3 x 20 - The final destination?
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Author:  wbyeager [ Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  3 x 20 - The final destination?

Everybody wants to be nationally relevant, so the BCS consolidates from 5 to 3 conferences:

Pac 20
1 - Wash, Wash St, Oregon, Oregon St
2 - UCLA, USC, Cal, Stanford
3 - Ariz, Ariz St, Utah, Colorado
4 - Texas, Texas Tech, Okla, Okla St
5 - Pitt, BC, Syracuse, Notre Dame

Big 20
1 - UNC, Duke, Maryland, Virginia, GT
2 - Neb, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas St, NW
3 - Mich, Mich St, Minn, Wisc, OSU
4 - Penn St, Ind, Purdue, RU, Illinois

1 - Ala, Aub, Ga, Tenn, Vand
2 - Fla, UK, S Car, Miss, Miss St
3 - A&M, Ark, LSU, Mizzou, WV
4 - Clem, VT, NCSU, Fla St, Miami

The Big East gets the leftovers of the ACC and Big XII

1 - TCU, Baylor, SMU, Houston, Tulane
2 - USF, UCF, Wake, ECU, Ga St
3 - Lou, Mem, Cinci, Tulsa, Iowa St
4 - Temple, Navy, Conn, Mass, Buffalo

Author:  Wolfman [ Thu Oct 03, 2013 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 3 x 20 - The final destination?

I can see a 4x20 scenario if the NCAA allows more than 2 divisions (i.e. pods).

North - mostly B1G
East - mostly ACC
South - mostly SEC
West - mostly P12

Author:  wbyeager [ Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:23 pm ]
Post subject:  3 x 20 - The final destination?

I was using 60 since that is the low end of the number of schools tossed around for the "Super Division". I don't think we'd get to 80 unless if the G5 are intent on hijacking FBS by inviting a bunch of schools so they outnumber the P5.

I could see a 3x24 since that guarantees everyone in the G5 a soft landing:

Pac 12 - adds entire Big 12 (except WV), Boise State, Hawaii, UNLV

B1G - adds UNC, UVA, Ga Tech, Duke, Florida State, Miami (FL), Syracuse, BC, Notre Dame, Connecticut

SEC - adds Clemson, WVU, Pittsburgh, Louisville, NC State, Wake, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, UCF, USF

The MWC adds Idaho and New Mexico State from the Sun Belt and BYU to get back up to 12. The American adds UMass, FAU, FIU, and Army to return to 12 in football. The 9 remaining Sun Belt members deplete FCS by inviting James Madison, Missouri State, and Sam Houston State. C-USA and the MAC elect to remain at 12.

Author:  TKthunder [ Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 3 x 20 - The final destination?

I like the idea...

PAC12 + Texas, TX Tech, Oklahoma, OK State, Kansas, K State, Rice, Tulane

Obvious candidate are the top 6 in the Big 12, but I think that both Rice and Tulane as AAU private a schools in major TV/recruiting markets will help offset the lack of markets and academics brought in by Tech/OSU/KSU.

Big Ten + ND, Syracuse, BC, UVA, GT, Miami

I think the Big Ten will let ND know that the ACC will be picked apart and add them first plus finalize their Eastern expansion by grabbing Syracuse and BC for total Northern dominance, then try for UNC, UVA, GT. But as most of us seem to believe UNC already has a spot in the SEC, however I think UVA would rather join Maryland and Penn St in the academically superior Big Ten than Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina in the SEC. So after missing on UNC/Duke the Big Ten will still follow through with GT and try for FSU who will also likely join the SEC before settling on Miami who actually might be a better fit.

SEC + UNC, Duke, FSU, Clemson, VPI, ????TCU/WVU/Lville????

The SEC won't be the first to expand, but after the ball starts rolling they already have a plan in place which starts with UNC/Duke (who they almost took last year), followed closely by FSU/Clemson. They will offer UVA but I think they'll opt for the Big Ten and then VA Tech will be on deck who has been a better fb school over the last 20 years anyways. But after that I'm stuck.

They could go for Louisville, WVU, Pitt, NCSU, TCU, Baylor but no clear leaders are favored.

If UK wants Lville they'd likely get in, NCSU is likely out with UNC/Duke already in, Baylor will be vetoed by A&M but TCU (in DFW) could be a darkhorse candidate and help them get into Texas more for TV/recruiting. WVU was a candidate last time around and they could work, but I have no idea if Pitt would be considered.

Anyways here is my mock up with divisions.

West- UW, WSU, UO, OrSU, Cal, Stan, USC, UCLA, AZ, ASU
East- Utah, CU, KU, KSU, OU, OkSU, UT, TT, Rice, Tulane

West- Neb, Minn, Wisc, Iowa, Ill, NWU, Ind, Purdue, Mich, MSU
East- ND, tOSU, PSU, Rut, Syracuse, BC, MD, UVA, GT, Miami
West- A&M, LSU, Arky, MU, Ole Miss, MSU, Bama, Aub, (Vandy/TCU) or (UK/Lville) or (Vandy/UK)
East- VPI, UNC, Duke, TN, SC, Clem, UGA, UF, FSU (Vandy) or (UK) or (WVU)

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