conferences and offer a playoff for the NCAA FBS champion. The BCS schools will reject it but the non-BCS schools take them up on it. My plan would be for three bids for every two conferences. Only one conference, one bid. The five non-BCS conferences would have a seven team playoff (5 conference champs and 2 at-large). Higher seed hosts until the national title game which is held at let's say San Diego.

If things don't change in college football the Big East and the ACC are going to end up no where near a national title and will start looking at the NCAA Championship. If they join we have a ten team playoff (7 conference champs, 3 at-large) and the Big 12, Big Ten, Pac 10, and SEC continue the BCS.

If enough controversies arise that stop an undefeated SEC or Big 12 team from going to the national title game they may push for a plus one format which would never happen since it takes a way from the Rose Bowl. Say this happens and the Big 12 gets shafted one too many times and leaves. The NCAA is now a 12 team tourney with the additional at-large bid the 8th conference brings.

The SEC will quickly see themselves as the ugly step-child to the Pac 10 and Big Ten. The Big 12 has added legitimacy to the NCAA and the SEC joins the NCAA as well. It's now a 13 team tourney and the Big Ten and Pac 10 are left with the Rose Bowl all to themselves.

I honestly do not see any way they would give the Rose Bowl for a playoff so they are left out of the plan. There are other conferences that don't participate in the NCAA playoffs such as the Ivy League, SWAC, and the NESCAC in Division III.

With only 13 (16 if the Pac 10 and Big ten join) the regular season is still very cut throat. This year you probably would have had Texas, Texas Tech, Alabama, Ohio State and possibly TCU as your five-at large teams. All very good teams. You lose one game in my system you are looking down the barrel of the gun the rest of the season. You need the conference championship or finish with only one loss because two losses puts you on the bubble. With every conference champion you can afford to have tough non-conference games that will prepare you for the conference season so a loss out of conference won't kill you if you can still win the conference title. Also now every conference championship game will mean something. When was the last time the ACC title critically mattered for anyone. If the winner has a chance at a national title all of sudden it because important the same way the OVC conference championship in basketball matters.

The regular season would be cut back to the old 11 game schedule. The playoff start the second weekend in December and run through the the first weekend in January. No later than we have today. Don't want to inerfere with the NFL playoffs, play the championship Monday Night.

The bowl games can do as they please. Take the teams that don't make it to the playoffs. It doesn't matter their little more than consolation games anyways. The same as they are under the current system.

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